Monday, July 11, 2005

I Gotta Say it was a Good Day - New MP3's Lil Flip, Big Mike, Bavu, KB - and bonus photos to feel

Well man, today was one of those great great days. Didn't have too much to do but wait for Elena to drop into this world so I went and picked up my man Dave Stelfox (in town from London doing a piece for ID Magazine among other things) and took him to meet Bun B and the good folks at Studio 7303.

Bun B talks to writer Dave Stelfox at Studio 7303

Got to hear a good piece of Bun's forthcoming solo debut Trill, which truly lives up to its name, and got to talk a bit with KLC and Craig B. of the Medicine Men, who are contributing a bit to said album.

KLC and Craig B. of the Medicine Men

Bun B and KLC listen to tracks from Bun's upcoming album Trill

Lump came through with Bobby Dash, Damon Dash's brother (send me some gear mayne I missed the ODB ProKed Sneaker give-a-way!).

Lump, Bobby Dash, DJ Chill

And the Twins were there from American Idol.

Twins, from Dallas, you seen 'em on American Idol

The skies opened up into a hellstorm of rain and thunder and lightning, all the usual things that come with a summer in the tropics, and for that I am happy to be alive. After the driest June in Houston history, these little residuals from the Hurricanes and Tropical Storms and what have you floating around in the Gulf of Mexico are quite welcome. Welcome like a British journalist here to spread the word of my fair city to the other side of the world. When's me, Bun, Chill and Ric gonna get a night at Fabric? We ready.

Bun B being filmed by DVD entrepreneur, REL, the man behind the Soldiers United 4 Cash Documentary. Dude does great work. Can't remember what he was filming for today though. Smash maybe? I don't know.

Anyway, I'm a little spaced out tonight. The impending arrival of daughter #2 has my head a swimmin', so I'm just going to leave you with some MP3 jams, and a reminder about the best show this summer... Read on and I hope to see you Thursday night. We'll see how the little bugger is getting about. Pictures soon.


KB - "U Wired Up"
This particular jam, "U Wired Up" has the whole underground in Houston and beyond going crazy. If the commercial radio powers that be aren't too scared of something local not coming from a huge bankroll, you'll start hearing more of this soon. People been emailing me about this, one lady even said she had to get up from her desk and dance when it came on. Diplo heard this shit while he was on a plane flying over Japan last week and was straight trippin'. It's uh, a Damage Control Exclusive Banger. Please leave yer feedback in the comments section.

Lil Flip - Warrior
Well, this I guess is from his upcoming album originally due out this month called "I Need Mine." You make the call. Of the three tracks on the disc, I liked this best. This song was labelled "street anthem," while song one was "club anthem" and song three was "strip club anthem." I hear Salih Williams is doing some stuff for this album as well, definitely wanting to hear that.

Big Mike - Fly and Brand New
That's right new music from your boy from New Orleans, but um pretty much an honorary Houstonian, Big Mike. You heard him way back in the Convicts, he was a Geto Boy for a hot minute, released a couple solo classics and then got locked up for a while. He came down to Damage Control right after he got out last year and played a real banger, that I can't remember the name of. Anyway he's one of my favorites, and this is a pretty good jam I think you're gonna um, jam to. So dl it and leave feedback on all these in the comments section please.

Bavu Blakes - Who Knows
This is my straight up favorite song right now. I mean seriously, Bavu Blakes is really coming with it this summer. His "Too Selfish" album is shaping up to be a classic, and this, the first sort of unofficial single off it (is it?) is just beautiful. It's gonna be released later this summer on one of my very favorite labels, Nataural High, as a bonus cut after the first jam, "Nobody Leavin'." I think I posted that one up here some time ago. Anyway Bavu is a lyricist and one hell of a live showman, but on this track he pulls out even more tricks from his long, baggy sleeve.

It's Produced by S-1, Symbolyc One of Soul Kontrollaz Productions in Dallas (Strange Fruit fans know the deal) and features Bavu's main man D-Madness on Bass AND Violin, with DJ Nick Nack on the cuts and Ciamar on the chrous. It's quite the epic production that I'm sure you will enjoy. Topical, jammin', musical, harmonious, sweeping, lithe, banging, slow enough for you dope fiends, and maybe even perfect. Thank you Bavu. Dude is like the hardest working man in Texas hip hop in so many ways.

And look, this one will only be up for a limited amount of time because while I want to spread it around to y'all, I want Bavu, his players, and the good folks at Nataural High to make some money. Go buy this 12" when it comes out, or um any number of 12"s Bavu has coming in the coming months. List to follow.

D-Madness rules. Catch him with Bavu Blakes and more this Thursday night at the Rhythm Room. Peep the flyers here:

Blazing Saddles Showcase

Thursday, July 14th

Rhythm Room, 1815 Washington Ave.

Houston, TX; 9 p.m. - 2 a.m.

$7 Cover, Ladies Free 'til 11 p.m.

