Thursday, October 20, 2005

Hot 93 Meltdown in Austin Truly Was Hot

As evidenced by these photos.

Man I'm telling you. 3200 people in a sold out house for Smitty, Slim Thug, Webbie, Lil Rob, Chamillionaire, and Paul Wall live in concert in celebration of Austin's livest radio station (besides um, KUT of course) Hot 93.3. Man it went fuckin' down.

I'm fucking sick now, missing Bun B's show at the ROxy cuz I can't stop coughing and need to sleep before I go outta town tomorrow, then back outta town on Monday.

I'ma see you in New York for Rapid Ric Monday night right??? We'll talk more about that later.

Anyway here's a gang of photos. I'ma notate where I can, suffice it say, once again, it was thowed. Thanks for the good folks at Hot 93 (WHAT UP BRADLEY, BOB, RIC, BABY G, KURUPT, BROTHA K, etc... my peoples) for a magnanimous event.

Dat Boy Mikee and Shawp P of Set 4 Life

Killa Kyleon

Magno and Ryno

Bob Lewis, PD of Hot 93 and Rapid Ric

Dru Fay of ME Television interviews Smitty. Y'all need to look out for ME Television. Austin's new 24/7 music channel. They took over channel 15 on the cable from the Austin Music Network and are doing big things. Very excited for it. I'm going to try and help them bring this music to you all I can.

Jack Daniels was a sponsor this evening. This particular Jack Daniels girl did the best job out of all of them.

DJ Mr. Rogers and CHOPS. That's right my man CHOPS came down from Philly.

Rapid Ric and Me Pushermania Matt Sonzala - Thanks to DJ Ayres for the HOT shirt. All the folks who saw it were trippin; and loving it and then I'd say "Yeah I got it from my man in New York" they'd say "AAWWWW NEW YORK ALWAYS BE TRYING TO TAKE OUR SHIT MAN." Which is fine by me, take me once a month.

It went down...

Magno, Bradley of Hot 93.3 before receiving his grill from Paul Wall, Ryno

Bob Lewis, Slim Thug, 2 Big Bosses

Real party people JT The Coroner and Leola


OG Ron C, Rasaq, Rapid Ric

Rochelle really looked after a blogger I tell you what. Thank you Slim Thug and co. for not drinking all your beers.

Ryno and Shawn P

Set 4 Life!

Slim's car

Hello. Yes, they come in all shapes and sizes.

Lexi is always in the place. She's a singer but will never sing for me.

Lexi gonna be famous.

Ryno, Webbie, Magno

Dru Fay interviews Webbie

Capitol City Shirt is too real.

Dru Fay interviews Slim Thug

Webbie on stage

Me and FLynn D. I really thought no one was gonna have that shirt, but I was wrong.

DJ Kurupt

Dot Komm

Kiotti Freestyled during one of Rapid Ric's sets

Some of the good ladies of Hot 93.3. Hello.

If you act like you want me to take your picture (or if you act like you really DON'T want me to take your picture, Im gonna go overboard.

as you can see. This is only about a third of the shots.

Man hold up.

Straight Flossin' with Laura Griffen.

Chamillion in truck.

Cham and CHOPS

Cham and Rasaq

Craig Stewart SoReal of South By Southwest

Kiotti, Cham

Cotorola and OG Ron C

Dru interviews OG Ron C

Trae performed with Paul. SO REAL!

CHOPS and my man Mike Baxter made the trek.

Real partiers, peep the grill.

JTon and Trae

PT and Unique of Grit Boys

What it Dew Magazine in the house

GU and CHOPS found some friends


Paul Wall heading for the stage.

Paul Wall and Unique on stage

And then it was over. Wow.


Anonymous maartin said...

Thanks for the pics man!

What kind of shirt is it? (yours)

1:10 AM  
Anonymous said...

Heeeeeyyyy, your pictures are getting less blurry...did you finally find the shutter speed? Hahaha

See you monday!!

6:02 AM  
Blogger TexasHeater said...

I missed this show so I could watch the Astro's. Looks like you had a good time Matt.

6:34 AM  
Blogger csdd3rd said...

Matt, where can a brotha cop that Capitol City shirt?

Show looked too hot man...thanks for the pix.

10:47 AM  
Anonymous thebestbradley said...

Thanks for the love Matt. Hit me up soon, it's time to get started on SXSW! Holla

Bradley -

1:34 PM  
Anonymous dollar_wells said...

Yo Matt-

Good looking on the pics. Saw you at the Meltdown, and I was gonna give you a pound, but you looked like a man on a mission. Don't think we've met, but I've seen my boy Pete Beste get up on the blogsoreal. Anyway, thanks again.


2:54 PM  
Anonymous laura straight flossin said...

man that picture is so unflattering.

it was a great night though. see you really soon in h-town.

here's the realest blogger at work:

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man...does a clueless outsider like me have to ask how a Houston hip-hopper gets a COUGH??

5:36 PM  
Blogger Southern Komfort said...


peep the bavu/houstonsoreal devin flyer at

go stros! see ya on monday...

8:04 AM  
Blogger stunnadru said...

Matt, thanks for the photo love dawg....see you next week

1:00 PM  
Anonymous dex digital said...

got-damn...damage control this week was cool. soundin good as usual

11:54 PM  
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