Saturday, May 19, 2007

Devin, Bavu, Grit Boys, Surreal, Lil J, Gator and Reef Hustle and More Live at The Knitting Factory NYC!

It's funny to come back stateside and land in Newark and roll to the city and see just how European it is compared to the rest of the U.S. Texas at least, Texas ain't European. Except parts of the center are very Czech and there's some weird German enclaves throughout, but whatever. We went from one crazy place to the next in 10 days and wound up in New York City, at the Knitting Factory for a show of SXSW-esque proportions. As evidenced by the flyer elsewhere on this blog here.

This dude told me he was "Big D of Ultramagnetic MC's." I was fucking wasted off no sleep and a bit of beer and was in no mood to argue. All I know is that I remember Kool Keith, Ced Gee, TR Love and Moe Love and I probably missed something somewhere, I don't know. But he was cool.

Cocaine City Interviews Devin the Dude.

grit Boys were in the house and had a special listening session early at the Knit. Grit Boys got one of the best albums of the year about to drop. Very worthy of your perusal.

Reef Hustle from NYC!

SURREAL and Friend. Surreal of course ripped it!

Scooby and Friend.

My homey Holiday Dmitri in the huis!

J Lee!

J. Millz of the Source and Down Magazine!


Josh! (Find Hrubarb! SITP IN THE HUIS BITCHES! Maggie and The Queen Majesty came for a minute as well before gigs and such as did Papi Babylon but his aura excaped my lens piece.)

Devin and Bavu Blakes, both of whom ripped the stage last night in NYC.

Devin, Surreal, Bavu

Lil J da Mex COnnect also killed it!

I'm not totally sure who this is or how this happened.



There he go!



Starchy Arch and Pretty Todd

Remonique aka Nupe Jones

DJ Kunal M held it down all night! DJ Kutz couldn't make it so he held it down solo! Seen here with BAVU BLAKES!

And on stage!

Mayne it went down. Dev and I left the Knit for our palatial rooms at the Holiday Inn JFK round about 3 a.m. and got in a cab with a guy who said "Oh SHIT!" When we said where we were going, but he still took us. Thing is though, like many east coast/midwest/northern cities, they have these ridiculous speed traps on their highways. So on a super freeway in the middle of the night on much of it the "speed limit" is 45 MPH. Fool, this cabbie drove the speed limit the entire way, meanwhile the entire city of New York zinged past us. We were in the back of the cab like "Come on buddy you can speed it up a bit." And he ignored us. Maybe he had a body in the trunk.

He also almost drifted into a semi.

Then I got on a plane at 5 a.m. When I got to JFK at like 4:15 a.m. I went to the little machine to check in and got my ticket and it said I had a middle seat. I was so fucked up and groggy I just yelled "A MIDDLE SEAT WHAT THE HELL I SELECTED MY SEAT AND IT WASN'T A MIDDLE SEAT MAN COME ON MAN." And dude walked over and said, "Sir, you are in first class." No one else was in my row. I was in seat 1e, I slept, all was good, and I feel almost human again. Almost.

(Big up's to Katie, Stephan, Paolo (formerly of) and everyone at the Knitting Factory for making this happen and being extremely cool and accomodating. Shit was fantastic. Lets do a Willie D show soon.)


Anonymous LeanSoBlowed said...

Looks like a real nice show!!!...

Beautiful end to a wonderful tour!...

You did a great job matt!...Props...

Also props to Devin for bringin everytime again a tight show!...

Keep it up!!!...

7:22 PM  
Anonymous ATCK said...

I'd been waiting for this show for a month. Thanks to everyone that made it happen. Devin fuckin ripped it. Then he did "See what I can pull" for an encore. Much love. Bavu did his thing too. Devinsoreal. Please come back to NY soon. Carol City fo life. Holla

12:03 AM  
Anonymous NYC2HTOWN said...

Gotta say thanks to Devin for fuckin putting it down in NYC. Gave us some real authentic throwed shit. Yea that was us in the front left corner (last picture) screaming for a encore. I know theres alot of hatin' the south clowns ass niggaz up here, but the Bronx got some dudes that gonna ride with yall till the wheels fall off this hoe! Keep it up Devin.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good ass show Matt. I was the dude that yelled Houston So Real, and the dude that had a friend(my brother) faint during Devin's set. That shit was wierd he said he just got too hot cause he had a hoody on. We went outside for a little and he was fine. Can't wait to the dude again which will be the 3rd time. late.


8:41 AM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

Thanks y'all. Man I passed out at a LOVE concert in Amsterdam in 1996 (Arthur Lee and such). It was weird, I barely even smoked weed that night and all of a sudden, wham I hit the ground. Then I went outside for a few minutes and was fine. Walked hom no problem. But that shit was weird. Like I entered some weird vortex for a minute for real.

2:31 PM  
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