Friday, June 15, 2007

Radioclit and Kenika LIVE in Houston at Proletariat, KPFT and in the Rain

Fun fun fun. Just spent two days with my new friends from LDN (by way of Sweden and France) - Radioclit. Their new album has been in my deck for lik e2 months non stop and my kids love their wild remixes of everything from Turbulence to Nelly Furtado to Ears. Anyway, once again it went down, and we partied like the proverbial rockstars all the rap guys seem to be talking about these days and such.

First up heres them boys down at Damage Control Wednesday. Be sure to DL the show below cuz the mix went hard and you can hear Kenika, Starchy Arch, Golden Child and Grit Boys freestyle over Radioclit beats.

Etienne and Johan of Radioclit on the decks.

This how Kenika looks at DJ Chill sometimes.

Lynette and Kenika.



DJ's Twitch and Dayta.

The freestyle.

Chill jammin' to them boys.

Scooby and Niq of the Grit Boys.

The lovely Meshah "Miss Hawk" Hawkins.


Then the next day I figured it'd be great to treat these dudes to a real Texas barbecue. Yeah well just as the coals started burning and the mesquite started smoking, the skies opened up and gave us the hardest rain storm the Radioclit dudes had ever seen.


Of course rain like this happens almost everyday here.

Still smokin'.

Know'm sayin'?

Anyway then it was off to the show. What a night. I walked into the Proletariat at 10p.m. and was a little miffed cuz there was absolutely no one there. At 10:30 I got real worried and looked up and saw that the Spurs were on TV. I haven't had time to pay attention to anything extracurricular lately so as I watched the final 20 seconds of the game (stretched out to like 20 minutes with all the time outs, fouls and bullshit) I thought to myself "Damn I hope the Spurs win." I had no idea that it was game 4 and potentially the last game of the series. Well when the Spurs won I saw the words THE SPURS ARE THE CHAMPS ONCE AGAIN, and was able to breathe again. Of course the place was empty, this was the NBA Final. Got packed shortly thereafter. Word to the Spurs.

Young Samm!

Witnes - curator of Rockbox Thursdays and Denise - Owner of The Proletariat, my favorite club and favorite club owner and favorite club promoter. Word to them.

My other favorite female rapper PERSEPHONE! With Cayn of Peekaboo Theory!

Persephone's album is off the chain. EARTHA SPITTS!

Cayn and Kamera.

Nonsense and Val!

Me, Etienne and G Dub keeping a careful watch over us. Like an angel. G Dub is my angel.

Johan and Christa.

Coughee Brothas Head, Domo and Go DJ Awol!

Again, I don't know why this happened but I like it.

Lynette, Kenika and Keith!


Coughee Brotha Daraja!

DJ Kutz and Surreal my other favorite female rapper!


My boy Matt and friend hopped up on goofballs again.

And then it was showtime.

Kenika fuckin' slayed 'em.

Real talk.

Young Samm and Lil Boom joined her on stage. Peep the next generation y'all. Houston hath no problem.

At all.

It's just a lil hazy out here, that's all.

Lil Boom and Short Texas Ms. Pac Man Marathon.

Rico Trill and Erica! peep the Spankrock autographed T-Shirt!

Rico Trill hoested the night.

Ritesh and my wife Melissa.

Radioclit killin' it.

Erica again.

And this girl got the Best Shorts of the Evening Award. They give out an award to the person with the best shorts every Thursday at Pro. Ladies, step yo game up.

And on that note... See you at the next event.

New York tell all your people to come see Kenika and Mapei and more June 23rd!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it extremely hard to believe that the "typical Proliteriat crowd" would be into artists like Kenika, Young Samm and Lil Boom.

10:50 PM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

Everyone there that night did.

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Denise Ramos has always been the realest... and the damn good looking, too... all the way back to high school. Matt knows erbody.

12:31 PM  
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