Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Events on the Horizon - Coughee Brothaz and MC Qua in Houston
Rapid Ric and DJ Chill HoustonSoReal Parties in Europe

Man it's going down this weekend in Houston, my favorite group at my favorite venue HANDS DOWN! Check out the Coughee Brothaz at Car Wars at The Orange Show. The Orange Show Foundation are the people behind the Art Car Parade here every year (world's biggest) and their "venue" is one of the coolest places to spend a Saturday afternoon in the city. I'ma be there, once again with the kiddos. Shit is fun, just off of 45 South on Munger. Holla if you hear me. This is not to be missed!

Then somewhere in the meantime, in between time, check out DJ Chill's new store in 3rd Ward - Chill Factor Music!

Then next Wednesday me, Chill and Ric get on a plane for Oslo. RIght now we have 4 official gigs and a few bootlegs ones. Here's the flyers I got so far for Oslo and Amsterdam. Trondheim and London better look out and we gonna spend some time in Germany too.

Still serious about the promo in Europe. For $500 I can have posters up at all the venues, plus hung at select retail spots. We will pass out your flyers and give music to the agents, retailers, journalists and distributors we meet with on the way. We are putting in crazy work on this trip. You may as well benefit from it too. Holler back. matt at damagecontrolradio dot org



Who's ready ready?


Anonymous KcFo20 said...

Heb en leuka tyd in Nederlands! - translation provided by Miranca.fool

5:24 PM  
Blogger TexasHeater said...

I wish I was going :(
sounds throwed!

11:38 AM  
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