Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chingo Bling and Rapid Ric Live in Austin Wednesday Night
For a LIVE taping for ME Television
I'll be in the house

Man we tried to make it happen last month but Austin got all iced over and well, we're back up in it. Tomorrow night, or tonight, depending on when you are reading this, ME Television presents a special night with Chingo Bling and Rapid Ric's Whut it Dew Family.

Basiclaly we will be filming a live concert for the station and premiering their new videos and you are invited to come be in the audience. Lots of Austin VIP's will be in the place and I'm personally bringing a few very special guests. KJ Hines will be performing and showing his "Capital City" video along with a few others. You do not want to miss this!

It's all FREE and you can get in simply by RSVPing on www.metelevision.com or hitting my myspace up at www.myspace.com/houstonsoreal.

The event is happening at 10- p.m. at The Parish, on 6th Street, in Austin, Texas, and you do not want to miss this. It's free and I'll be in the house taking your photo and hoping that everyone is having and good time, and such. Don't forget that THIS COMING MONDAY BIG DADDY KANE WILL BE IN HOUSTON WITH A LIVE BAND! You can get into that free as well by RSVPing to www.scion.com/livemetro



Anonymous Combat Jack said...

Matt, my peoples Bling, from Brooklyn are telling me you're not effin' with New Yorkers, hooking them up whatsoever wit' "Houston shit". Whaddup with the animosity? What part of the game is that homie? Especially since you're on some NY blog rolls? You been burnt by NY'kers? For real, whaddup?

8:25 PM  

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