Thursday, September 08, 2005

Two Damage Controls for You to Download + Paul Wall Video Shoot

Man well last night it went down. One of the best Damage Controls we've done in a while, musically at least, I don't know. Maybe it was the fact that LeanSippa was in from Belgium and he brought them Palm beers for me, a whole 12 pack. Now that's real. Dude brought me my favorite beer. Whoa nelly. Shit was thowed tho.


Also Click here to download the opening track we played K-OTIX - George Bush Don't Like Black People.

And Right Here is the radio version. Scion Approved. Actually I think they hatin' too...

I would very much appreciate it if all you bloggers would post a link to it as well... Spread the word, it's not all candy paint and iced out mouths and "How many retarded ways can I spend my money on shit that ain't worth shit and oft-times causes mass destruction?" out here...

And a couple weeks back I couldn't get the thing to upload, so....


And I missed last week so I don't even know if it's recorded....

THIS WEEKEND... Don't miss my favorite party of the year (Rivaled only by the Tribute to DJ Screw Block Party)

It's South Park Coalition Weekend once again. All the Houston classics are coming together -- K-Rino, Terrorists, Gangsta NIP, Klondike Kat, Murder 1, DBX, Ruff Eyeque... etc the list goes on and on... Point Blank, Street Military, man, dude, last year I saw faces I haven't seen since I was a little kid. Saturday night the concert goes down at Omni Central on Scott Street, just East of I45, y'all know where it's at. THE WHOLE SPC LIVE ON STAGE ALL NIGHT FOR ONLY $5 AND ALL PROCEEDS GO TO HELP THE VICTIMS OF HURRICANE KATRINA. So come learn something bitch.

Then Sunday at MacGregor Park the whole SPC gonna host a barbecue. For real, last year they had a stage, performances all day, all night, food, good folks, basketball, shit man, it's SPC weekend and I feel bad for all y'all who can't make it.

And yo yesterday I went out to that Bloody Nickle, the 5th Ward for those who don't know, to check out Paul Walls video shoot for "They Don't Know," (worst Houston rap trend for 2005? RELEASING FUCKING SINGLES THAT ARE 2 YEARS OLD AGAIN AND AGAIN WHAT THE FUCK?) Anyway, the pseudo remix features Bun B alongside Paul Wall and Mike Jones, not a remixed beat or any lyric changes for Paul and Mike, but still it gets branded a remix. First pressing of The Peoples Champ -- out next Tuesday don't sleep -- will only feature Bun's verse, then the second pressing will have both verses. Um, whatever. It's a great song regardless, but that TRILL is better. The song features Bun B and BG and we played in on last nights Damage Control, go peep that shit. Enjoy the flicks. COme see me in NEw York next week. RSVP ASAP.

Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Bun B

Pretty Todd, Rapid Ric, Scooby

Boyz in the Hood, Axel and Rapid Ric

Bandit and Young Wee, MDDL FNGZ


Big Red

Big Chief, Paul Wall

Somehow I have to assume that Paul, Bun and Mike don't spend a hell of a lot of time at Della's Lounge...


Dr. Teeth

Dem Guls

This grill shit going too far... naw that's Johnny the Jeweler, TV Jewelry

Paul love the kids.

Rap-A-Lot 4 Life

Young Redd, Unique

Rapid Ric, Scooby, Young Redd

Meechie pullin' up...

Kruger, signed to Def Jam, in the ride

Meechie aka Bloa and Kruger

Dr. Teeth and Paul Wall


Blogger TexasHeater said...

Damn those are some good pictures Matt. I always miss all the fun at those video shoots. I need to make it out to one.

10:30 AM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

Video shoots really aren't that fun. In fact they are boring and hot and generally annoying especially when the girls not looking right enough to keep anyones attention... Naw, its cool shit but gets real boring we were there for maybe 30 minutes...

11:49 AM  
Blogger ario said...

last night's show was off the chain as usual Matt. gave the show some love on my blog here.

seattle/h-town connection represent!

2:30 PM  
Blogger X-Conn2005 said...

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4:48 PM  
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Thanks Matt, I told X-Conn what you did last night,...he sends his BEST! He's in Baton Rouge, right now. Say, let's do "brunch" A.S.A.P!


4:55 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger jiri said...

Cool Blog, I never really thought about it that way.

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Thank you - and keep up the thoughts!

1:54 PM  
Blogger APOLLINE said...

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Blogger Dj Fo20 said...

Whut it do? Maaan, i just found this lil Blog a minute ago. Good to see someone remembers the good ol' days of the SPC. Those were the days. Nice pics too. Dont get to see Lil J too often in photos, or anywhere else for that matter. Y'all keep up the good work on the radio. Been listenin' for a minute. - Already - 1 ('05 Still at Screws House )

4:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeh, like Paul Wall hangs out in 3rd ward and south park. he needs to figure out what he is/where hes from and not be a transformer.

6:52 AM  
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