Thursday, January 19, 2006

Magno and More in Austin
Birthday Party in NYC

Forgive me for being so distant. Even today I've only got a few minutes to play catch up. So heres a gang of photos from the Magno, Chalie Boy, 3rd Degree, Basswood Lane, etc show last week in Austin and some from my birthday party in New York City where DJ Chill, Rapid Ric, Mr. Rogers and our special guest Governor Good Grief reaaly, really, really ripped shit to a packed late night house. In Dallas now. Tons of photos from the Big Tuck and Chamillionaire video shoots coming this weekend.

Check out the Houston Photos of Peter Beste. Seriously, its some incredible documentation.

Chalie Boy, Magno, Ryno, 3rd Degree

Joe Gross of the Austin American Statesman

3rd Degree

3rd Degree

3rd Degree and J. Dean of the Back Room

Lil Mario

Nac and Swift of Carnival Beats

Basswood Lane

Chalie Boy and Magno

Then onto New York... this past Monday night.

Presented by Oxy Cottontail

Also a Birthday for Jules of BiJules

And my boy Caps!

Made possible in part by our wonderful sponsor and friend who with all the controversey surrounding her is NOT afraid to walk the streets of New York by herself, Julia Beverly of Ozone Magazine

DJ Rapid Ric

That boy JohnnySoReal

DJ Chill and Roxy

A-Ron of aNYthing, Richard Martin, Complex

Elliot and Caps

My boy Evan from Chicago.

Rapid Ric and Good Grief make the switch over

Good Grief was like the ultimate addition to this already thowed night.

Double J, DJ Sae 1, Doujah Raze


Jon Caramanica, Caps and Jones

Les Jacobs now living in NYC

Our girl Lin Yee and MoB from Qualo!

Jon Caramanica and Piotr Orlov

Sickamore and DJ Chill

Mr. Rogers killed 'em with the 3 a.m. slowed down set.

Peter Beste and Guest - Be Sure to check his photos

My man Ralph and DJ Lex

And at some point in time Aubin took my camera again

and then it was 4 a.m. on a Tuesday morning and holy shit come on now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Matt, I tryed to use the matt at damagecontrol dot org, but no response...the email went through though, but no response - my email name will come up as coco loco. By the way im the dude that wanted to send you a track, i posted on the ill tactics song post.

10:32 PM  
Anonymous Max McDuh said...

This screw's made in New York City. Get a rope! Happy Birthday, rogue!

2:01 AM  
Anonymous said...

I got sloppy and went home. I felt bad. Help Rick get me those files...good to see you...happy b-day!!

5:35 AM  
Blogger zmaji said...

Peace Matt
This is Zmaji again (pronounced zah-mah-g) and I wanna know when the next event here in Houston will be. I know ya'll been doin stuff at Havana and I missed the event at the Museum. Can you let me know Homie. Peace

-Z'maji aka: "that hip-hop singer bouta do big thangs"

7:08 PM  
Blogger * Justine said...

aww i missed it. SO SAD!

LOL and Ryan and susan look PRETTY TOGETHER to me. SEE I KNEW HE STILL HAS A GF!!!!! Rob was right all along. I still love ya though. :P

4:12 PM  
Blogger zmaji said...

Awwwwwww you missed it too Justine, lets both try to make the next one, deal??

7:20 PM  
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