Tuesday, May 15, 2007

At The Coughee Pot, We Call This Mecca

It's not easy waking up on a Monday, making a pot of tea in your provincial room with a kingsize bed in Amsterdam, rolling a hash doob and leisurely checking emails and revising plans and walking to get lekker indonesian broodjes and then later being stopped on the street by a very fervent Devin the Dude fan named Johnny Rap, who also owns a seed shop and also DJ's at a bar, where he would proceed to take us and give us unlimited amounts of Heineken (Extra Cold!) in huge mugs and hash and weed just rolled non stop like as if they were coming from an assembly line in Heaven, but sometimes we do just this.

As evidenced by the photos below.

Actually after the lekker Indonesian broodjes at a cafe across from the CLOSED Grey Area, we walked through my old neighborhood, the Jordaan. See I lived here 11 years ago for a year and worked for the Knitting Factory's Euro office. In the pic above you can see Devin and Coughee Brotha Lean Sippa. The apartment just behind Dev's head was mine, on the Bloemgracht, 3rd Floor. Wow, memories.

This beautiful and historic church is just a block and a half from my old apartment and less than a block from the Anne Frank House. The bells would go off every 15 minutes 24 hours a day and it soon became the bane of my exisitence in 1996. I'd have ultra stressful work situations that would keep me up at night. No amount of weed or hash could help at that point, it was just a part of me, didn't do much, so I'd lay in bed and listen to the bells every 15 minutes. And every 15 minutes I'd be like, "Shit it's 4:45, I gotta be up at 7:00."

"Shit, it's 5:00."

"Shit, it's 5:15."

"Shit, it's 5:30."

"Shit, it's 5:45."

"Shit, it's 6:00."


"Shit, it's 7:00."


Yeah man that's how a lot of my nights went.

Devin seen here with Coughee Brothaz Belgian Representatives Lean Sippa and Steve

Multatuli is always watching


All up in Johnny's store.

And then he took us to the bar, KADINSKY, possibly my new favorite bar in Amsterdam.

Lean and Dev

Johnny, Devin and JJ outside Kadinsky. Check this out man. Johnny told us he was a big fan/supporter of southern and Bay Area rap. He gave us some mixtapes, but then took us to this bar where he was DJing and basically dude started off his set by playing some Herschelwood Hardheads, he played Trae's "Real Talk," tons of Mac Dre, tons of Devin, Lil Keke, Scarface, I mean dude went deep with it. Crazy down south independent classics that I did not expect to hear at a bar in Amsterdam. Dude went off and the party was off the chain. Thanks you Johnny Rap and JJ! AND KADINSKY!

Devin and Kevin J.

Dope thing about Kadinsky is that 2 months ago Amsterdam started to enforcing their law against having coughee shops that also sold beer. The thing I always did in A'dam was go to the shops that also sold beer so we could have a smoke and a Heineken and just chill. You can smoke in a lot of the bars anyway, but I mean, you know. Well, Kadinsky has their coughee shop and their bar in different buildings so they both still function and you can go up in this mug and have an extra cold Heineken and roll a million spliffs if that's what you want to do.

Man, the rest of the world needs to stop trippin'. This is the life. I know it so well.

Dev even put in some work.

Know'm sayin.

We Fly High... Ballin' as they say.

Nothin' to roll with...

Then Kadinsky brought us to the coughee shop to take some photos.

Know'm sayin?

I think you do.

You need to come here.

To Kadinsky. ASAP.

I'm not kidding.

So says them.

Nas is in th ebuilding, show tonight at the Melkweg is ON! It is not sold out even though that is the rumor. Devin is on at 9:30 p.m. so be thurr.

Oslo we will see you tomorrow. Call me at the Grand Hotel I'm not fucking with the cell phone.

Dag, dog.


Blogger Joeri said...

Nice pics! Wish I could be there. One question: why drinking Heineken when you can drink REAL beer like Stella Artois...? :)

Keep it cool in A'dam and greets from Sinnekloas, Belgium!

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Bert said...

Whats up Matt, cool of you guys to drop by. The pics look good! Don't forget to come back to Amsterdam. Keep doing it and BRING WILLIE D!!!

4:32 AM  
Blogger kam said...

Ha Matt looks like ya'll are having a hell of a time I'm mad jealous!Rep the H!

7:31 AM  
Blogger Crystal said...

Sheeeeeeesh!!! Those are some great pics... i'm sooo jealous!

You'll have to show me the rest at the icehouse. ;)

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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