Wednesday, February 08, 2006

GhostWritersSoReal - Free MP3 Download!

What's up y'all, first things first. If you live in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto or London Ontario and read this blog, I better see you this weekend. Devin the Dude and Rapid Ric live in all 4 cities. See the flyers below.

O.K. Today I have a lil feature for you. I just got the proofs from the OZONE MAGAZINE ALL STAR EDITION and well, the GhostWriters piece I did is in there along with a couple photos. Here's a photo of the GhostWriters.

That's my people. You heard 'em on Damage Control before many times (if yer in Houston tune into Party 104.9 tonight after 7 p.m. to hear them live on there). They just released a song with Lil Keke and I have it available for download right here >>>


Anyway, below please find the interview I did with them boys and don't forget to come holler if you happen to be in Canada.

Also when I get back I'ma tell you all about the exclusive All Star Jump Offs I have in action next week right here in Houston (Caps N Jones? Scarface with the Band? Slim Thug? Juvenile? Dem Franchise Boyz? Scratch Magazine DJ Battle? First UGK show in 4 years at Bar-Rio? SSSSSSHHHHH!). So stay tuned to the real. We're back in action. My motivation is back.

Anyway here is the interview. Holla. I wish I could bring my family to Canada. DJ Eva wants to see snow (the natural phenomenon - not the reggae artist - tho we will see Snow and Whitey Don and Esthero and more while in Canada. So fucking excited!). Read on.

Houston, TX
By Matt Sonzala

G. Lavacci
Big Jig

Where are y’all from and how did you come together?
Big Jig: I’m from Austin originally. I moved out here in 1998. Got signed to Southern Fried, which was an artist development company at the time. G. was a solo artist at Southern Fried so we ended up just doing a few songs together and it sounded good. So we started a little writing company called GhostWriters. We did a song with Madd Hatta a song with OG and then next thing you know they said “Ya’ll sound good together, you need to start a group.”
G. Lavacci: That was in 2000.

What have y’all released so far?
G. Lavacci: Man we released the whole Boo Mixtape series. We got the Hunt for Ghosttober series. We got three volumes of that. We got Hustlers Ambition, Hittin’ Switches and Who Said White Boys Can’t Chop. That’s DJ Blurry out of Austin. Hittin’ Switches is DJ Short Dog at 104.9 in Houston. We got the Spooktacular DJ Coalition. Big Jig: We support DJ’s that play our shit so that’s the movement that we got behind them.
G. Lavacci: And DJ IDG out of Dallas man.

Coming from Houston, as an underground artist, do you see a lot of support when you go out to different markets in Texas like Dallas and Austin, and I know you go to smaller markets like Odessa a lot as well. Is it easy to get around just being from Houston right now?
G. Lavacci: Aw yeah Dallas is great. But you know anywhere you go now all you gotta say is you from Houston and they jumping on it right now. In Odessa we mess with Creative Minds marketing out there in Odessa. That boy Dolla, he got us out there in Odessa. That’s a real good market man. You’d be surprised man. Everybody go through Odessa.
Big Jig: Yeah and that Odessa connection leads you into New Mexico as well. We got a good little buzz out there.
G. Lavacci: Yeah they spin our shit real strong out there. We get a lot of love out that way. That came from us dealing with the Midland and Odessa area.
Big Jig: We went out there and did a big show with Pitbull and Petey Pablo. J-Kwon had missed his flight so we did a 17 minute set out there and that just opened the market wide for us.

You guys have a whole different concept from a lot of guys around here. In fact it’s almost kind of strange these days that you even have a concept. Where do you think you fit in with the whole Houston sound now?
G. Lavacci: Man we just come in from our own angle man. We gonna be here. Just like Outkast is out there in Atlanta amongst all the other sounds that come out of Atlanta, we feel we just gonna be part of the sound that comes out of Houston.
Big Jig: Doors are starting to really open up for us big. 104.9 is starting to pick up our “Headed to the Club” remix with Lil Keke and the Houston market is getting stronger.
G. Lavacci: And what you said Matt, it’s not just a rap thing we doing. We have an actual, well some would call it a gimmick but to us it’s real true life. This Ghost thing we do, we put it in our music and we’ve developed it in our slang in the lifestyle that we living now. From the spooked out vocabulary that we use in everything we do. You can hear it in our music. We have something that we actually working on here and it’s hard to do in this day and age where everything is being repeated 500 times on every song. For us to take the time to develop our own vocabulary and then integrate it into what we doing, that makes us that much more attractive and appealing to the next man. Even though we make the same type of music, we not saying the same things.
Big Jig: I mean, everybody’s said it all before, it’s just about you saying it a little differently than they do it. Do You Believe in Ghosts is the whole movement that we’ve got right now and that’s the name of the album. Because we want people to actually believe in what we do but to do that we had to believe in what we do. In the beginning, nobody was believing in us. We got a lot of people down with us now and supporting the movement. That’s what being a ghost is. You gotta believe in yourself in order for somebody else to believe in you. That’s what we try to portray in our music and all through life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wuz Spookin? I've been following u boyz for a minute on that
Keep doin ya thing!

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Mind Killaz said...

What's Spookin'?!

That shit be BANGIN'! Shout out to Big Jigs and G. Lavacci! We puttin' it out there like that! Much love! Sounds Fantaboolistic!


11:19 AM  
Blogger BruceTakara said...

If u ain't copped it yet, GO GET THE ALBUM! "Do U Believe in Ghosts?" 13 blazing cuts produced by Beat Brothaz & Headbangaz


Bruce Takara a.k.a. Bruce BANG

11:07 PM  
Blogger Safari said...

Devin definitely ripped Reverb last night... It was cold outside but Hot in the spot.. bring him back anytime!!!!

4:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's poppin G I see u doing yo thang.

11:41 PM  
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