Thursday, September 07, 2006

Labor Day Week Just Don't Stop

I’ma be out and about there getting this HoustonSoReal on the Road DVD poppin’ for the next few weeks starting this weekend with the South Park Coalition Weekend. Man, the forefathers, the innovators, the backbone of this whole city is all gonna stand up and come together for a huge concert on Saturday night and a super live day at the park Sunday. I’m telling you, you can learn a shit load more about Houston rap by coming here than you will reading any article, anywhere, from anyone.

Check out for more info.

Then Sept. 21 – 28 I’ma be in Europe getting footage from the DJ Chill and DJ Rapid Ric HoustonSoReal Dirty South Parties. That’s right all y’all over there, two of the realest are coming to rock your clubs so come holler at us and get on this DVD.

Sept. 21 – Oslo
Sept. 22 – Trondheim
Sept. 23 – Bergen
Sept 24 – Amsterdam – MELKWEG!
Sept. 25 – Paris
Sept. 28 – London at YoYo with DJ SEMTEX!!!

So I may or may not be able to keep up with this shit. If someone wants to record Damage Control and upload it while I am away, please do so cuz I’ma miss the next 3 weeks.

Anyway on to the photo madness…
Peace to J.A.

DJ Chill for Algierz (Algierz Store coming soon Houston)

DJ Chill for INI our Norwegian peoples. See you in a few weeks.

Last weeks Damage Control was pretty off the chain. You can download it below and hear KB da Kidnappa, C-Note, Ice Mike and wayyyy more. I'm just now getting these fucking photos up...

C-Note of the Botany Boys and Cheney

KB of Street Military, C-Note, Slowed and Chopped at KPFT


Then last Thursday Witnes and the Rockbox fam brought Roxy Cottontail to the city and we turned around and brought Rapid Ric to the other city. Shit got pretty crunk I'ma tell you what up in that Proletariat.


Universally reppin' H-Town harder than a muthafucka


Gracie telling the DJ not to play fuckin' Billy Idol and Quiet Riot it's 2006 PLEASE!
I don't care where we are. It's 2006.


No Saprise will be with us in London Sept. 28th. Whut it Dew Nosa.

Da Governor and his crew on the campaign trail


Then actually me and the family loaded up the car and headed to Austin and went to see Scratch Acid at Emo's. Only I took the photos with my friend Craig's camera as mine was screwed and I still have the camera but have nothing to dump them on to here with. Rest assured they are thowed and will make it here. Boys were off the chain. Full report coming of sorts.

***************Yeah, well I found an adaptor. Craig I'm coming back with your camera expeditiously.********************************************

Ladies and Gentlemen, Scratch Acid. Live in Austin. Sept. 2nd, 2006. Emo's.

Thank you Craig for the camera...

Then Sunday I hit the Austin airport at like 11 am and made it to New York at 11 p.m. after silly delays in freakin' Chicago and on the runway and switching planes and such is the story of my life. Waiting on plane bullshit can become the bane of your existence.

But Kurtis Blow was on my flight. I was all hurried and silly trying to get on any flight I could so I never took my camera out to get a shot but he was great. He told the lady from United that he was an entertainer and HAD to get to New York because he had a show. So she asked him what time he needed to be there and he said 9:30. The flight was scheduled to land at 9:20 already. So she was just like "Man what are you talking about," and we all just scrambled trying to find flights. At least I did. I'm like that.

I was supposed to go to some club and shoot The Cramps and shoot really all the people in the club, this crazy I don't even know what to call it spot with all sorts of wild folks just tripping like daisys for i-D Magazine, but I got there too late due to flight delays and was told to wait like 15 minutes but after like 14 minutes I couldn't take the calls of the undercover cop to CLEAR MY SIDEWALK CLEAR THE EXIT COME ON GUYS CLEAR MY SIDEWALK I DON'T CARE CLEAR MY SIDEWALK CLEARMYEXITCLEARMYSIDWAL shit man.

So me and Scavone - heard below on the For Those About to Rock CD, went to a bar called Limerick's where some guy watching UFC on a laptop hit me in the eye with a flying coaster. No shit. Dude was apologetic. Turn's out he was "Trying to hit some other douche bag." I didn't take any pictures of that shit.

But then we went and met up with the Cottontail familia and checked out DJ 11 and crew, including Cosmo Baker in an unannounced appearance (at least to me). Shit was pretty off the chain, as was all of New Yorn on a Sunday night before Labor Day. Fools were everywhere.

Including these fools.

And these, Scavone, Queen Majesty and Angel

You may recognize Angel from Vice Magazine recently.

Crazy. She actually didn't really fall on the ground. She was holding herself upside down on the bars and I oculdn't get my camera to like get out of the bag and function fast enough. But you get that.

