Monday, September 19, 2005

I Hate When I Get Too Busy to Blog - But this week I had many excuses - SUCNYC BUNBIDEOSHOOT LIKE WHOA!

Well it's been a whirlwind week round these here SoReal Headquarters. My brain's been buzzing with so much shit that I've wanted to blog about, but alas and alak, my computer access whilst on the road is quite lax and well, shit... I'm only a week late on some of this shit. Anyway lets get todays ball rolling with some photos from Bun B's latest video shoot. THe song is "Draped Up" and it features Lil Keke as you will see....

So many folks showed out for this. Don't sleep on Bun B now, it's takeover time.

Graph, Bun B, Skinhead Rob, Chino XL

Well... it's a video shoot.


More Aztec.

My man Bomani from interviewing ESG.


Chino XL is on Bun's album fool!

Super Producer (and rapper too) Cory Mo

Daika Bray of Murder Dog and more with Big Bub

Das Dude. See y'all in Montreal Sept. 29th. Aarhus Denmark Oct. 7th.

OG Dewey

Po up and show up, as they say...


The man LUMP!

Couple MDDL FNGZ up

Mike Mack

Money Marc, Wonderous, MC Qua and more!

PKT Is a serious lyricist from the H. He jams...

Scarface, Chingy and SPICE 1!

Spice 1 in case YOU DIDN'T CATCH IT!



Young Wee


ZRO, J. Prince

And more form the roof


That was Monday. Then on Wednesday, I took off for New York with Pretty Todd and the man....

BBK, where we rented a playa ass Magnum and rolled thru them streets. Seriously, I think BBK wants me to write about our whole ordeal in procuring this car and everything else we went thru in the city that day but shit, it's late. Suffice it to say, New York in general needs a lil lesson in customer service.

That night, me, Chill, Rapid Ric, Pretty Todd, BBK and Roxy all headed over to East Village Radio which is fucking dope as fuck. This lil store front net radio joint connected to a bar has the greatest vibe and they play great tunes quite often as well. PEACE to DJ Dirty and Minski for having us. Shit was fun.

DJ Frampster showed up from the UK

With Lady Sovereign and her manager Zack. But Sov wouldn't get on the air cuz she had the hiccups.

Seven from Chocolate Industries is my man, he's got a Lady SOv EP coming in November that is blazin'...

Everyone who sees this picture asks me, "Um who's that girl?" It's Gwen from Chocolate Industries. Seriously Gwen, people checkin' for you...

Then we hightailed it off to Joe's Fucking Pub for this Cage release party to have a drink or two and saw my man

James Dunn of RIME Magazine. James is my man, and I dig his magazine a lot. But peep a lil excerpt from an article he wrote and published on New Orleans Brass Bands just weeks before Hurricane Katrina swooped in...

"The theory that a strong enough earthquake could cause Southern California to crack off the continent is known bullshit today, but there's nothing imaginary about the elaborate system of pumps, canals and levees that work to constantly keep Lake Pontchartrain and America's longest river from turning Louisiana's largest city into Discovery Channel material for our great-grandchildren."

Whoa, if this little writer boy can predict the shit, why weren't we ready???

Spankrock was in the building and of course that's that girl ROX-OH right thurr too...

And of course this is my good friend Jessica. Jessica, meet the world.

You have no idea how real this photo really is. Roxy, myself and Jessica Weber from Spectre keeping it fucking real. Finna take over.

After a couple drinks at Joe's motherfucking little fucking pub, we hightailed it on down to the Knitting Factor for a Fader Magazine sponsored jump off with the Purple Ribbon All Stars, Big Boi, Killer Mike, Sleepy Brown, etc... Shit was off the chain mayne. For real.

Despite the fact that it was to start at 1:30 a.m. and didn't even get in the room till 2:30 a.m. But fuck it, good friends, good times, beer, no place to go, fuck it.

Roxy took this one, no, Big Boi wasn't looking at ME like that...

One of the GOATS-IMO

Oxy be getting up with them new stickers.

Chill, Lin Yee of Houston, TX / Fader Magazine and another dude whos name I don't frickin' remember. Lemme take this space right now to apologize to Lin Yee for not getting into my SUC party at Joe's Funky Ass Little Pub, more on that in a minute. I am so sorry Lin Yee I feel like the biggest dork on the planet and you don't even know. We from Texas, I'm not on that New York shit... I'll splain in a second...

Roxy and Richard Martin of Complex Magazine. Thanks so much to Complex Magazine for sponsoring ours and their CMJ Jump Off, more on that later. Oh yeah and mucho apologies too man. If I were a bigger man I would have floored a few folks and opend the flood gates on that fucking Pub of a fucking New York... shit, more in a minute... Sense my anger people. I'm finna explode.

Jennifer Odell is the panels coordinator of CMJ and she worked with me on doing this Mixtape panel we did with myself, DJ Chill, Rapid Ric, Consequence and Green Lantern, can't find all the flicks tho. Shit was packed to the gills though.

Here's ONE tho. DJ Chill in cop glasses and Consequence, who is signed to Kanye's label. Yo, I wrote Consequences first bio in 1994 when we used to sit at 307 Clinton ave and smoke much charm while my man OT would make beats and Quence would record all night. Shit was crazy to see him again...

Then we went to Tamara Palmer and Bill Adlers Down South Photo Exhibit at Eyejammie Gallery. Shit was real dope to see work from Peter Beste, Jack Thompson, Julia Beverly, Deron Neblitt and more in one place at one time. They all my folks soreal.

