Monday, February 05, 2007

The Other Side of Houston's Underground is Jammin' Too

Just got off the phone with my man Kris at Kinetic Cinematix. He's readying the release of his Subteranea DVD and it's set to be one of the tightest, most complete looks at Houston hip hop to date. he gets all the big names, underground legends and sub underground lyricists who have been mashing up the place for years. It's goin' down real soon. Peep the trailer here then peep a coupel videos from my man D-Ology and the Niyat. Quite different but still the same mayne.

Subteranea Trailer is a must see

D-Ology "Spook" Video filmed in New York City!

The Niyat - Snap, Tabu, & Shadow!


Anonymous LeanSipper said...

dope matt!!...snap (and niyat) go hard!!!...
snap is a real good and cool dude too...
very talented shit...good lookin out...
i keep my eyes open for that dvd as well...

5:14 PM  
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