Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bun B "Trill" Out Today - Is You Real or You Ain't?

Bun B "Trill" out today and um NO IMAGE AVAILABLE ON AMAZON. Um, y'all couldn't even get Amazon the cover art?? Can Bun at least go gold? Please???

This is an important album. You want eyes to stay on Houston??? They better stay on Bun, cuz these new cats not gonna hold 'em. I'm not talkin' bout Paul, Mike, Cham and Slim... I'm talkin' about the folks y'all think you have next up to bat.


Come on man... Is it that bad?

Tower got the picture at least,


Anyway, my life has been hectic. I got a to do list as long as my arm, and people keep steady calling for other shit. Which is good, but man. I like to chilllll and listen to records like Trill. Sunday night I got out the crib tho and headed south to Club Konnections. Bun's first release party/concert of the week. Wow. Man killed it. Check the photos and the slight commentary and recognize the real.

I went by Soundwaves on South Main today with Jeremy Miller from Down Magazine and Soren Baker from Freelance la Familia to check Bun's in-store, but apparently he got held up at the radio station and I had to leave before 5 o'clock traffic ruined my world. So I missed him. Shit was crunk though.

Tonight is Bun's release party at Club GLO downtown. Even though I'm a white, married, 33 years old, father of two... I'm waaaay more Club Konnections than Club Glo and well, I'm tired. I'ma check him out Thursday night at The Roxy. Man's got events all week, including Wednesday night in Dallas at Club Rain.

Me? Wednesday night? I'll be in Austin. Up in that Hot. 93.3 Meltdown concert with DJ Rapid Ric and my folks at ME Television.

Paul Wall, Chamillion, Slim Thug, Webbie, Lil Rob and Smitty all performing. I'ma debut a shirt I got from DJ Ayres and try to get some interviews for my folks. Thursday, Roxy, Houston, Bun B, back to the program.

For now, enjoy these photos I got at Konnections. Go make that Bun record platinum.

You know DJ Chill and Cotorola took care of me at that door. Konnections is no joke. I'm talking about 2000 people every Sunday night. Not easy to get in. You better have peoples. Thank you DJ Chill. Y'all don't even know how DJ Chill be killing it in Houston. He's killing it.

DJ Keno in the House

DJ Ebonix held it down as well

Point Blank and Bam had a group open up. I walked in during their seta nd can't remember the name. Damn.

K.I.D. came on next. He's a lyrical cat I like a lot. Unfortunately, this crowd tonight wasn't trying to see or hear anyone but Bun B. Seriously, they weren't worried about shit else.

Now o.k. You wouldn't know that from seeing this photo of Aztek performing live, but um, they were throwing T-Shirts out. I'm sorry, I don't like to talk down, and I am not, I got no problem with Aztek, but um, man, he had to face the same stone faced crowd as K.I.D. and them. I'm serious, he tried. But this crowd was only raising their hands to catch a T-Shirt, till Bun came out. Throwed photo though. Feel it.

It was super promoter Cap'n Jack's birthday tonight. How's it feel to hit 30 Jack??? Man, the dude has been putting on fly shows for the Houston masses for YEARS. For real, he's a pioneer and one of the main supporters and nurturers of this whole scene. So why did Aztek take the time to diss him at the end of his show??? For real? I hope I wasn't the only one who noticed that shit. Dude straight disrespected Cap'n Jack at the end of his set. Rather than take his problem to the elder, to the man, he announced on the mic something like "And oh yeah, Cap'n Jack. Ididn't like how you treated me and my people at the door nigga. Just cuz we Latinos..." etc. Shit, dude had 50 people on stage with him. If those are the people he came with to the door... Shit, if he didn't expect a lil delay, shit.... I don't know what happened but don't disrespect Cap'n Jack. I felt genuinely bad when I heard that shit. I'll call a hoe a hoe if I feel like I was disrespected, but um, Cap'n Jack, I'd pull him aside and try to have a talk with him. I wouldn't put him on blast. Cap'n Jack has EARNED his respect straight up. Happy Birthday Cap'n Jack. You are most DEFINTIELY SOREAL FAMILY.

Even MDDL FNGZ had a battle. Shit, I love MDDL FNGZ. THey are like the definition of Houston rap. Houston personified. SoReal. But man. I was tripping when they did "Ain't Nobody Fuckin' With Texas." and No one really responded. That shit is a hit to me. I get so mad man. "Ain't Nobody Fuckin' With Texas" is a Texas classic. Sorry.

They fuckin' killed it.

Young Wee got a beat for you.

B.A.N.D.I.T. was happy with the response though...

DJ Chill, Xavier James - Rap A Lot

Peep your boy Dano from Algierz. Outfitter of the Houston stars. He's obviously been chilling with that boy Paul Wall.

Dano and Omar

It was a whole different story when Bun B hit the stage though.

Man killed it.

Show went past 2 a.m., so BIg Steve had the Patron for the thirsty masses.

And the crowd was MASSIVE.

Caine from Ying Yang Twinz was up in the DJ booth the whole time.

At some point this girl started dropping it like it was hot on me. I was all dripped out though so I couldn't really do much but attempt to get a photo, which as you can see, I failed at.

