Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Man Hold Up

Well I really didn't accomplish much with my end of 2006 post. In fact I'm looking at it now thinking to myself, what was I? Drunk? Yeah well, maybe, it was New Years Eve and all.

But in a previous post I promised to post some music and my resolutions for 200Devin.

Waiting on approval for a couple of the songs so at the moment I don't have that for you. But I will outline a few of my resolutions.

Really there's only one that I'm going to try and have stick throughout the year. The others are just to help kick start the year and clean out my head (and my bloated midsection).

Anyway, firstly, I posted on a couple of message boards that I would be "Quitting the Internet." That's a bit harsh. I'm not quitting the internet, I'm merely quitting message boards. Seriously, I have a lot of fun interacting with like minded and not so like minded people about music. I met a lot of good friends from places like Low-Bee.com and TheScrewShop.com and will certainly continue those friendships. But the whole message board thing started bringing me down.

Like, most of my work is done in front of this computer, either writing or coordinating some shit. When I have a brain freeze, or feel lazy or just get curious I always go to my little haunts and sit and read what some dude in Delaware thinks about Young Jeezy or why some kid in Canada thinks the East Coast is Dead. Then I chime in and half the time get myself into e-trouble cuz I call someone an idiot and say they don't know shit about music and start freaking out in my head.

Well, I don't actually freak out but it does take up brainspace. I freak out a little bit but it's worse that it takes up brainspace. I've been doing this since 1995 when ARCHAIC first introduced me to message boards. Yes, it's true, he did.

So I have resolved to quit messing with message boards. I deleted the links to them all from my favorites and will be having the same person who checks my MySpace post flyers on pertinent boards when pertinent. I just have to run away from that shit. I love a lot of my internetting compadres, but at 34 (soon to be 35 January 16th fools) years old with a wife, 2 kids, a house, etc... I can't afford to be doing too much in this world that isn't going to make me money. Which is sad, but it's the American way and we have learned to live with our sadness this long...

And I'm just too old for that crap. I already ran screaming from freakin' MySpace but keep the page alive because I know its a good promotional tool, not that I have been promoting much lately.

I was gonna delete AIM and then thought about how much I use it to stay in contact with people in this business and how much better I like it than actually answering my phone, so that's gonna stay for a little while.

As for the blog, I'm going to continue doing it but with a few improvements. I bought a couple new domain names and am going to incorporate HoustonSoReal into a bigger picture in the coming weeks.

I also resolve to write more about music here on the blog in the coming year. It's hard for me because I am actually out there a lot and I see rappers everywhere I go and the only thing most of them have to say to me is "How can I get in Ozone?" Anytime I write about a mixtape or a particular album I get barraged with folks who want me to write about their mixtape or their album, and I should, but there's no way I could cover everything that comes across my desk.

Besides the fact that I can't even listen to most mixtapes and most of these rappers are just making the same songs over and over and I can't take it any more. It's not my place in this world to diss artists and their artistry really so I tend to just not say anything. I'm not a critic, I'm not a journalist, I'm a writer. Sort of.

I will have a book published this year. For sure. It's goin' down. Yet another resolution.

My other resolution is temporary. I am most certainly not quitting drinking, or any of my other vices for that matter, but for the next couple of weeks I am going to be chilling on all that shit. Clearing out my system for the new year. I said in the previous post that I was fasting, and thats only sort of true.

I cut out half of my diet (caffeine, alcohol, thc, pills, thc pills, etc..), and am attempting to only eat one meal a day and a couple of healthy snacks. No meat, minimal dairy, whatever. I'm not totally ruling anything out but I'm not gonna gnaw on processed shit for a while, maybe ever and I'm going to try and get some of this shit out of my body.

So we shall see where that takes me. Probably right back on the horse. Definitely back on the horse, just not sure when. MattSoReal can't be stopped but he does have to chill with the bullshit every now and again.

Anyway it's goin' down.

