Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I'm so far behind on the picture tip. Below though I'ma play major catch up here. First up is a set of photos from the Museum event I told you about a couple weeks back with Hydroponic Soundsystem, DJ Ayres and the Rhinestone Life. Peace to Kim and Cee Plus and the MFAH and Starbucks for turning out yet another great party. These museum events are the best thing to happen to Houston in eons. Anyway I drank way too much up in the VIP at this here thang thang so bear with me.


Proletariat fool. Don't miss out.

DJ Ayres on the escalator

Mr. Blakes just got a new job with ME Television. The 24 hour music station in Austin. Feel the funky real.

Chucky Sly - Hydroponic Soundsystem. Man they tore it down with Skin on the turntables and a nonstop cadre of Dallas' finest off and on the mic. Mr. Blakes, Chucky, Head Krack, Mes the Jive Turkey. Everybody got it poppin' man. But stupid me forgot my camera 4 blocks away in the trunk cuz we had eaten sushi beforehand and drank like fools with nothing but little itty bitty fish parts in our stomachs so I was gone off that delicate combo of Asashi and Sake and well, I got no live photos. Stupid.

Cuz like, I didn't want to miss their set and make an 8 block round trip for the camera.


Nancy Byron on phone telling people she's at the whitest event she has ever seen in Houston

Head Krack

Byrd SUC, Mr. Blakes

My boy Eric on the escalator

Byrd, Head Krack

DJ Ayres cold rockin' it

Gina from KPFT


New Granada

My wife plottin' with some dude

BUSTED and with my best friend too

Gracie Chavez will be playing at Proletariat this Thursday night with Roxy Oxy Cottontail and Stilletto at a special all female edition of Rock Box.
See Flyer Above.

Ayres with my boy Willie.

Grinch with Karina Nistal big time singer girl out here...

Kassandra again

Mr. Bristle


It was about now where things started to get real blurry...

Happy Birthday Melissa!

Yo - V.I.P.

So then a week or so passed and I had poison ivy and I flipped out on steroids and quit them damn steroids half way thru cuz I ain't fuckin' with that bullshit and then I got back on track and went to the Dub Car Show this past Sunday. Shit was pretty insane. Paul Wall, Chingy, Chamillionaire, Slim Thug & PJ with Rapid Ric, Mike Jones, and Jamie Kennedy all performed. I fuckin walked in and there's Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone in front of a bunch of kids at a car show in Houston. See below.

Besides the relentless cacophony that is the echo chamber that is the Reliant Center, shit was all good. But it's seriously like the loudest event you'll ever attend.

They did have the foresight to bring Mattress Mack out to get the crowd hype and on their side.

Shit was wild. The "Rollin' With Bob Saget" video is admittedly pretty funny. Not sure if the cats out here were too up on it yet...

Brandi Garcia from 97.9 The Box and Rapid Ric

Stu Stone, Chingo Bling, Jamie Kennedy

Yung Red

Chris Johnson of Prodigy Management and Lil Sam SUC!


DJ Chill

If this truck didn't win something the whole shit is rigged. Look at this shit!

Willie D!

Me and Willie D

Yip. Yep. Yup.

PJ The Rap Hustler, Rapid Ric

Ric Jilla from Hammond, Indiana was in the house. Man I got there too late to see him and Cap One perform but it was good to see him. His new Pride of Indiana Mixtape is tight. But I want to hear this Legion album.

Kiara in the place

Stacy in the place


Rizoh of SOHH.com's Houston Blog!

Paul Wall!

Lil Keke!

Slim Thug and his son back stage

Load up the kids for the soccer match in this

Trae signed 10,000 autographs by my estimate throughout the day

Axsel of that Whut it Dew Familia y mas

Lazy K, Brandi Garcia


Wicket Cricket, Niq

Paul Wall signing autographs

Rapid Ric, Black Mike, Axsel

My boy Ashley Nichols was there with Jamie Kennedy. Dude is off the chain with it.

DJ Slice

Pink doo rag and pants down?

Niq, Grit Boys

ESG and...

Lil O...

Got on stage with Chamillionaire and did the Turn it Up Remix and Hard Not to Think About You. Shiiiiiiiiiit was off the chain.

They killed it so hard. Cham has a great show.

Nancy Byron and Rapid Ric in love

Cham and Lazy K being photographed by Brandi Garcia

Chamillionaire, Magno, Rapid Ric

Magno getting set to record the Yahoo Pass the Mic thang thang

Doin' it.

But really the throwdest booth at the Car Show was the Whut it Dew booth held down by DJ Eva and Rapid Ric himself peep the real.

And big ups to our new friends at INI Clothing in Norway mayne. They sent us a tight box of gear and here you can see Rapid Ric in a t-shirt hoodie combo thang thang.

Want to advertise on HoustonSoReal? Good. See you Thursday. (Monday - Labor Day - Rapid Ric live in NYC at Sway).


Blogger Rizoh said...

ALL very nice pics.

Now I'm mad I didn't get a shot with Lazy K.

Oh yeah, I don't think Mike Jones performed but I might be trippin' And hell yes, those speakers were loud as hell.

12:17 AM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

I saw Mike Jones and crew back stage but I didnt actually see his performance. I didnt pay attention after Cham got off stage. Not a huge Chingy fan. No hate, just didn't care and wanted to get home for dinner. I hate being away from the family on a Sunday.

7:45 AM  
Blogger aye jay said...

purple drank shirt! jeeaaahhh!

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Casey C. said...

Hey Pushermania,
Sorry to post this as a comment but I couldn't find your email on the site. Hit me up with an email to casey@blastro.com, there are some ideas and opportunities I want to run by you.

12:16 PM  
Anonymous KcFo20 said...

Good shit, as usual. Keep doin ya dang thang. Almuhphukkinready.

4:17 PM  
Anonymous Baby said...

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10:16 PM  
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