Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm on steroids now TOOOOOOO!

It's true, I am and they are making me bonkers. Not "beat people in the street" bonkers. But bonkers none the less.

See last Thursday, after I finished all the work I could muster up here I went outside in 100 degree heat in longsleeves, long pants and gloves and proceeded to do some yard work. I trimmed trees and bushes, cut down this crazy vine and basically just raked up a bit. Fully covered.

When I come in the house I see a huge scrape down my arm and the beginnings of my third - and worst - bout with poison ivy in the past year. Not sure where it came from or how it got on me, but I got poison ivy worse than ever this time. Shit was on my face, up and down my arms, my legs, around my waist and yes down into my pants. If you never have to see what it looks like to have poison ivy sores on and around your privates, pray you go to the grave never having to do so. It's beyond terrifying.

So I really didn't know what to do. I put some cream on and basically lost my mind for two days trying not to scratch my swollen eyes out.

Anyway, Sunday I finally went to a clinic over off of 59 and Beechnut right next to the Wings N More and got a steroid shot and some steroid pills. I'm not seeing any new muscle tone, but the shit did wipe out the pain and the sores are pretty much going away. But these fuckin' pills man. They are a trip. They got me all jazzed up and for the past two nights I haven't been able to sleep at all. I'm not much of a sleeper anyway. I always have a hard time sleeping unless I have doped/drank myself into total oblivion. But this shit is different. I'm like, UP.

3 a.m. and I'm UP and not going to sleep. I hate this shit. How do people do this shit on the cool? I never liked cocaine or the people who use it a lot. I never could deal with speed and outside of a cup of tea in the morning and maybe an iced tea here and there, caffeine really ain't my thing. But this steroids pumping thru my system shit is different. I feel this shit. It's just pumping and pumping and pumping and making my stomach hurt and my head swim and my body feel like it should be running a marathon or some shit. I don't know. Maybe I should. Fuck. I don't want to sweat though. Sweat fosters more spreading of this shit and if I can help it I never want to get this shit again. No more yard work for me. I'ma get rich and there will be no more of that. No, none.

Speaking of getting rich. I'm considering getting out of the magazine writing game and only ever writing shit for this blog and a future book. I'm to the point where I just can't take it anymore. I was not born to be a collection agent and so many of the biggies can't seem to get their pay on time, if at all (knowmtalmbout fellow scribes?). And the "cool" magazines that I love don't pay shit. I still love to do it, but shit man I can't work for peanuts anymore and I can't go through life wanting to kill motherfuckers in New York and La La land who think I wont run up in their fucking offices and take whats mine (a laptop or two full of contacts I don't know) cuz I am now on steroids and I am now a manimal and I am sick of every non paying motherfuckers bullshit. And I hate to hate people. I don't need no negative energy in my life so I think I am going to have to step away from this shit before someone gets fucking hurt.

I'm concentrating heavily on the international bookings though. I got a clean 9 days or so in Europe happening for DJ Rapid Ric and DJ Chill end of September. Get ready ready for the HoustonSoReal party tour with myself, Chill and Ric in Oslo, Malmo, Copenhagen, Amsterdam Melkweg, Paris, London and Edinburgh. Sept. 21 - 29. Glasgow too maybe. Anyone wanna help me fill in some dates. We will go anywhere in the vicinity. Just holler. You need us in Morrocco we'll go to Morrocco. We ain't trippin'.

Does Ibiza need some dirty south? I need some Ibiza. I need something to calm my ass down now that I am on these 'roids.


August 31st my cousin Oxy Cottontail at the Proletariat Rock Boxing it on down.

September 4th Rapid Ric and MattSoReal in New York City at Sway? Trying to get that worked out. Who wanna sponsor some shit?

Oh, and the CMJ Jump Off this year is gonna be bigger and more bananas than last year. We're bringing our own security from Texas fuck it. Everyone's getting in.

When is Trae gonna tour Europe? Y'all ready?

When is Devin hitting Japan, Australia and New Zealand? I'm thinking December. Y'all ready?

Get ready ready. I'm amped.

Katrina Anniversary special of sorts on Damage Control Wednesday. All New Orleans MC's and musicians in Houston currently are invited.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

NZ probably isn't ready but you should come anyway, we need some devin eaction down here. fully appreciate your blog and look forward to every post

4:22 PM  
Anonymous EMVEE said...

Would love to see Devin live in Australia! Hopefully if you head down then Adelaide will be on the schedule.

Seeing KB Da Kidnappa live the other week was incredible, it's great to finally see Texas hip hip artists making their way down under, hopefully this Devin idea goes ahead.


7:06 PM  
Anonymous carlo*72 said...

Hey man better slow down on those pills your taking. It's not gonna make you feel or look any better. Just be yourself man. Concntrate on your music and other stuff so that you'll get distracted. Peace.

1:33 AM  
Anonymous KcFo20 said...

Hahaha @ the above post. Yea Matt, leave those pills alone! You dont wanna look like one of those big headed coc and steroid usin idiots. Or, maybe you do, for the next time you come up here, so you can wreck shop if anyone gives you shit again. I can picture you going "manimal" on 'em, and beatin the shit outta like 5 dudes, at once, takin all your frustration out on boys. Anyway, good post, again. Hope to see you makin your way out here again, besides Europe, and the rest of the globe, with whatever artists you can muster up. But yea, stop with the dope, man. Just say no to steroids, and coc. HAHA

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Jeremiah said...

haha yall are funny, he's obviously not taking them to beef up, but to fix the poison ivy

anyways, matt did you get my email about that interview? i think it would be pretty damn cool

holler back, if not let me know and ill resend it.

11:59 PM  
Anonymous Maggie said...

I've been on those things before and they definitely turn me upside down. Don't worry though-- they're corticosteriods, not the anabolic/muscle-building kind. But you probably already knew that.

Much love from a former KTRU chica...

12:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Next time you get poison ivy, bathe in Blue Dawn - the dish soap. I am very allergic to poison ivy, and that's what works for me, or just take some roids like you said.

9:35 AM  
Blogger Rizoh said...

Matt, keep your head up bruh. You looked ok at the car show so I'm guessing you're feeling a lil better now. Either way, holla at your boy when you get a chance.

5:10 AM  
Blogger SamKaveli said...

hey mat this is Sam Kaveli from that devin the dude show in vancity holler at me if u hit up london im chillen there for a few months

11:08 AM  
Blogger SamKaveli said...

my number in london england is 4407958430313 and dont worry the steroid addled fucks wont be there

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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