Cap'n Jack and Big Steve run the game, recognizing the real. Notice how I took all these photos from the crowd??? That's because 1. I am not afraid of people. And 2. I hate when every fool in the whole music industry is on the stage. Jack and Steve can be on stage.

J. Prince of course can be on stage.

But the rest of you fools just ruined the show. To a degree.

Wild Thang enhanced it though. Whut it Dew homey?

See many of you in Austin.

Some of you in Houston.

Some of you in New York Oct. 24th with Rapid Ric at Sway.

Some of you in Vancouver at Atlantis with Devin Oct. 31st.

Some of you in Whistler at Moe Joe's in Whistler. Nov. 1st.

Feel the funky real.


Anonymous brwnskngirl said...

Absolutely real baby! Bun is blowin' and can't nobody hold 'em! Jennifer and I knew what storm was about to hit Houston (and I don't mean no damn Katrina or Rita) when we were offered the opportunity to produce the Draped Up video and remix video. Good to see you out in the mix at Konnections (or liquid El Rodeo for us folks new to Houston that just read the damn signs on the building). Didn't get a chance to holla' back. I was holdin' it down on the stage, fuckin' the show up lightweight, as you put it..... After all Bun's hard work, it was real to see him in front of the crowd! See ya' Thursday folk...... oh and trust, the show really is better from the stage!

Keisha H.

12:04 AM  
Blogger Real Game said...

yo Matt bad ass pics man wish i could have gone... the turn out at soundwaves was wack man 20-30 people the MOST and half of em were with RAL.... brwnskngirl you produced the draped up videos? emal me at Botanybigshots@aol.com... trying to do a video soon

12:14 AM  
Anonymous james said...

who is that asian dood next to J Prince? Seen him in couple other pictures with J... and other clubs.


6:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Matt is Don of SI ...keep forgetting my login for this
Nice pics homie. I agree err one and they momma dont need to be on stage.

7:19 AM  
Anonymous SouTherNGurL said...

Dope pics Matt!! wish i coulda made it.. i see everyone was there! damn...

7:22 AM  
Anonymous MrBastard said...

I respect dude has to keep the UGK name alive but Trill, along w/Pimp C's solo CD earlier this year leave a brother wanting to play Supertight and Ridin' Dirty again. I really really wanted to like these CD's but the whole is (again) so much greater than the sum of its parts.

I *need* that "Welcome to Sunnyside" shirt.


9:09 PM  
Anonymous MrBastard said...

ok I wrote the above before hearing "Get It Girl", Bun's remake of the 2 Live Crew song w/the ying yang twinz. I would write more but I think that's enough. Why, man?

Ok, now "Late Night Creep" with those guys from (blink182?) is making me sad. The diamonds in the teeth in the "Draped Up" video should've tipped me off. Bun is older than me(and so is Mike Jones, probably) and has earned the right to not have to put that shit in his mouth to get on TV. I know this isn't the right forum to talk about this but anyone who has that old clear "the southern way" tape can't help but feel how I feel. I mean, the Sweet James Jones stories at least tried to capture the UGK sound.

Free UGK


9:33 PM  
Anonymous Rizzle said...

Dope pics...

I heard a Bun B flow the other day with the lyrics "I can take the weight of the world on my back / and I can take weight of your girl on my lap" But I have no clue what track or album/mixtape it was on. Anyone have a clue? It's been driving me crazy.

9:12 PM  
Anonymous Rizzle said...

Nevermind.. found it.. track is "Hold Up" from Chamillionaire & DJ Smallz - Man on Fire mixtape.

11:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the asian guy is "Jimmy Boi"
of L2H.... dunno what's the deal with him though.

9:51 AM  
Blogger Dj Fo20 said...

Jimmy Boi cooler than a fan. Look out for his shit comin soon. Hes a real good dude. real appreciative and respectful person. And dude....why you gotta even mention Halloween ....you hurt my feelins with that...Devin in BC? That fuckin sucks...why not next month after my Temporaty Visa goes through with Canadian immigration. Damn, my girl lives in Vancouver but i cant enter Canada at all cause of an old ass, misdemeanor, weed charge...WHY??????????????? I wanna go....Dammnnit maaaan! I got deported from BC not too long ago..they wouldnt even let me in...lol...- Anyway, have fun. Wish i could join y'all. - 1

11:48 PM  
Blogger chelsi said...

nice pix, n yea b on the lookout for jimmyboi's album puttin' in work vol.1, hes gun blow up b suen checkout live2hustle.com

11:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whauss Happen'N..... anyways my name is Leticia Rodriguez i'm Reppin Minnesota, Leech Lake 218 to da 281 j/p anyways dose pic.s r flippin sweet yo! But Bun B hold it down fo H-town T.R.I.L.L THE RILLEST IN LEECH LAKE!

10:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello to all this is big steve sister giveing you all a big shout out! and for the person that is showing the pic's nice job, and by the way if you all want to know who i am i'm the realest chic KIM big steve lil'sister well im not so lil anymore but im still the baby of the bunch.... peace

12:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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