Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A Public Apology to Bizzy Bone

Yooooo a lot of controversy has arisen from me posting this interview last week. I got a couple calls last night after the Allhiphop story came out telling me that Bizzy and his people were angry and at the time, I was thinking to myself, "Why?" All I thought I did, was what I normally do, recorded the show and posted it online. The fact that Bizzy was on the show acting wild was just a bonus. Why would he be mad at me? He came in, he acted that way, that's it. You can hear it for yourself.

But fact is, one of my statements in the post on my blog was taken out of context. And this is the statement:

"And man, when you listen to the Bizzy Bone interview, you'll hear a man on the verge of a breakdown, trying to hold it together and contain his rage, sadness and multiple intoxications in the hopes of presenting a quality interview. And then you'll hear Bizzy straight whylin' out like a demon possessed."

The first sentence is referring to me. I can totally see how it could be taken as referring to Bizzy but if you read the entire post you will see that I was talking more about how I walked into the station and was informed that our show had been cut by one hour. Not only did I have Bizzy Bone in the guest room yelling here and there and at times kind of dancing around, I had my station manger telling me that we were being cut by one hour, for whatever fucking reason. Yes I am still mad about that.

So if you read the first part you'll see that I am going off a bit, trying to keep my cool about the situation at the station. And during the Bizzy interview I was honestly trying to keep my cool as well, because I was mad at something totally unrelated to Bizzy, I was mad at our time being cut. I was trying to get my head around that.

The key word in the above quote is "PRESENTING." I was the presenter of the interview. I said I was angry, sad and full of multiple intoxications. Anyone who knows me knows that um, after dark, I'm pretty much always full of multiple intoxications. Mostly beer, and well, of course some of that wacky tabaccky. Pretty much anyone who knows me, knows that, but the other 10,000 people who read that, didn't. And honestly beer doesn't even make me drunk anymore, it kind of calms me down and helps me sleep.

Anyway, so what I was saying is I was sitting there, sad, mad and had already had a few beers that evening and smoked me one good one earlier. Damage Control is chaos and I am a livewire, I seriously have to wind down a bit before going up there. People get all in my face at times and I have to stay calm. That's not to say I was drunk or stoned out of my mind, I wasn't. But yeah, that was a pretty accurate desciption of my mindstate preceeding and during that interview.

Look at the second sentence, I say "And then you hear Bizzy.." That should have seperated us but it didn't I suppose. I honestly didn't even notice that part in the allhiphop story, in which they quoted my blog as saying Bizzy was angry, sad and full of multiple intoxicants. THAT is obviously where the controversy really sparked and I am sorry for that. I should have read that thing better and made the change immediately.

Fact is, I maybe should not have said "LIKE a demon possessed," but listen for yourself and tell me what you think when you hear those low growls and shit. Seriously, what do you think when you hear that shit? It was ill.

So in defense of me, I had a statement taken out of context. In defense of Bizzy, no one really knows what is really going on in his mind and no one should assume that they do. But fact of the matter is, he put himself out there like that, I did my best to hold down a decent interview and it got both of us loads of attention. Good or bad, Bizzy I think is used to the media and how it works. You take it for what it's worth and capitalize off of it the best you can.

I will say right here that I have no idea as to what Bizzy may do with his personal time. I don't care. I like dude as an artist and appreciate him for coming by and giving me a compelling interview. I'm sorry if I didn't fully understand everything he was saying at the time, it does get a bit more coherent on subsequent listens, but shit I don't care who you are, you would have done the same thing. Or you would have crashed. I think I held it together fairly well, as best I could, and that's the deal. I don't know what else to say. I certainly was not trying to insult Bizzy or spread false rumors. He knows how the media machine works and I am glad he has been able to release statements and go on Russ Parr and have a chance to clear it up.

If he wants to come down to Damage Control again to clear things up he is welcome, if he wants to call in he is welcome. I am down for whatever. I don't want to defame the dude I just want to do great radio and bring the music to the people, like I do everyday.

If anyone out there has ties to Bizzy, please get him in touch with me as no one seems to be able to get me any contact info.

Thanks for your time, hopefully our new shorter Damage Control this week will be just as good as last week.


Blogger CultStatus said...

yo matt,

i was telling people in person that the interview was really sad.

so if you express that you understand that, which I'm sure you do, you'll still get into heaven g.

11:56 AM  
Blogger Hashim said...

