Tuesday, June 05, 2007

International Players Anthem Video = Thowed
Surreal, DJ Kutz & Bavu Blakes in NYC THIS WEEK!
Radioclit 3 Texas Shows Next Week
Comp 1 redux

I was just sitting around yesterday at this lake house near Lake Travis just outside of Austin, watching rock videos on ME Television thinking to myself "How come rappers so rarely get creative with their videos? Why is everything in rap so formulaic these days, especially in the bullshit ass videos?" Then Bun sent me a text to see if I had seen the new video for "International Players Anthem" featuring Outkast and I got off my raft with the three drink holders and went inside and got to googling, I mean YouTubing.

Anyway, my words hath been eaten. They really came with it on this one. O.K. There's still a couple half naked girls, but at least they are fighting and smearing cake on each other. Plus, the video features so many of my favorite rappers, and no fakes. Plus, it's just jammin' as hell, avant garde, and on that other level of the game we hear so much about but rarely get to see. Peep the funky real, then below check out two new remixes of said song...

Wow. Thanks Bun and Pimp. Can we have the double CD you been promising us now? With all the dates being pushed back so many times, I don't think it should be such a big deal to push it up to next week. Then maybe I can get it at Best Buy packaged with Reno 911 Miami on DVD. I can't wait to finally see that shit.

Speaking of that shit peep this interview of sorts Craig D. Lindsey did with me, via IM in his "AIM Conversations with My MySpace Friends" series. Tho real talk, I don't communicate with Craig via MySpace, we are real world friends. In a real world.

Craig Lindsey

Oh yeah, shit, the remixes!



Bun B seen here with the one Rob Mo.

O.K., No I am still not selling advertising on this HoustonSoReal thang thang, but I should be (anyone wanna take the helm?). But here's a gang of events I heartily endorse. And might be a part of in some way whether directly or indirectly.

Firstly peep this out. Surreal in NYC Wednesday night and Bavu there Friday night. I was going to try and come out there for both events, but the airlines started hating and raising prices and well, like I said, I been at the lake for a few days. I need to ease back into city life.

Peace to Fiona Bloom and the Beatards for this.

Then Friday peace to my potna DJ Kunal M for this.

I'm hating that I am missing this shit, but if my sponsors pull thru I'll be in NYC for a special show on June 23rd with Kenika, Mapei (Sweden), Lil J da Mex Connect, DJ Johanna B (Sweden) and more at Don Pedro's in Brooklyn. But I don't know. I can't afford all this fun fun fun. I'm trying though.

So yeah, who wants to sell ads on HoustonSoReal and who wants to sponsor my events. I guess that is what I am asking.

THEN NEXT WEEK! My potnas from London RADIOCLIT will be in Texas for three shows. I can't weait for this. Their shit is some of the most NEXT shit I have heard in years. Like electro-world music-hip hop-weird out madness. And that's pretty much what I like.

Thanks to Adam Bauer and the good folks at Scion for making this happen. The Houston show is not a Scion event however. However therm doing Austin and Dallas definitely made Houston possible, along with my boy Witnes and ROCKBOX THURSDAY AT THE PROLETARIAT! Do not miss this one. They will be spinning live on Damage Control next Wednesday as well. See 'em live in B'more this Friday and then I think they have a New York jump off too.

Houston show features KENIKA performing the smash hit single "Why You All On My MySpace?"
June 14 - Houston

June 15 - Austin

June 16 - Dallas

And please lets not forget about the man Comp 1.

Friday night in Houston. I'll see you there. I hope.


Blogger Meso said...

So, u in Austin:) till Friday, attending any shows while here? I aint forgot, still a huge fan of ur journeys, HoustonSoReal is so COOL!

9:08 AM  
Anonymous DREWSKI said...

THAT UGK IS BANANAS. Stating the obvious.

2:03 PM  
Anonymous Mic Skills said...

The greatest hip hop video in a long time! Whens the album drop?

3:22 PM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

Damn Meso I just returned to Houston! Next time for sure. Also I wasnt really in Austin I was in Lago Vista like a tru playa. Love that place. Looks like Greece.

4:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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