Wednesday, February 15, 2006

This Could Possibly Be The End of Damage Control

Please forgive me for not having time to resize and post the Devin Canada photos. For now you can see photos from the Toronto Show Here. Julia Beverly hooked it up something lovely.

Anyway y'all, read on... Damage Control finna get flushed down the toilet if we don't start getting some love from these fools.

Maybe this here particular episode won't be the last, but I'm telling all y'all, if you know any indie labels or artists who have benfitted from Damage Control in the past 4 years you need to holler at them tonight and tell them to come to the table with something.

We did SO BAD on our last 2 Fund Raisers that they have extended this one to 3 weeks. Yes thats right, its week 3 of fund drive.

Trust me, I hate it more than you. And All Star Week too????? This shit is fucking up my whole shit. Last week Chill and I were not there. I was off to Canada and Chill was sick and the crew only made $100. The week before we made $275. Our goals are at least $1,000 a week.

Lets do some math. At least 100 people walk through the doors of KPFT every week during damage control. If everyone threw down $10 we would have our $1,000. That being said we also want new members. To become a member at KPFT in the name of Damage Control it costs $35 a year. That $35 a year goes a long way to keep the lights on at the station so we can do our thing and support these artists.

Without you the listeners, the artists, the label, promoters, etc, we can't survive. Without support we can't get away with being as raw as we are.

So all that being said, I'm gonna need everyone to come together in support of KPFT. Not only you, but please call your people. Let them know this is an emergency.

If we don't make at least $2,000 tonight to make up for the past 2 weeks bullshit, we will close the doors. Damage Control will not go off the air right away, but our open door policy will end effective immediately. No longer with the indie labels and artists be walking through the doors handing us CDS and getting airplay and interviews. No longer will we support labels who don't support us.

We are not asking for $1,000. We are not taking payola. We are a listener sponsored, comercial free station asking for $35 per year and with that you become a part of a real movement.

The show is on midnight till 2 a.m. every Wednesday night Central Time

90.1 in Houston
89.5 in Galveston on the internet

We need your support. If we don't get it, things are going to change majorly.

I am sick of all these scrub ass motherfuckers looking me in my face like I owe them something all the time (and to those of you who are not scrub ass motherfuckers, you know I got love for you). But seriously, the support has not been there for the past few fund drives (yes we do the fund drives too much, but shit, we have to keep this shit alive, if we made more money we wouldn't do so much and they wouldn't get extended).

Please repost this everywhere and let your people know that we need you, them, everybody. Cuz seriously, I am about fed up with all this shit.

This should be a huge show tonight, if you don't tune in you're going to miss a huge surprise and possibly our final Damage Control in the tradition of how it has been.

Feel me?

Thanks for your time. Please repost and spread the word.