I thought you were talking about Bizzy. Yeah that was unclear. You should add something to the orignal post to explain. Maybe a link to theis one

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bizzy need some mental health. but with all of his problems i too would have been upset reading
According to Sonzala, "He was going nutso. [He] went in the guest booth and was jumping around yelling." nutso is not a good word to call someone appearently mentally sick and really need some help. instead of taking advantage of the situation for your own claim to fame. you as and your crew as human being should have made sure the man was OK . he may have been extremely stressed sleeping on the streets

1:14 PM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

Look here you also have to understand that when I walked into the studio he was in the guest room jumping around, flailing his arms and shit and screaming, ok the interview was sad and if he really was homeless or if he really is having such probelms yes it is sad, and I do feel for him, but i have interviewed almost every rapper EVER and this is not the first time someone has put on a show for me. Not saying he was putting on a show, as I said, I have no idea what is really going on in that mans mind, but shit, I have been with enough rappers enough times where I have said to myself "Man this dude is trying to give me something ill to write about."

And yo, I'm real sorry if nutso is not a nice word, but dude, you weren't there, if you would have seen what I saw, you probably wouldn't have been able to come up with another word. I apologize for making anyone think that he is on drugs. It's wrong for people to assume that. Totally wrong and I don't want people spreading rumors, but as far as the interview and the experience I had around that interview, it is what it is and that whole situation was crazy. I mean yo, it was chaos up in there for real.

So yeah you can say what you want, but you weren't there. I was.

And I am not using this for my own claim to fame, Damage Control as a whole is my claim to fame. That show is what I do. That's what happened. It wasn't planned, it was what it was. I wish we would have received this much attention when we had Dizzee Rascal freestyling with the Grit Boys 2 weeks ago. Oh well, controversy sells. That's not my fault.

I have respect for the man, and actually enjoyed the interview. I also didn't email anyone about the shit, I posted it up like I normally do and people went nuts for it. Again there's that word, but it's true. I have no idea how so many people got a hold of it. I guess a lot of people are checking this blog and I very much appreciate that. There were also multiple message board posts as soon as the shit went down, live, that night. People listen to us on the internet. People listen to us here in Houston. Every prison in the Houston area (and theres lots) has whole wings full of people tuned in. We put Bizzy on like we put everyone on, signed or not.

PEACE matt

1:38 PM  
Blogger DJ Fader Pilot said...

Anonymous - You can only take the interviewee at face value. Yes, if he is infact homeless, has mental health issues and othe rproblems, that is sad but this show isn't Dr. Phil. Matt kept the interview on track and tried talking about the music and soley the music, but Bizee was the one talking about all the extra stuff. An artist has to show a level of professionalism, when you go on a radio show were fans are listening and act crazy, people will naturally draw their own conclusion. If anything, people should be giving props to Matt for being able to control the situation and act professional during quite possibily the craziest hip hop interview in history.

3:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got that you were talking about yourself the first time I read it, IMHO it was pretty clear if you read the whole post. If someone quotes some shit out of context it's on them WTF are you supposed to do. Yeah it coulda been more clear, but whatever, anyone who was paying attention should have picked that up, particularly if they were writing an article.

4:05 PM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

thank you aurich. some peopel just arent used to reading they just look at super fast images on mtv...

6:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

interview someone sane like devin Tha dude

8:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You handled that interview the best you could with what you were given. Bizzy and his fans are lucky cats are still willing to give him some shine on the air. It's been what, a good 10 years since he and his crew were relvant? Bizzy showed his ass on that interview. All these fans should recognize PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY instead of riding for ol' boy. Keep repping Houston and brush these trolls back under the bridge.

11:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you listen to the interview again without thinking something is wrong with Bizzy Bone, the interview is just straight up real. It's crazy because that's Bizzy Bone's style, I mean listen to the song they played after "Better Run Better Hide." Same style he used on the interview- I listen again and it's Bizzy being funny - yes a few drinks but more of a good BUZZ than drunk because that guy was just flowing. This doesn't change my opinion of the man - yall going to look back at this & see there's very few real rappers who speak from the heart - he's earned that respect and he still deserves it.

10:52 PM  
Blogger xstac923 said...

As a lot of you may know, people over at KPFT/Pacifica Radio decided to cut their programs an hour short, for a new program special. Because of this, Damage Control is being cut to 12am-2am. Everyone over at Damage Control (Matt, DJ Chill, everyone) needs your help. Letter, phone call. Let your voice be heard, how much we need our original 3 hour program to stay.

Here is the address and phone number in which you can let your thoughts heard, and it is VERY important... so do write in!!

419 Lovett Blvd.
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 526-4000

Duane Bradley General Manager dbradley@kpft.org ext. 310
Ernesto Aguilar Interim Program Director ernesto@kpft.org ext. 308

or email matt@damagecontrolradio.org and he will forward the e-mails.

Get those letters and calls in!!!!

11:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those who know Matt and his writing style would have gotten the context of what Matt wrote the first time. I have know dude for well over 10 years on a personal level and dude would never write anything to harm of defame any rapper ever, this his job, this what he loves to do!

2:34 PM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

Thanks Cree. Most people dont read much so I know it can be confusing...

3:28 PM  
Blogger Southern Komfort said...