Julia Beverly, Rapid Ric and Tamara Palmer making one of them DBD's.

Julia Beverly at Penelope, where I ate like 4 times this trip to NYC.

Thursday night though, it was on. If you missed it, I'm sorry. You probably tried to get in, but the motherfucking management and door folsk at Joe's Frickin' Pub for some reason had a problem letting patrons actually patronize our event and were on some serious Studio 54 hoe shit. Seriously, they cut off the list like 30 minutes into it citing rappers entourages and shit as having filled them to capacity. But real talk, the shit was not at capacity. The dancefloor was quite comfortable and they just went for theirs and enjoyed fucking with me I swear.

Anyway yo, I was glad to see who I did see out there, but man, people like Lin Yee, my man Josh from the Resource, man, so many people did not get in.

Even Redhanded and his peeps WHO WERE PERFORMING AND HELPED US WITH SOME LAST MINUTE EXPENSES HAD TO WAIT 15 MINUTES! I was standing there like YO THIS DUDE IS PERFORMING THS DUDE HELPED ME OUT A LOT LET THEM IN LET THEM IN LET THEM IN. It was ridiculous man. I didn't know what to do. Next New York show I'ma have my own security to deal with the club security and management hating on my shit. It was so insane man... This is not Studio 54, but I think the ghost of Andy Warhol was present... I think...

Some of these photos like this one of Bun were taken by Aubin Bryan who once again, thankfully, took my camera...

King of the Trill

Shawn Harris helped with the hosting...

Me and Niq of Grit Boys

I waited so long to make this photo happen - Bun B and JEAN GRAE!

Grit Boys fuckin' wrecked




Bun B and Roxy Oxy

Pretty Todd and BBK. Go get that Paul Wall record if you wanna hear some of that Pretty Todd HEAT!

Then Redhanded came on, wrecked with Grit Boys and did his own set.

Redhanded is one of the livest dudes in New York right now to me. Peep his single with Scooby and Paul Wall. In fact you can peep his video here. Can't locate it at the moment, but its dope... Peace to Deja Vu Ent., my man Moe, for coming through!


You feeling that shirt?

Fat Face McGuillicuddy on the verge of a breakdown... for real. I'm not gonna get way into it man, Joe's Pub had me about to explode though...


G. Rivera from Sirus and DJ Chill

Jean Grae!

Short Dawg also came thru and wrecked. He's a new young cat from Houston, signed to Russell Simmons Music Group. Expect big things, his show was off the chain. Hopefully he'll be on Damage COntrol this week and I'l have more to tell you about him soon. The single "Cruisin'" is fire...

Short Dawg

Lil O, Niq

Man, soreal to finally meet my man Chris from Lemon Red and of course always a pleasure to see Jon Caramanica. Jon LACED us in the new Spin Magazine. If you haven't read his Houston article, you are fucking up. He gave Damage Control much love and I thank him for that shit.

Lil O was the first from the Screwed Up Click to hit the stage (uless you count our host, Bun B). Man Lil O killed it.

You know me and Roxy (and Complex of course) brought Screwed Up Click to New York City for a concert right??? You know that right???

Lil O, Poppy

Lord Sear, ESG

M1 of Dead Prez with Bun B

Feel it...

Bun pulled me on stage and said some nice things. I can't even handle it. Like whoa. I thought he was finna say... "I'll smack a backpacka...." but he didn't.

Moe - Deja Vu Ent., Roxy and Niq

Hawk wreckin'!

Hawk, Rapid Ric, DJ Chill

Lil Keke and Hawk live on stage in New York...

Lil Keke!


Rapid Ricardo

Deja Vu Familia!

And their ladies... in the house!

How Scooby get so close to my girls....?

Jean Grae and

Julia Beverly

Lisa E.

Scooby, Niq, Bun B, Lil O

Them Spectre Girls...

Red Handed, Green Lantern

ESG is now Roxy Oxy's favorite rapper. What you know bout that???

He fucking wrecked that place for real. Peoples jaws were dropped his whole set. He showed em how it really goes. For real. SoReal...

Man, it was really insane. I don't have the energy to really go into the details of it all, maybe official review will follow tomorrow. I don't know. I'm fading fast. Next jump off in October??? Big surprise... THANKS AGAIN SO MUCH ROXYSOREAL - RICHARD AND SHERRY AT COMPLEX AND MY MAN MOE AND EVERYONE INVOLVED IN MAKING THIS HAPPEN. MAN!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that jean grae/Bun B pic means alot.

10:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

did yall happen to get a chance to record the set? (audio)?

6:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another great post full of pics!

6:08 AM  
Blogger BAVU said...

glad the SUC is gettin their props... seemed like so many "Screwed Up Cover" knockoffs were beating them to it last few years... nice work, reeespect.

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

MAYNEEE good pics!
i'm jealous...
much luv to SUC and the Grit Boys..

7:24 AM  
Blogger CultStatus said...

props on the Spiggity One pics (spice), and Bomani was in the (effective) buildin' huh?

good shyt.

10:57 AM  
Blogger Binkle said...

In all seriousness, I do believe that this is the only time I've ever wanted to go to NYC to see a show. If I had extra cash, I would have flown in and flown out same damn night for that shit.

Congrats on a show of a Bun B fans lifetime.

6:08 PM  
Blogger a. said...

wow , small world matt
i know seven (choc ind) for 10 yeas now, from my miami days, although we havnt seen eachother in 9 of those, tell him what up next time you see him for me,crazy, cool photos!

9:58 PM  
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