Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Nothin' But a Gangsta Party

(For more pics from this magnanimous event click this link. Houston Chronicle in the house. Peace to Mark Austin and Pam Mitchell for keeping it SoReal!)

Man it went down Sunday night. I haven't been too active on the party scene in the past couple of months so it was good to get back into the swing of things. Thanks to KB and everyone at The Cotton Exchange for allowing myself and Money Waters get down with the fabulous Peekaboo Theory on their regular night in celebration of my crossing the threshhold into genuine adulthood. I think. 35 years old man. To borrow a line from Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle, that's almost 40. Shit what am I doing partying on a Sunday? Anyway.

Willie D of the Geto Boys and K-Rino both showed up. You're basically looking at the Godfathers of the Houston rap scene. Funny thing is, none of the young bucks who I have helped to a certain extent since they were teenagers showed up, just some genuine legends. Peep the photos and you'll see what I'm talm bout. But yeah for real, I felt really special man. Some of my favorite MC's of all time were in the house, and not ONE of the new breed of what people like to call "Houston Rappers."

I ain't mad at all, I just wanted to see my people and I did. Plus it was raining and Houstonians have heart attacks when it rains. They can't handle it. Plus the weather folks down here have been talking about this impending ice storm like it's the freakin' apocalypse or some shit. I truly think that meteorologists are with the terrorists.

Two more of my favorite rappers, Bavu Blakes and Money Waters. Bavu left a family gathering in Louisiana to come kick it with me, dude is real. New album will be out by summer. You're looking at the two best rappers in Texas right here. Serious.

Bavu and my man Kwam Anderson, also a journalist/rapper/noise guitar hero. His birthday is tomorrow so recognize a playa when you see him in the spot.

My Dad even showed up.

Big Tike and Big Pic of the original Swisha House mayne. Come on now, I told you there were some legends in the building. I'ma leak a lil SXSW info for you: Big Tike, Big Pic, Magno, Lester Roy, Blyndcyde and most of the original Swisha House are doing a showcase. Feel the fuckin' real.

Super journalist with much vision, more than anyone in the world maybe cuz he covered your boy so thoroughly, Keith Plocek with my super wife Melissa.

Street Pharmacy in the building! Dirty Dave reppin'.


Christa and Kam keeping the spirit of Christmas alive in the city

KB and Me

R&B group Jass Melody made the trek from Dallas with Money Waters and did a short opening set.

Then the man hit the stage. The man who I say put o ut the best rap album in Texas last year. Money Waters.

He killed it!

Uncle Pauly!

And Bavu joined him on stage. Bavu was at my house on Friday and told me he couldn't make it to my party. Lo and behold there he was. Very nice surprise indeed as I don't really like throwing parties without having him involved to bring the freakin' house down.

He tends to do that shit.

Willie D, Money Waters

There they are again!

My Dad and Kassandra

Dirty Dave again!

Big Pic and friend

Brett Koshkin of the Houston Press and Mike Frost in the building!

Super producer Drewski!

I don't know this dude but he has a smashing shirt on and I am feeling it. In fact I wore the same shirt to The Cotton Exchange last Sunday. That Kilo Intl shit is big in the streets!

Super r&b singer Sydnee and friend

The media!


My boy Jackson now lives in Beiruit and works for Al Jazeera and somehow ended up at my event! Seen here with DJ Melodic who kept the vibe extremely niced up all night.

Thisis my people right here! Said and Hadeel Assali. So glad they made it.

Kassandra and the one them call SCAVONE! Keeping it real.



K-Rino & Murder 1 SPC IN THE BUILDING!


Mamba showing them how it's done

Sibil, Roy, Sabrina getting crunk and Willie. This my people.

Me and Jackson (please dont send the Feds to my house, I never even seen Al Jazeera I don't even know what it is. I ain't never been to Lebanon, shiiiiiiit..)

DJ Melodic

Michelle, Mike Frost of SLF EMP and Jackson. All of these people rule in what they do.

I mean like everyone else you are seeing in this series. Straight rulers.

Monique Crump of Hater Magazine and ScavoneSoReal

Yolanda and Pookie from www.urbansouth.us

Nancy Byron and Stacy of OGPR. Nancy informed me more than once that she hated the music and my party and would never consider paying to get in. THANKS NANCY!

Uncle Pauly, Pookie and friend

Steve Finley, Bubba Hightower and Bavu Blakes. I think Bavu may do a research paper on Bubba to graduate college. He finds him quite fascinating. As do I.

Man, then Peekaboo Theory hit the stage and rocked shit on down!

And this girl kept the club crunk!

Feel it!

And there she is.

Pretty Todd of the GRID IRON!

Rad Rich Rules Rock

Nupe Jones of the Grid Iron!

ANARCHISTS! Renee Feltz, Jackson and Tish. That's my people too.

Said, Hadeel and Friend

Stacy and Friend

Steve Finley and Ryan Butcher. Ryan is currently editing the HoustonSoReal on the Road DVD so watch out for that and get at me if you need someone real to edit your shit and make it looks thowed. You should see what he's done with my shitty camcorder footage. ITS GONNA BLOW YOURE FUCKIN MIND I SWEAR!

THUGSTAR and BRAINDEAD Rollin' Deep with the SPC. THIS is who comes to my party. Gangstas and girls.

This my favorite picture ever. Tike, Pic, Me and of course Rad Rich

And three of my favorite people round things up here Pretty Todd, Bavu Blakes and the one them call ZIN!

Anyway man it went down. I loved the mix of people, the mish mash of musical styles and the smiles on everyones faces. Even Nancy smiled even though she hated every second of the music and thought all the guests were pansies and there were no guns.

Next event is this Thursday in Austin at the Parish. The Chingo Bling/Rapid Ric/KB da Kidnappa, A3, etc Video premier party. Please do not miss this! Flyer will be up in a minute in a seperate post. But if you wanna come out and get in free please RSVP to me on my Myspace.

I'm not putting my email addy on here you spammeisters.

(P.S. Why are so many peoples eyes closed in these photos? I think they may have been poppin' thang thangs and drinking too much).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The party was great! I'm glad I came across your page. I'm hooked and spreading the word to everyone I know! It was a pleasure meeting you and everyone I was introduced to.

By the way, Happy Birthday to you!

2:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

d@mm!t, i had to make a trip to the district of capitalism, so i couldn't make it.

g-dubya and obl say happy birthdaysoreal.

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo. Happy B day, dog! I know you already celebrated, but hey, todays the day. Celebrate some mo'. Looks like y'all had fun. Have a good one, Matt.

3:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


3:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, my dude! I had a blast! Sorry I head to leave early, I had to save metropolis. You know how that shit goes.

Man, i need to drop 10 pounds or so..lol...these cameras DO put weight on us, right? RIGHT?? LOL

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Matt - I had a blast. Money and Peekaboo brought the place down. Hope you enjoyed the photos. I'm going to send you a link to the extra pics I have.

Take care and hit me up on the next event.

Mark C. Austin

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy birthday mattsoreal

12:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

YOOOOOO Bubba, the Franksta and Willie D! cool.

7:49 PM  
Blogger houstonmacbro said...

Happy Birthday. Man, y'all sure do take a lot of pix.

1:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eeeeh, whatta Wiggah Yu iiiz,"This guy was there, and the other from blabla" daam like trophys. Shame on ya, Wess Wess!

6:16 AM  
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