Keep doing your thing. You present your crew and show in a very professional manner. People should start taking notice of Damage Control like the Wake Up Show of the south...but more raw! That's the way shit should be. Its sad that people arent giving the show the props that it deserves, instead of trying to create controversy.

If anyone should apologize it should be BIZZY.

BTW > at least MTV gave you a name credit on their program about H. They shoulda interviewed you tho.


4:25 PM  
Blogger hattie collins said...

hey Matt,
As a journo I've done some off-key interviews in my time but hats off to you for the way you handled Biz - I'm not sure I would have kept it going the way you did, especially live on air. I thought you controlled the situation really well, especially under the circumstances. I agree with the last post - Biyyz's management should be apologising/ thanking you for not sensationalising the interview.
Oh, and being from the UK and covering grime myself fom time to time, thanks for the Dizzee coverage! There's more goodness coming outta Britain towards you lot on the other side of the Atlantic....

5:54 AM  
Blogger DJ Stef said...

Matt, you are the bigger man for apologizing when you did nothing wrong. Please keep doing what you do. You're a great writer. It's not your fault some other writers lack reading skills.

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that bizzy was just expressing himself and wanted everyone to know that he doesn't exept nor tolerate the things that is being put out on television. So don't hate on my baby bizzy for expressing himself.

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that shit was wild.
i liked it.
he was pretty raw with what he was sayin.


the nectar.
that was crazy.. i love bizzy bone

7:33 AM  
Blogger ILOVEBIZZY said...

look nobody said that we knew bizzy and we aint tryna look like we know what the fuck goes through his mind but when you said "Like a possessed demon" you seemed like YOU knew what was tryna go through his mind...hes my idol and hes all i listen too...yes you did handle the interview very well, but you gotta understand you know...bizzy is only human...he has feelings too...well i think it was nice of you to apologize...im sure all the fans appreciate it...cuz i know i do...I LOVE BIZZY!!!

11:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bizzy bone your the best and the fastest

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!, when i first read about bizzy gone crazy shit i gotta say i tripped out like wut tha fuck!. that just stayed in my head. i mean dont get me wrong i love bizzy since about awhile now. i just hope bizzy gets better and my prayers go out to him! love you bizzy

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love Bizzy more than any one in the whole world and i think he was 'REAL' at the interview. that happens when you go tough times trust me. i've been through a lot so i knew how Bizzy felt. Bizzy is the sickest rapper ever and i hope to meet him one day and maybe even rap with him. don't forget me i'ma be big one day. the name is WAZZO AKA 7th ANGEL.

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm like, Bizzy is an individual artist, we all feel that, (didn't hear the interview, just read it.) He's quick, in his thinking, and you don't have to dance around wild for folks to say your crazy. Bizzy's the best, Yes it was real I love that about Bizzy. Your always gonna get what's happening now!

5:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo itz Wazzo your favorite little paki. bizzy's sick but i need a record label man. if sum1 is reading this and is well connected in the music business then help me out. music is my life and i'm gonna change the world and stand up for my people. i will blow up on the scene cuz no pakiz ever made it so i'll be the first of my kind. just give me a chance i spit from the heart. phone me on 07737814943. i'm from birmingham and i grew up in a rough neighborhood all my life i wanna make a difference. give me a chance. Trust me.

6:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look, Dude, I know this is old news but I'm just now actually hearing the interveiw you did with Bizzy Bone. Whatever people think about Bizzy Bone's behavior that night, I have to say you handled that sh@t beautifully. I was so impressed, in fact floored, by how you managed to keep that brotha on topic and not lose control of the situation. You also asked some damn good questions. The whole thing on your part was brilliant. You need to be on 60 minutes Dude, you've got some real skills when it comes to doing the interview thang. It's a shame they would ever think of cutting down your radio show.

4:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bizzy's behavior was so shocking because he is beautifully unfiltered.

i remember a time when that was respected and coveted by our community.

now we support a bunch of pacified pussies and phonies. real recognize real and bizzy bone is that shit.

have you even listened to his music lately? oh my god. there has never been and never will be an artist as unique in the history of music. plus he's the most prolific hip hop artist working today. what? he put out an album per quarter in 2006! who else did that? ghostface is getting respect for doing three in 18 months. wack.

he's creative beyond belief and i will continue to support him by buying his cd's and not downloading them.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's new album Strength & Loyalty is in stores today, May 8th, I am going to BUY IT after work today.



3:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is simply losing his mind... As fucked up as it sounds, he really is going down...

It didn't start there, it has been going on for a while. Tha reason Bone Thugs left him, 'cuz he was going nutso...
I grew up listening 2 Bone Thugs, and I was a bigger fan of Bizzy than tha other bone... But 2 B completely honest, he has accepted Satan in his heart, while preaching about "god"

6:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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