Money Waters (the man who released one of my favorite CD's you never heard of in 2006) is gonna be in town from Dallas Jan. 12-14. My birthday is Jan. 16th as I stated so I may throw a party for that and have Money Waters perform. Looking into venues now. I want something intimate and simple since we don't even have 2 weeks to promote. If you would like to have Money Waters appear at your club that weekend, let me know, cuz he needs to get out there in that H-Town. He's making better music than almost anyone out here big or small and that's the truth.

January 18th I have an EXCLUSIVE event going down in Austin at The Parish. I work for the 24 hour video channel in Austin, ME TELEVISION, and we are having a special Premier Party for the new videos from Trae, Chingo Bling and Rapid Ric. It runs from 6 - 9 p.m. and admission is free/RSVP only. If you live in Austin, watch Smash every day from now on at 3 p.m. to find out how you can attend. RSVP Sign up will be on www.metelevision.com when it's up. All of the artists will perform live, they will be interviewed on stage and we will show their videos on big screens throughout. The whole event will be broadcast shortly thereafter on ME TELEVISION. Then after the party is the after party, at the Parish, which I am attempting to configure right now. The after party will be open to the public and cover will be kept low.

Sabbath in the Courts is going down January 24th, in the courts, in New York at 9:30 a.m. and there is supposed to be an after party somewhere's to benefit all of us who had to pay the $25 fine. I also have to buy a $200 plane ticket, yippee yi yay. Fuckers trying to stop Sabbath in the Park but they can't. Sabbath in the Springs happens during SXSW March 17th in Austin, Texas at Barton Springs Pool. Featuring the return of MAD BEER and this time around Nuff Weed will be in attandance.

February 13th Bun B will present STYLE WARS at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. It's part of the Movies Houstonians Love Series that will be on going throughout the season. Other notable folks who will be presenting films in this same series include Larry Dierker, Barbara Bush and Richard Linklater. Your boy is on it.

Then later that week it looks like DJ Chill and Rapid Ric will be headed back to Europe. Norway is booked up, who else wants 'em? Italy and Spain STAND UP. It's winter time.

So I'ma try to stick to my resolutions and do some positive thangs in 200Devin. You do the same.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of music, I went to an Indie rock show the other night and saw this girl Sarah Afshar that literally blew me away with her voice, as well as, pressence. This girl took on Queen songs and she pulled them off. It was like Freddie Mercury's spirit invaded this chick's soul. They actually talked about her on mainstream radio because she was that good. The only one in the house that got a standing ovation. Even the mainstream people that were like R.E.M. didn't even get a standing ovation and they are like legends.

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Drewski said...

Amen on letting the message boards go. Good for you, dude!! Here's to a successful 2007!!

11:32 AM  
Anonymous LeanSippa said...

Man Matt, i felt a lot of what ya was sayin...
i slowed down on the messageboards a good time ago and it feels good...
i only visit 3 (tss, spc and ugrap) and look around a bit, but thats it...
just dont let that shit get to ya...

i wish you all the best for 2007...
and as i said before lets get this Houston thang poppin!...
worldwide!...devin, coughee brothaz, spc...
we can do it Matt...let's work it out...holla at me...
take care and all the best,

6:14 PM  
Anonymous Kc aka DjFo20 said...

Good luck in whatever you do, this year, the year after that, the year after that, and so on...Just keep doin' this blog thing, por favor, and Damage Control. Youre good at what you do, so keep on wit' it, maaan. Peace.

10:13 PM  
Blogger Miss Milam said...

I feel ya! I tried to fast once... only made it 12 hours... this Texas girl likes to eat!

Best Wishes for a happy and healthy 2007.

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo what up man I just stumbled upon your site searching threw pch publishers clearing house I just by chance searched "mAN hold up" ha .. I wanted to win something.. did I win? :) and This is the second time today i stumbled upon somebody that had a minor in outlying island trippy.. I recived a anomus message online in dopehouse with no name or picture that had a minor in outliying island a carol lawson..must be a sign cuz I never heard of that until now.. but any how and i put it together after thinking a little. I remeber seeing houston so real changing to austin so real about 1 to 2 weeks ago tripy on myspace... I use to live in Austin im out here in the phoenix desert now. I miss austin really nice..Ill hit you up on myspace. I do some raping. I didnt make this shit up PAZ

10:00 PM  
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