Fools in New York be out too late.

I slept a short amount of time on the futon de Scavone as I'm generally wont to do in that city and woke up and had a verbal epiphany and recorded that song I posted below that sounds like P. Diddy rapping like Pharoahe Monch. My mom actually thought that was me rapping.

Then I decided to hire my own security team/collections agency.

No I'm kidding. He's a kitten. Scavone. Check his sounds above on the Deaf in the Family CD there's a link to somewhere. I mean below. Send.

Then we put the M4 away and went to lunch with the people.

Sometimes when I drink during the day in a garden somewhere and have my camera I think I’m like really creative with the beers and the things but I don’t know. It happens too much.

Girls in a Daze

This was like a really exciting lunch

Rapid Ric just hyped

I told you the Feds were on my ass they show up everywhere.

After that just straight fuckin' Labor Day debauchery we slid over to East Village Radio for the Nublu Show in which Queen Majesty jammed on down and well, we attempted to host but the um mics didn't work and so only the fine pedestrians walking past for split second sound bytes got to really, really feel that real shit that was being said.

Jam Down Happy Hour

Feds again! Naw that's my man Keith.

Jordan - Host of Ballers Eve!

Jordan served us up a couple of them drinks at the bar next door and well Scavone, as he made his descent into oblivion, ended up cornering Roxy and explaining to her in great detail why he feels that she should not rap. She looked at him horrified and cussed him out a bit but he kept going on and on and on dissecting Roxy's life with a freakin' meathook. I just shook my head and walked away. As he finished his discussion, he then stood up, walked 4 feet away to a phone booth and pissed right on the crowded street. At this point his wife, the lovely Astra, stood up appalled and declared that she's "Not dealing with this shit." And wished Roxy, myself and Queen Majesty good luck. Then left. Then Roxy called Rob a meathead and told me never to bring him around again. Which of course I can't do as he's my security and well New York is a dangerous place. I've read the travel brochures.

As we walked Queen Majesty declared that Rob is not merely a meathead but a new breed of man, the Meatrosexual. That's like, the greatest definition ever laid upon that blivit since his father called him a blivit in 1994. I still laugh at that word. It's real, look it up. And Beware the Meatrosexuals.




I might be falling into it myself.

Then we made a pit stop at Nublu and sat in the back and this is where my man Scavone really started to melt. For real. Dude fucking sank way down and started to doing movie impersonations standing on a table screaming at the sky or the people who lived directly above and about 15 other shocked patrons on the patio. I didn't take pictures of that shit, shit.

But then the event....

Rapid Ric.

My dude from Dallas.

Scavone with my man Leif from Norway. Dude gave me some new music from Chris Lee and is enjoying his brand new life in a city much dirtier than Norway. Notice the melt.

Catch Dubs caught on tape

Still melting, here is Scavone with Gina Gold and her disgusted friends from Cincinatti.

ME and Iz Real from T-Weaponz. Peep the new single with Trae and Shamrock on last nights Damage Control.

Scavone with Jimmy the thowdest tap dancer and Ryan aka my little brother Ryan Donowho Johnny from the O.C. his legal name now...

Thigs did get blurry

But thankfully we made it

Izreal, Friend and Shamrock

Josh from the Resource - producer of the For Those About to Rock CD - Caught on Tape

And it just progressed on and on until it just fizzled and died.

Ryan Donowho, sickened by Scavone, and he wasn't alone

Josh, Fiona and Scavone

Jordan and his whip

Keith, Jimmy, Ryan when it really went dank...

Roxy and Catch Dubs politickin'

Fool you're supposed to be my security

And I gotta go to bed. I'm home...


Blogger tunetourist said...

Love the site! so good to find a blog that is actually providing me with information which i cant find anywhere else on a scene which i really like. You really on top of it all! I've put a link to your site on my blog TUNETOURIST (i comment on and review records that have been recommended to me by record stores all over the world - including fat beats and earwax in atlanta....can you give some decent hip hop stores in houston?) oh and there's a podcast too...if you like it then please link back to us, that would be great! cheers, Justin.

4:15 AM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

Already thanks man. I am terrible at adding links but will soon and there's no hip hop stores in Houston like that. Plenty of places for mixtapes and such but you gotta be here man. and could be good for you tho...

7:01 AM  
Anonymous KcFo20 said...

Sounds like you had almost as good of a time as you did in Vancouver, up in NYC.. Cool read.

10:35 AM  
Anonymous djsaeone said...

Meatrosexual! Ha, that foo...I wholly apologize to the world for him. When Johnny Walker talks, people need to tune out....

10:40 AM  
Anonymous J.A. said...

Good luck on that out_of_country grind matt. Bring back those euros, lol. I'll have a Devin waitin for you when you get back.

5:46 PM  
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