Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mo' Thowed Photos from the First Half of the Devin ScandaEuro Tour

I told you I had more, way more.

Stockholm, Sweden



Man my dude is EVERYWHERE!

Devin, J-Ro of Tha Alkaholiks who now lives in Malmo, Sweden, and Dontrell

Devin and Steele of Smif N Wessun

DJ Johanna B

These dudes read the blog and I was liek WHAT? I always freak out when people tell me they actually peep this shit.

Producer, Ken Ring

Aarhus, Denmark

Pimp A Lot Crew! Side of the stage!

Mas Pimp A Lot

Devin and the Aarhus crowd


Our air, land, sea journey in Bergen, Bergen, Bergen...

The Captain of the Sea Plane launches us into the air...

The Captain and the Co-Pilot


Know'm sayin'?



Leca Deplaning...

Devin at the dinner in the wine cellar in Lufthavn, Norway!

Tapesty in the wine cellar.

Mayne what that do...

Ignant ass Lars rolling up on a million year old table in a dungeon! Kings might have touched that thang thang there...

Composer Edvard Grieg with his boy Devin the Dude.

There's so many statues of naked people in Norway I just don't know what to say. I'm feelin' it though.

This ain't no Olan Mills background type of joint this shit real.

As is this...


Then the show that night was almost equally as majestic.

Lars of Tiern and Lars opened up, jammin' that BERGEN BERGEN BERGEN track. I'ma have to post that song up here someday.

My boy from A-Laget!

Maxamillion in the building!

Devin on stage in Bergen Bergen Bergen (Sorry, I always have to say/write it thrice cuz of Lars jam)


So thowed.

Me fronting like as if I am some sort of DJ or some shit.

Me and Mona B! Crazy shit but the Norwegian Television Awards were in Bergen same night as the Devin show so Mona B and Vivi and the NRK Posse showed up at Dev's show afterwards. Mona's Show Lydverket did not win, and I think those awards are rigged and they are obviously not recognizing the REAL!

Malmo, Sweden

I had a real hankering to try and eat at this place but was quickly dissuaded by, everyone.


Check this girl in the Malmo Crowd with an Odd Squad CD!


Rapper Chords and our Captain Fred of Tornado Booking!

Devin and my dude Brazemack from

And the winner of the Thowdest Adidas of the Entire Euro Trip Goes To DJ Johanna B. Peep these...

Mayne, we are already to come back. I'll keep y'all posted and you holler if you hear me. People kept asking me about Trae and Willie D, these promoters need to get with it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stockholm really needs some TRAE! /peep

6:24 PM  
Anonymous LeanSippa said...

SuperTIGHT pics!!!...

7:25 PM  
Blogger Hugo the Dude said...

i'll second that, stockholm do need some trae - or the intire guerilla maab..

nice pics! i actually recognized some people in stockholm..

8:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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