Friday, April 29, 2005

Busy Week Comes To An End

Newyorksoreal (for 3 days)....

I told y'all last week it was gonna be a busy week around Houstonsorealand. Last Saturday I hopped in a cab at 6:30 a.m. and rode out to Intercontinental to catch a $183 USAirways flight to Philly (a lifesaver that came to me in the form of an email). Got into Philly around 12:30 where I was met by my boy Mike Baxter (Manager of my peoples CHOPS & DJ Lt. Dan). He gave me a ride to the Chinatown Bus that goes directly from Chinatown Philly to Chinatown New York City every hour on the hour for $20 round trip.

Pretty much the best deal on ANYTHING on the east coast.

So I get on the bus at the very last minute and am forced to sit in the back row, next to the bathroom, which was wack, but shit, I was about finna have 3 seats to myself. So I sit down, position my bags so as to not let anyone sit by me and put up my newspaper real high so if anyone gets on and trieds to hooride my situation I can play dumb and keep the seats. No such luck, as I'm sitting there pretending to read the paper, 2 young girls walk up to me and basically let their presence be known by standing 1 inch behind my paper as if to say "Look here fool you GONNA look at us eventually." So I look up, and it's two girls, I got the only pair of seats together on the whole bus and in front of me is an open seat.

So I let the girls (seen here)

have the seats and I move up one row and sit next to an Italian who does not speak English and behind an African man, leaned all the way back in his seat, who also doesn't speak English (maybe they were doing their own version of my newspaper trick, I don't even know). So my tall ass just sits there, I can't even reach my ipod or position my newspaper to read, and I'm starting to get mad.

The two girls behind me were chatting like mad, talking on their cell phones (one of which played YOU DON'T KNOW ME every time it rang) and every other word out their mouths is "jawn" which apparently means "everything and anything" in Phillyese (relax, I know what it means). I really couldn't handle being stuck in my seat facing forward so I turn around and decide to chat these girls up, fully expecting to be clowned, called an old man, and told to turn back around before they cut my face open with a boxcutter, like how they do on the east coast.

But they didn't. They were real nice and basically told me everything about Philly, which is just where they go to school, originally they're from the Bronx, hip-hop, underage drinking, not being able to get into the clubs in New York for another few months till they hit 21, and the like. But none of that matters, what matters is these girls are hilarious. Everytime someone would go into the bathroom they'd be like "Oh no...." and just laugh and then when someone would take a shit and basically ruin the entire bus they'd yell "OOOOOOOOOOOHHHH HE DROPPED A DEUCE!" I'm saying, they would YELL. They also yelled "DINGLBERRRRIIIEEEEEES" at a couple guys...

Ah youth...

Anyway, so I get off the bus, fully confused, and they showed me how to get to the 6 train and we parted ways. I went directly to WIlliamsburg, Brooklyn where my little bro-bro Ryan Donowho (see photo below) lives, and basically started smoking weed like a man who doesn't have a kid and a pregnant wife at home...

The rest is kind of a blur, so mostly, the photos will have to suffice. Oh yeah shit, actually we went and caught Dizzee Rascal and DJ Wonder at Irving Plaza, even had a table reserved for us. Cuz we dem boys. Wonders set was way different from what he did in Houston. It was a bit longer I think, but in NYC he was throwing mad drum n bass into the mix, which he only did a slight bit of in Houston. Then Dizzee and Scope hit the stage and straight ripped it for like an hour. That show has like, the best sound I ever heard at a concert in my life man. Seriously, Irving Plaza put it down, it's like, perfect. The show in Houston was a bit rowdier, but whatever, it was great to see Dizzee again. It's been so long maaaaaan.

Anyway, Sunday was like a press day for DJ Rapid Ric. Ray Tamarra did some exclusive photos of him...

and my man Phillip Mylanar interviewed him for London's Hip Hop Connection...

in Thompkins Square Park which I heard is a WIFI hotspot... Long way from tent city...

