Friday, February 23, 2007

Twisted Black Gets 30 Years in Prison
Chingo Bling, Rapid Ric's Whut it Dew Family, KJ Hines in Austin
UGK Confirmed for SXSW

Man Twisted Black Got Thirty Years for Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine.

What that gone do? Nothin'.

Yes, UGK hath confirmed for SXSW. They will perform Thursday Night March 15th at Fox & Hound, Austin, Texas, 1 a.m. Opening acts are in the works now but have already been decided just waiting on confirmation. Official announcement tomorrow, but KB da Kidnappa is on the show for sure. MDDL FNGZ? Vicious? Hezeleo? Bobo Luchiano? UGK RECORDS???? Who else? Man we gonna hull y'all out with this one.

Speaking of hulling out, well we won't speak on that at all, cuz I always try to keep things positive, unless I start crying about some shit and that's not really negative, that's just emotion dog, and emotions are real. Emotion's are in full effect. With so many...

Anyway, yerple it went derple. SoReal. Chingo Bling, Lucky Luchiano, Stunta, Jezufavio, Rapid Ric's Whut it Dew Family of Gerald G., Black Mike & Bavu Blakes (Chalie and Magno and Da Ryno were set to go on after Chingo as a surprise but an unfortunate event cut the night short. THANKS MY DUDE!), KJ Hines and Swift of 4Mula Beats all STRAIGHT WRECKED the Parish this past Wednesday (both literally and figuratively) for a special ME Television taping that might be shown someday if the FCC happens to loosen it's profanity laws in the next couple weeks.

Hip Hop Ya Don't Stop. Here's the photos and a bit of a run down. Big ups to all who came out!

Black Meezy in the Heezy is pretty much about to blow. For real. He and Gerald G and well, about 7 other artists/groups in Austin are about to do some shit if you'll open up yo earholes. Why are Austin and Dallas SMOKING Houston on the talent meter these days? It's crazy man. Quit looking for shiny teeth and dig into some real music cuz that's where it's at.

Smackola of Dirty Wormz

DJ Young Spinna was a last minute addition to the bill and he really added a lot of flavor to the night! Dude is 14 years old, out on a school night KILLIN' IT! I see a huge future for him as well. He's extremely talented and keeps it real man. Not just spinning hits and BS. He's supportive and has a genuine knowledge of this music and his city. RESPECT!

Basswood Lane ready for their next cover!

PS My flash is broken, waiting on some checks to get a new one. Hopefully my BDK Photos will be thowed)

My boy the Expert Witness in the building having me all bleary eyed and dripped out. This my people!

KJ Hines is another young buck on the Austin scene. His Capital City video gets a lot of play on ME Television and he's also quite talented. Lookout for a mixtape from him and Young Spinna real soon.

Then things got blurry. This is Shawn David McMillen. We used to drive around Houston smoking a bong with a skull on it, then we'd go to the dolla movies on the west side and smoke the same bong and stand on the seats and walk all on the seats all fucking wasted and being fools with it and man, I could go on for days. Now he's an avant garde noise rocker maniac in these streets. Look for him on Emperor Jones Records and on a special collaborative effort entitled THE YELLA ALBUM. The Yella Album gonna be revolutionary.

OSCAR! Of Luxury Mindz is way better at this picture taking stuff than I.

Dru Fay of ME Television interviews Gerald G.

Rapid Ric, Dru and Gerald G. If you don't have Ric and Gerald's Mr. 512 Mixtape go get it free right now at MIXTAPEMECHANIC.COM

Black Mike and Gerald G. showed fools the future of rap music.

And just let them know.

Bavu Blakes joined them on stage and brought the house down.

As evidenced here.

See Rapid Ric live with Witnes in NYC at SWAY Monday night for Mike Frost's B-Day Party and the NYV Debut of his SLF-EMP T Shirt line!

Gerald G. is the present and the future!

Jezufavio is off the chain. Somehow I want to book him to perform at a $1000 a plate benefit dinner for Rick Perry or some shit. They need and deserve his wit and wisdom.

I couldn't believe Lucky Luchiano showed up. I been jammin' him for ages and never met him!

Stunta, Chingo's hype man, is really coming up with some dope solo material. Be on the lookout!

The man, the myth, the legend, Chingo Bling. Finna drop his debut album May 8th.

Stunta and Chingo, always a dope show.

Great set. Wish it wasn't cut short. We won't get into that here though. Those who know, know. And those who know, know I am extremely angry.

And those who's who, know he is officialy banned from everything. Forever.

These boys be flowin' tho...

And here's some You Tubage of Gerald G., Black Mike and Bavu Blakes. Enjoy...

Peace to Blueberry and Tony C for those!



Blogger AG said...

Good Pictures, Matt!

7:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mayne I thought Bubba Luv was with the whut it dew fam?

9:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on the UGK info. Now I must conviently get sick to go to Austin...

8:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are waiting to see some info. posted on Big Love. He dropped a bomb "Representin' Real" back in 1997. Had D of the Trinity Garden Cartel on there. Real street cats! He's suppose to be back with his group the Pimp Click Playaz. I saw his myspace page, he is the truth is Houston.

8:16 AM  
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