Thursday, May 24, 2007

Damage Control 5 Year Anniversary Show + HAWK Tribute Show is Finally Up

Sorry for the delay in putting up the Hawk Tribute show, but sometimes at 4 a.m. when the uploads are not uploading and the computer is playing tricks with my mind I have to step away and go home and promise myself to come back the next day and get it right. That being said, I left for Europe shortly after the Hawk Tribute and now three weeks later I finally got it up.


Then last night we had our 5 Year Anniversary Show of sorts. Bun B was in the building along with K-Rino, Black Mike, Lil Head, A.P., Rapid Ric, Lil J, Grit Boys, Xxzotic, The Low Ends, SWAT Product and more. As evidenced by the photos below. We didn't do a huge on-air blow out like we should cuz to be honest I haven't got the time during the day to call every rapper in town like I used to, Chill wants no part of that, and I have no intern to do such things. Maybe I need one, but alas and alak, fuck it. We been doing this shit for 5 years every Wednesday night from midnight till 3 a.m., they know where we are and could come down if they wanted to.

That being said my biggest pet peeve is when a rapper asks me "Y'all still doing the radio?" Yes motherfucker and we played your shitty single last week. Naw, I ain't that salty, I'm happy to have made it. Seems like just yesterday that me and Zin walked into the studio for our try out show with special guests Chamillionaire, Devin the Dude and Bandit and Marcus from MDDL FNGZ.

A week later we had a weekly show. Maybe we will continue the celebration next week. Maybe we will wait until the big benefit show in June. Looking for a proper venue right now and it looks like the headliners are gonna be the Coughee Brothaz featuring Devin the Dude and K-Rino and the South Park Coalition featuring the 144 Elite (dopest new group in Houston).

Anyway we shall see.


MAYNE! The Underground King with two Underground Heirs to the Throne, Todd and Scooby from the Grit Boys, I'm trying to tell you that Grit Boys album is straight fire. Peep the song "The Way I Live" about halfway thru the show. POPPY SINGS THE HOOK!

Fat Tony of the Low Ends and Me.

K-Rino and Black Meezy.

Me and Baby Gramps. Y'all just don't know! I haven't seen this dude in like 12 years! We used to do the radio show together, Strictly Hip Hop Sundays from 1991-1994 on KPFT along with Rad Rich, Cipher, GT and more. It was a pleasure to see dude. Hurry up and get back to Houston mayne!

Black Mike and DJ Chill.

SWAT! They got next.

So gimme some music fellas.

Rapid Ric and Lil J da Mex Connect!


Axsel actually lives with a barber. What the hell is his problem. HIPPIE!

And don't ask me why I didn't get any photos of Xxzotic once again. I'm really not sure. Enjoy the jams.


Blogger BULLANT said...

Congratulations on 5 years. I still have a shit load of my fav shows on my computer.

Downloading this one now.PEACE

3:44 AM  
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