Saturday, May 06, 2006

Two Articles You Should Check Out

Trying to get my ass over to KPFT to try to upload the Hawk Tribute show from last week. Waiting on DJ Semtex to call me though. He is in town scouting locations for a BBC 1xtra set he's doing live from Houston in July. Must be stuck in customs or delayed in the air. I don't know. I hate waiting and I am sure you do too.

For now though, chill it on down to a couple of nice articles.

First my man Todd Inoue did an article on DJ Ready Red. Dude been getting some press lately what with some dude putting him in the Source Houston article and this one right here. It's about damn time. When you wanna come down and do a DJ set in Houston Ready Red? I'm ready to book that...

Click here for Todd's piece on Ready Red.

Also, IAP-TV has an interview with K-Rino up where he co-signs my realness (which means more to me than you'll ever know).

Peep the real ass interview with K-Rino here.

And stay with me, I'ma get this Hawk tribute show up by tonight. Spread the dadgum word.


Blogger xstac923 said...

"I will say peace to my homies Matt Sonzala, Mean Green and Stevie C. Those are some of the real DJ's."


4:56 PM  

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