Oh before I forget, Axsel, head of Whut It Dew Security

held it down for us the whole time. No one slashed our face open (cuz they do that shit in New York)

Monday morning Ric, Axsel and I met in the city and went straight to The Fader to say hello to CatchDubs, Knox and all our good folks up there. I tried to convince them to let me corner Cornerstone Promotions in this here Houston market. We'll see what happens. Do I need to start a letter writing campaign? They got a Guiness tap in their breakroom, I want to get with a company like that. Fuck the dumb shit. Guiness is almost as important as RED STRIPE (more on that later).

We then went to XXL and I got to see my super homegirl Leah Rose, Bonsu Thompson, Sally Berman, finally met Vanessa Satten and even got to meet the man himself, Elliot... Always cool to see them folks. They gave me the new issue of XXL with my photos of Bun B, Paul Wall and Devin from SXSW along with a review by Leah. Thanks Leah, you rule.

THEN we took a walk around the corner to The Source where they refused to let us in. I'm not going to get into anything on that level, just suffice it to say, I went to New York and came home with what I wanted. I am very happy with The Source Magazine at the moment. They proved to me, (after refusing me entry o.k. fine), that they are workable and I am now sleeping much better. Thank you Jerry Barrow.

THEN, we finally went off to lunch with Roxysoreal, the wonderful woman who brought us to NYC and ate some Thai Food...

Rapid Ric and Oxycottontail

Later that night, after another session with my boy Ryan out in Brooklyn passing this thing around the table about a million times, we hit up SWAY (305 Spring Street) for Roxy's birthday party where Rapid Ricsoreal was spinning with Peter Hahn and Catchdubsoreal. Catchdubs opened the night wiht a diverse, marathon set of nothing but jams and Peter hit the decks with some Baltimore house and other joints for that ass.

But it was when Rapid Ric hit the decks when it really got crunk for me. I waited for this forever. Back in 1994 when I lived in New York, if a Texas DJ would have hit the decks slowing songs down and playing southern rap, the world would have stopped and we would have all been flung into cyberspace. Today, fools were going nuts for this shit. A packed house full of journalists, hipsters, rap fanatics and a few people of Texas descent...

Man they from Texas mayne...

As the night progressed, my old ass got more and more tired and faded, as evidenced by this photo of me with big time publicist and entrepreneur and party animal Fiona Bloom.

Fiona and FatFadedFacesoreal (self portrait, I need to stop doing that)

Ric fuckin' got 'em going. A few people wanted to hear some more uptempo shit and a few people had to ask Roxy if it really was supposed to be so slow (though maybe due to my mad combination of intoxicants, I kind of wanted it to be slower. Glued to my chair I kind of cussed Ric out in my head a couple times like "Man Ric stop playing the east coast jams and slow this shit down even more maaaaaaan.")

Dude frickin' killed it. Roxy is talking about bringing us up semi-monthly or some shit and next time around we gotsta have DJ Chill in the house to do some live Damage Control, the ideas are flowing... In fact if all goes well, we gonna do it real big in June. Get ready to rumble.

Anyway I went back to Brooklyn at like 4 a.m. only to get up at 7:30 a.m. to catch the subway to a cab to a bus back to Philly to a train to the airport to a plane to Houston. Pain. But I can take it.

Here's a gang of photos from New York:

Birthday girl Roxysoreal and Magno

Once again, the birthday bunny

Big famous actor from Houston, my little brother, Ryan Donowho

Scavone, the rapper

Somebody tell this pretty lady there's a SMOKING BAN!

They jammin'

My boy Joey just got back from Fallujah and might have to go back, pray for this serious man. Joeysoreal...

It really wasn't that cold. Actually it may have been.

And that was that for New York City. See you soon.

Then Wednesday night we had the Bizzy Bone show, see the post below.

And Thursday night, we hosted to return of Diplo


Rapid Ric started the night off and fucking ripped it with a set of down south classics, big r&b jams and just a huge mix of everythang jammin'...

