Friday, October 14, 2005

Monumental Meeting of the Minds - Serious Business - I Met the Man

Wow. Today was quite a day. First lemme get these out the way. They were sent to me by Ms. Julia Beverly of Ozone Magazine, and I love her for it. Cuz um, Slim Thug and Cory Mo are two of the people keeping Houston real hot to me. Feel it.

Slim Thug, Matt Sonzala

Matt Sonzala, Cory Mo... Peep the hat. You see what that says? It says Astros? Them the boys that gonna dominate your sports lives for the next month. If they don't totally choke, like they have for the past 50 years or some shit. Does Top Dollar not make the throwdest Shirts?

Pray for them. The Astros I mean.

Now down to serious business. I finally met Charlie Braxton face to face.

Me and Charlie Braxton. (Including mo' Top Dollar Brand Realness...)

We've been talking for years. We've been contemporaries in the game for years. We've been fighting for the south FOR YEARS, and finally we have ended up in a room together. At Chingo Blings crib no less!

I'm sayin'! Charlie was telling me today how he was looking at my byline in some old Beat Down Magazines recently, most notably a story I did on Scarface in 1994. I was telling him how I remember him from those days, and before, as the ONLY name I would ever see associated with an article on anyone from the south. Shit, an article? How about a mention. Back in the day we got in where we fit in. Still do to a certain extent.

Anyway I have always admired the man and all of his work. He's a brilliant man, knows more about southern rap, and maybe rap in general than anyone I have ever spoken to. He even knows his international shit. He's no joke and I've finally sat down with him, if only for a short time.

We're gonna build some more real soon.

HoustonSoReal party in Jacktown??? I'm sayin'. It's inevitable... Charlie, when's your birthday??? I'm thinking we come throw a thorough bday jumpoff...

My man Bernard Gambrell from Street Pharmacy (Roxy - you download their mixes all the time) and so do you. Man, with that man Dirty Dave, outta Jackson, MS as well. Street Pharmacy's Yella Boy and DJ Stein RUNNIN THE GAME. HoustonSoReal jump off in Bryan, TX coming soon hosted by SergDun.

Magno passed through to lay some shit with Eddie Deville. Man... Pretty much one of my favorite rappers of all time right there.

Eddie Deville, Bernard and Charlie B. I'll never forget when I dropped CHingo and Co. off in New York and got stuck in traffic by myself in Mahattan bumping Eddie's Kings of Spring Break CD slowed and chopped in the van super loud for the Manhattan rush hourites. That was some fun shit. Bumping that Magno freestyle over and over again.

Magno and Chingo sign autographs for Charlie and his son.

And there you have it, Chingo, Charlie and Magno. Some of the realest in the game.


Anonymous Will (nastack) said...

You, thanks for the Jacktown love. A houstonsoreal party in jackson? Make SURE you drop a brother a note or something on my page or email, if its not too much, if u do. Stay up.

7:52 AM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

Hell yeah I will let you know no problem man. I like your blog. Matter of fact, I took that photo of David Banne rin teh upper left hand corner of it. Like whoa. I see photos from that series everywhere! PEACE matt

11:43 AM  
Blogger Southern Intellect said...

Seeing these folk from Houston coming up like they are is real inspirational. It only makes me wanna work harder. Matt, your blog is very informative and appreciated as well homie. I wouldnt be able to get inside scoop without it. Keep up the hard work and dont forget to get your Re-Lax on like you be on the constant move.

10:50 AM  
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