Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I Try To Stay Up On My Blog Thang

But so often I get behind. Caught up with real work. Work that keeps me up at night. Like tonight, I mean it's today now, but I been awake since 3 a.m. It's 6:06 right now. Tired of tossing and turning I decided to get up at 5 a.m. and come resize these photos and do a little blogging before the phone starts ringing and the hasslers start hassling. There's good thangs in site though, looks like in October I'm going to be able to do only what I want to do, not what I have to do. Serious, couple good good thangs on the horizon.

On to blogging...

Jon Caramanica's article on Houston came out in the new SPIN Magazine. I suggest you go cop that. I haven't seen it yet but DJ CHILL is AMPED about it . Thank's Jon, I'ma check the Kroger again today for this mug. Hello Sia, I'm finally up in yo book.

Last week as you full well know, we had that boy Diplo on Damage Control. But did youknow he also got on TV with DJ Chill? That's right, Chill's Thursday Night Freestyle is blowing up mayne and well, last weeks special guest was DJ Dip Low. Peep the realness of it all:

I wish I knew how to get this show from my DVR onto the internet. For real, it's a keeper... You need to see it. These boys like the Dynamic Duo or some shit. It's been said before...

DJ Chill interviews new rapper Kenika (spelling?) who's new single "Drag That Bitch Out The Club" is about finna blow up. I see a New York show in her future...

I love these people...

These people too...

Antho (far right) and his crew go live on Thursday Night Freestyle. You'll hear 'em this week on Damage Control.


Kenika attempting to do a drop for DJ DeeBlow

Still trying...

The man Sambow and Diplo. Sambow says he's the first Latino artist to record with UGK. He does have both Bun and Pimp on his debut album...

Then after the TV show we headed just a bit south through the warehouse district to the Meridian where QBert was performing at a Scion event I helped promote. Unfortunately (I Mean I actually liked the shit) this was about when them thangs started to kick in, and well, we really didn't stay long. Them thangs don't really make for um, socialability... Don't even ask me about them thangs... They're the next level.

See how they kickin' in? See how we go VIP staright up in the club via the freight elevator?

For real.

Walked in and immediately got the VIP crunked up...

First class all the way.


CeePlus was spinning when we got in.

Chill was supposed to host, so he got up and got the stagnant crowd super hype for Cee but was then told he was getting them too hype and asked to please stop. But for real, if you never heard DJ Chill yell over a housey version of a Nirvana tune, you haven't lived. Shit was hilarious. Chill left the stage and the crowd went back to staring stupidly at the Scion ads flashing in front of them on 20 screens. I really hate DJ shows where people just stand and stare at the DJ. Seriously, I don't dance or anything, but shit talk amongst yourselves or like, walk like Ronald. I don't fuckin' know. Just don't stare, it's not polite you fucking nerds. In the foreground, that's Rad Richard, the man who got me on KPFT back in 1991 for Strictly Hip Hop Sundays. We did that show together for almost 3 years...

DJ Mel was in the house. He went after QBert though, so like QBert, we missed his set. Boyzwasinadaze...

Monique took my job with them car hawking folks, and I thank her for that.

Then the next night was the Houston Press 15th Anniversary Party, dubbed Houstontronix on that internet. Definitely appreciate them boys Diplo and Low Budget coming down as they fucking killed it of course. Nice crowd up in there, but it was a big place and as always, even though I was all up on them thangs, I got mad because the place was not uncomfortably packed. When I have something to do with an event and it's all roomy and shit, I get pissed.




Like a mug...

Had to buy drink tickets at this lil ol' event so I saw A LOT of these lovely ladies. Hello Danielle, you're famous.

Things really started getting blurry by the time Lin Yee showed up. We're not on New York time girl!

This is my office, and you're bedroom if you ever come and stay with me.

Really, I can only take so much.

See you next week in New York? Chingo Bling, Scavone, JD and DJ Elle, Joe's Pub Wednesday August 31st. That bitch gonna be crunk. Do not miss out. JD says he's playing all classic bounce. Not Cash Money and Webbie type shit neither, we talkin' BOUNCE MAYNE. Stay tuned...


Blogger TexasHeater said...

Thatsoreal Matt. Always on yo grind. Love it Maine.

5:12 AM  
Blogger TexasHeater said...

Oh yeah Matt, you should name that little camera of yours "Boss Fogg"

6:17 AM  
Anonymous Ande said...

Great shit!!

"I wish I knew how to get this show from my DVR onto the internet. For real, it's a keeper"

You should let me help you wiff dat. Holler at Ande@seahost.biz
(Was any of the diplo or hollertronix shit on it or am I confused?)

10:45 AM  
Anonymous SouTherNGurL said...

aww look at the baby! she's too cute.
Mathew ur a very hard worker..
much props and luv to ya from the one and only

11:01 AM  
Anonymous Dj Ceeplus & the House of Bad Knives said...

Why didn't Chill Yell ridiculously over Hollertroinx @ the HP Party?
Now that would have made that night way more fun! I bet the partygoers would have loved that. LOL

Actually the crowd was not really that "stagnant" during my set.. I kinda remember a whole lot of people dancing.. Man you must have been really up on "them thangs" LOL

Do ya thing busy man!
Thanks for the pic.

love & cheers
Dj Ceeplus & the House of Bad Knives
90.1 KPFT

4:09 PM  
Anonymous Jon said...

Hey I was wondering if you could post up the set Diplo did, or any of his previous ones.

Or if you could email them to jca325[at]gmail.com

9:27 PM  
Blogger Real Game said...

Sambow wasnt the first latino Pimp C worked with... Pimp has couple ft on a latino artists back in 96/97

7:16 AM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

Yooo cee the music was good I definitely wasnt trying to diss you but yo it definitely was one of them shows where the crowd just stared at the stage man, for real. the music was hype, not a problem, but the crowd was def just standing there like zombies for real. i remember dj krush at engine room a fewyears ago, first time i really saw that shit. place was PACKED and everyone was watching the stage like it wasd a show, he was just playing records, ididnt get it...

and chill need to teach a class in crowd rocking...

11:02 PM  
Blogger Admin said...

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8:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sambow wasent the first latino Pimp.C worked with, that wasent what was said, I said i was the first latino to have U.G.K on a album and get a release from Jive. U.G.K meaning Pimp.C and Bun.B peace.

11:03 PM  
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