Monday, September 12, 2005

HoustonNoReal? How about a little respect for your elders here people?

MAN! Another SPC Weekend has come and gone, and once again it was one of the best shows of the year. Turn out was cool because everyone who came out was really real and knew what the fuck was going on, but I mean it was sort of small. A few hundred people hit up the Omni Central building to check out some of the cities heaviest hitters. I'm on a serious deadline here trying to get my real work done before I go to New York this week (more on that in a minute) so I'ma let the pictures do most of the talking. You missed out. Of course, I missed the barbecue on Sunday, but I did pay my $5 for Katrina Relief (as did K-Rino, the organizer and headliner fool, K-RINO PAID AT THE DOOR FOOL LEARN A LESSON YOU LITTLE GUEST LIST WANTING INDIE HIP HOP BITCH ASS) and saw the entire SPC (minus Gangsta NIP, shit) throw down. Peep the real:

The one, not the two or the three, K-Rino.


Desperados opened up.

What it Do indeed?

AC Chill


Blackseed? I think that's his name, freestyling outside.

DBX Sneaking in. PAY YOUR $5 FOOL! Naw, he killed it...

Einstein freestyling outside. Where it got CRAZY!

Father TimeSoReal

Dope E, Terrorists

TP Sin holding it down in the freestyle, if you don't know, you betta find out.

Mo' freestyling into my camera that is not a video camera.


Stoney Haze

Texas Tech and Ruff Eyeque reppin'

TP Sin

Lean Sippa made it in from Belgium again and brought me PALM beer RESPECT!

K-Rino, Murder One

Kyu Boy

L-Dog and me. Man, I knew L-Dog some years ago when he was producing Lo Life's solo record. They;d come over to my house and we'd discuss marketing strategies and take photos and all that shit, gearing up to the release of that incredible album. Then Lo Life got locked up, slammed with 35 years for some bullshit. I guess you can say at least he's not a snitch, but fuck that, the man is sorely missed FREE LOLEEZY!

Murder One

Murder One, Thugstar

P3 from Port Aransas wrecked with Terrorists on stage.

Point Blank!

In the latest fashions...


Security was TIGHT! WHAT UP MY MAN!

Icey Hott of Street Military

KB of Street Military

1/2 of Street Military.... mannnnnnnn

Dope E

Egypt E, Terrorists, on the wheels...

Dre Blac, on stage during Terrorists show. Now I knew Dre Blac back in like 1991 when we used to play pool in some girls garage on the south east side and go to bars and get fucked up and watch Dre Blac go off on fools and scare the shitout of entire clubs. He's the man, recorded a bit with Aggravated and them back in the day and always told me he was down with Dope E and the Terrorists and he still is. DreBlacSoReal...

K-Rino and Point Blank.

And yes there were some girls there...

Klondike Kat

Klondike Kat


K-Rino - see photographer Peter Beste in the corner?

And K-Rino ended the night at 2:30 a.m. or so. Fucking killed it. You missed it. You're a bitch.


Anonymous Blueberry Smoker said...

Matt what you did is 2 real. Street Military is going to fuckin murder everybody in the next year. Fuck Osama Bin Laden, they gonna be lookin for Kidnappa and Icey when its all said and done. The new Icey Hott cd is like cornbread with chitlins. Its insane gangsta madness. Thanks for coming out and taking photos and even being kind enough not to boss hogg all of the good camera shots. Golf claps for you!! peace

p.s. visit my website and view the photos at

duece out the roof

11:27 AM  
Anonymous dj ceeplus & the house of bad knives said...

Dude! DRE BLAK!!!!
That's some memories right there...

He used to yell WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! all the time, really loud at the WAXX back in the day,
Dude I miss that guy, he was a homie.

Anyway, just checking out the blog..

cheers & stay up

11:28 AM  
Anonymous SouTherNGurL said...

mayne!!! that concert was off da hook... too bad i had to leave early. Hella koo to see da SPC
props on the pics matt they came out good :)

11:47 AM  
Anonymous Mustang said...

Sup to Street Military.

"Coming like a Northshore Mustang
Coming Like number #17"
yea, joe walker...
sup KB, Icey Hott,.....

2:25 PM  
Blogger kEiZ20133 said...

much propz and respect from italy.
thankx for makin me see pics of artist i was down with from the early 90's.
it s the only way i can see em.
much propz to houstonsoreal staff!

keep it down south!


1:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Breejock said...

Dre Blac,, wutup fool? It's Breejock...hope all is well...Horale.

7:25 AM  
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