Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What Country Are We In Again?

Hey Conservodogs? While yer whistlin' oh beautiful for spacious skies...

They shutting the jam party down.

And well...

I thought we had the right to assemble. Maybe not in Pittsburgh.

Watch both of those short videos and see what we're up against. Can it get any stupider??? Hippies can't dance. People can't speak out against an unjust war started, fueled and supported by lies??? Yo for real... It's 2005 man. I'm trying to be in New Zealand by 2006, fuck all this shit. Mom, Sis, Family, I suggest you follow me now. This shit is too much... Happens way too much.

Sometimes I call in the national guard when my neighbors birthday party goes a little late and they play their radio too loud... STOP THE MADNESS!

Oh how I wish these rappers weren't such selfish, pussy little bitches and would speak out on things... What happened to rap??? Didn't it used to have something to say? I need to stop... too salty right now to comment on the state of rap...


Blogger sydney62nadia said...

damn good blog, check out mine http://juicyfruiter.blogspot.com, comments always welcome!

10:44 PM  
Blogger EMVEE1 said...

Like Paris says in "HOW WE DO" on "SONIC JIHAD"....

"I bitch slap fairy tales of straps
What the hell happened to rap?
It just collapsed
Perhaps it's ways of the paper chase clones
Niggas far gone from the sellin' of the soul"

At least rappers like Paris,PE,The Coup,Immortal Technique etc are all making quality albums dealing with politics etc.

Also, just started a hip hop blog with a couple other people and it will be updated on a regular basis. (reviews,dedications,interviews and other assorted articles covering hip hop from all different areas) The link = http://streetsonbeats.blogspot.com
Any visits would be appreciated.

Keep up the good work (especially uploading Damage Control!) Peace... EMVEE, ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA

12:48 AM  
Anonymous BROWN MON said...

MATT, you really do tell whats goin on. Im still trippin bout how you kept it HELLA real!!! BAY AREA PROTEST be represtin like youre links. FOR REAL Much respect. Keep it comin'

chop and screw this situation that they got us in. it keeps them mixed.

8:06 AM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

Yo I appreciate all y'all, and bro I am searching for my new Public Enemy record as we speak. It's here in this mess of a room somewhere, and I'll get your request on tonight, all the way from Austrailia MAYNE! We'll be neighbors soon, for real. I'm moving the family to New Zealand. You know Texas is about to kill a woman who's lawyer actually fell asleep during her trial and who has mad evidence that could prove her innocence, but um, no pardon yet. She dies in two weeks or some shit. Free Frances Newton. Motherfuckers are making me sick. Always have but my tolerence level has gone way down as of late...

8:27 AM  
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