Monday, September 11, 2006

Scratch Acid Live Photos Added - Emo's Austin, TX Sept. 2nd 2006

I'm sayin' though you gotta scroll down to the Labor Day Post where they are supposed to be. Here's a preview....

Added to the Labor Day Post. A Gang of 'em. How was the Touch N Go Weekend? Leave a coment I wanted to go.


Anonymous Mudge said...

Yeah, I'm slow like a three-toed sloth on the reesponse, but here goes: Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, you missed a hella cool weekend (as I'm told they say on the left coast)! I don't hafta tell ya about seein' Scratch Acid (what fuckin' century/decade is it anyway?), add to that GVSB, Killdozer, Negative Approach, Monorchid, Arcwelder, Big Black (to name too few) and I'm pretty set for live music for at least the rest of this decade. That's not totally true, I'll always need my fix, but if I hadda quit now, that weekend woulda been a helluva way to go out! Mi esposa y yo were there for all 3 days, sleeping, eating and shave/shower optional, natch! Luv, R. Mudgester (elusive NYC bureau chief of some long gone imaginary eErie posse)

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Kip said...

I saw the Chicago show and the Seattle show the following weekend, both were amazing, Killdozer and Negative Approach were the highlights of the Touch and Go weekend for me, the Seattle show was the best hour and a half of music I have ever experienced in my life, travelling from Portland, OR was worth every penny.

3:02 PM  
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