Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sea Plane Ballin in Bergen Bergen Bergen

Man I wish I had time to resize these photos and write a proper post from the road. It might happen on our off day in amsterdam, but i dont know. i cant get online half the time and im now on my boys computer in malmo sweden and i cant figure out most of the keys. hence no apostraphes and such.

anyway yesterdat in bergen, lars and leca of the montana bar took me and devin in a sea plane to a small villa of sorts and we flew over the fjords and a glacier and then ate fish and drank champagne at a crazy little place in a wine cellar, man im tryin to told ya that this tour hath been thowed. the show at montana bar was total insanity. lars and leca are my heroes for real and my man fred here at tornado booking is one of the greatest dudes of all dudes of all time. we chillin. no sleep for a week, but somehow we press on. malmo tonight. peace to mats nieleskar!

too delirious to continue. but im bout finna hit you with some realness in amsterdam. ima sit down with ten hash doobs and wont stop writing till theyäre all smoked it goin down...

äö§å€€€€€€€€knowm sayin_

i need a euro symbol on my computer cuz we clock much of those. kroners too. aint no sign for kroner its just a k.

we got those too.


Anonymous LeanSippa said...

LeanSoReady 4 Amsterdam

7:04 PM  
Anonymous KcakaDjFo20 said...

damn you.... No, but that sounds like a blast. Hope yall boys have a good time on the rest of the trip. Cant wait to see the pics.

1:53 AM  

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