Rapid Ric and Monique from Hater Magazine (Our tight, tight sponsor)

Then the man named Bavu Blakes hit the stage and wrecked a 15 minute set of mostly freestyles and a couple new jams like "Nobody Leavin'" which we posted on HoustonSoReal months ago.

And then we took a photo together.

Just me, Bavu and my chins...

DJ Chill then hit the decks and straigth wrecked fools too. For those who don't know, Chill is one of the hypest club DJ's on the planet when it comes to hip-hop, r&b and dirty south rapsoreal...

DJ Chill, Damage Controller

Chill DJed for a clean hour and made way for Diplo, who is pretty much the #1 cut selectah in my world right now. Seriously. I hear folks talk down on the man every now and again and shit dude, it's baffling. The dude fucking jams, get off that bullshit.

Just look at how fools were jammin'. Boy put it the fuck on down and had people orgasming on the dancefloor when he hit 'em with that "Still Tippin" over Britney Spears "Toxic."

Peace to Kwame Decuir, Cornerstone, Red Stripe and all them. We had Red Stripe specials all night and man... Shit went down. Do these people look intoxicated? Yeah? Good...

Aubin, JD's girl who took the bathroom photos at Dizzee Rascal

Name those tits.

Great parties always have tits

WHAT UP BMC! Thanks for the dope Mixtape.

Caseysoreal used to work with Grit Boys and these are some real cool peoples, believe me...

See how they jammin'?

Still jammin'...

The one Dizrokwel, extremely forward thinking producer in our fair city.

They paid.

Even when they did this.

Graciesoreal of Fahrenheit Media fuckin' connected me with Mango's and was a huge help in general. Shout out to GRacie and Chris for all the help and the fantastic sound.

Feel it...

Another self portrait of me and my chins

More tits in the mix.

Peace to Red Stripe. Them Jamaicans know how to get a fool drunk.

Rapid Ric and Bavu Blakes read Ozone Magazine outside the club.

And then it was over. It's now Friday night and I am going to bed, possibly for the entire weekend. Y'all holler at me. Leave a comment. Me, DJ Chill and Rapid Ric are available for HoustonSoReal parties in your city. Holler at me and I'll make it happen.


Blogger Audio Student said...

one helluva week.. shame the flash wasnt on when you took my photo or i'd be up on the world famous houstonsoreal blog stoo!!!1 weooooop.... i am sleepin for the whole weekend myself! peaaaace! -todd

2:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

12:18 PM  
Anonymous prince william said...

yeah come jam it in dallas

we hungrier than those new york cats

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how do you get to be "so real"

10:10 AM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

i was knighted by hugh hefner

2:07 PM  
Anonymous Cashflow said...

maaaaan i knew i shoulda flew in for that show, sounds like it was on and poppin. I hope somethin goin down in June, cause that be my birthday and believe it when I tellllll you, that i'm doin the damn thoia-thang that week! what you talkin bout, slow it up ric!

p.s. i was thinkin bout paul wall how he doin grills and all that, is he hollywood only or a nigga wit change can get a grill done too? rose gold, not that NC fake shit though. I'ma just call him. I'm talkin like this my spot.

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Brad aka BBk said...

Matt this is bbk I need to goto new york.. Ive never been... tell me and PT when the next trip is we will go ill make sure let me know man let me know


4:07 PM  
Anonymous princess said...

interesting read. i read the bizzy post yesterday and liked your writing style. oh, i hate self portraits too. :)

6:52 AM  
Anonymous coryd said...

that diplo show was so hype. everybody tore it up and i got soo wasted thanks to the redstripess. i dont know why im holding a shiner and pointing at myself on the dance floor thoughh. i guess that shows it was a good night if im missing parts of it.

8:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You still gonna post the Rapid Ric sets?


12:52 PM  
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4:47 AM  
Anonymous martina said...

o my buddah!!

Is Ryan Donowho really ur lil' brother????


10:59 AM  
Anonymous Baby said...

God Bless

9:26 PM  
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