Friday, June 01, 2007

Benefit for Comp 1

If ya don know, the man Comp 1 was in a horrible car accident last week. He suffered major head trauma and was in critical condition as of a few days ago. Word is he has been moved up to stable and I plan to go see him today. That being said, he's one of the realest DJ's on the scene here in Houston, been down since day 1 and has had the indie hip hop community on his shoulders for many years.

There's a benefit going down next week on June 8th in 3rd Ward, as evidenced by the flyer above. Details will be announced soon, possibly on Damage Control next week. But I'ma try to get a few special guests for the event, and I hope that you can come out and support. Help his family get through this financially because as you know, in this country, even if you spend 10% of your paycheck on insurance every month, you still get totally fucked by the medical industry. He's going to need money and we, The Houston Hip Hop Community, are asking for your help.

If you can come to the show and drop a lil more than the $5 they are asking, please do so, if you can't there has been aPay Pal account set up to help offset the costs of getting hurt in America.

The address to send Pay Pal Donations is

It's time for many of us to stand up. You wouldn't have had shit to do on many a night if it wasn't for Comp 1. Show some love.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

heres that bergen track you cant get out of your head.. Oslo needs chingo bling

5:41 PM  
Blogger Anthony said...

I'll be out there to support this man. BBC has been telling me about this for a few days. Comp 1 has helped me out a few times and I know him as an all-around dope individual. I hope everyone comes out for this!

- fat tony [the low ends]

6:15 PM  
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