Bavu Blakes & D-Madness (Austin/full band)

Element7D (Austin)

Deloach (Monroe, La.) & DJ Cozmos (Houston)
-with special appearance by K-Otix? That's what I hear anyway.

DJ Chill in between sets (Damage Control)

Special Guest -- Steve Austin (Dallas)

And for a sample of what yer gonna hear click BAVU WITH LIVE BAND to hear the realness.

Funny story about DJ Cozmos. He was in a group called Seeds of Soul way back in the early 90's to the mid 90's and they were fucking dope. Anyway, I wanted to sign them when I worked for a label in Austin back in 1995. I was way too young and doped up to be signing anybody back then. I fell way into the slacker mode in my early 20's and enjoyed drugs and alcohol way more than work. Anyway, I gave Cozmos his first hit of acid back in 1995 (along with the rest of the group I think, at least Kwam and Spaceghost) anyway we sat up all night jamming to Jesus Lizard and Sonic Youth and some years later I had the pleasure of hearing Coz sing some Lee Ranaldo joint word for word, on another trip. Anyway, we used to hang a lot tougher back in those days and I haven't seen dude in a while. Looking forward to this one. Pretty sure he jams way more classic soul and early 90's hip hop than Sonic Youth these days. He's a hellafied turntablist and producer who has a lot of tracks on the new K-Otix record. This is show of the summer for sure. You miss it, you're dumbo. Or locked in the house with a 2 day old baby girl, like me. I'ma try to come out though. Its in my hood.

This is a fun article to read. Enjoy and see you Thursday if all goes well in this neck of the woods. Say a lil prayer for the baby Elena.

Upcoming releases From/ Featuring Bavu Blakes:

[aug/sept 2005]
labor of luv feat. bavu blakes, fetus
+ s1 remix, oneself remix

9.hydroponic soundsystem
choice cuts vol 2
+ 50k, live from b-boy city
swedish brandy (hydro "mixtape mentality" album coming soon

8.bavu blakes
nobody leavin
+ who knows, play the role liquid soul, play the role statewide
nataural high
[summer 05]
7.symbolyc one & illmind
art of one mind double vinyl

6.hydroponic sound system
choice cuts vol 1
swedish brandy
hydro soundclash
alternate take

delrium/disconnect 7"
alternate take
synthesis ep
bomb hip hop
crowd control
crowd control
create & hustle
too selfish
inner prize


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wired up
bangin. not diggin the guitar strums much... some still sniffin up they high?

more bang material from the fav flip, beat is simple and it works, nothing mind blowin

fly and new
shows up as "fox the fox - shut the door"? i like this beat, feel good

who knows
first time i played it i was reminded of some dre chron2k beat, sounds great, i'm lovin this, gets better and better on repeat

comments cause you asked for it, thanks for the real and the quality! g'luck with the babey

8:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That KB track is bangin' Think I heard it on one of the "commercial" stations this past weekend. I remember the line "Yall got holes in yall's white tee's, look like dominos."

11:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Out of all the tracks I was seriously thouroughly impressed by Bavu Blakes track. That's an amazing step up production wise. I was really feeling that.

11:50 PM  
Blogger Binkle said...

Ooooh man, so glad I check this blog too much. Sorry to miss the show in Houston, I hope to make it to the one in Austin, but it doesn't sound like its going to shape up as well.

Flip seems decent, hope the new album impresses like back in the day.

Any idea on when the 'Trill' is dropping??

Congrats on the baby, and I'm crossing my fingers for you to get out to the show ( selfishly I know, I wanna see some pics and maybe some audio!! )

11:50 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Just picked up Cham's "True" CD in Tokyo (seriously, I paid like fifteen bucks for it, kinda crazy). I was hoping someone who has it or knows it could hip me to the source for the "Where I'm From" track. I know it's from something that was all over Austin radio for a while, but I can't place it - maybe never knew who the original track was by. Z-Ro, maybe?

5:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

matt, once again you surpass the rest. providing us a Bun B article, pics, high quality audio files...

KB - Wired Up
is this the same KB as KB & Lil Flea of Street Military?
its bangin.

Big Mike - Fly and Band New.
nice track.... good to hear another great track from big mike. been listenin to big mike for a while now. remembering "World Of Mine", etc..

Bavu Blakes - Who Knows

- Have Coke and a Smile

5:58 AM  
Blogger Southern Komfort said...

that was hot matt...keep it coming...

wait till vu tells you about Actual Freestyles...

we've been doing 13 hr sessions here in austin, while vu has been up for days just writing and writing...

and wait till you hear the Young Nick collab...

keep killin' it homie.

Kunal M
512 Hip Hop

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pushermaniasoreal... good lookin out on all the reviews. Perchyate the work, bro.... Word.

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

big ups to the stealth fox! yet another brit friend we have in common. :D

8:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oops, hit 'send' too soon -- also wanted to say congratulations!

8:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any release date for Trill yet?

11:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

damn, that Bavu track was dope as fuck.

i was disappointed with that K.B. though, I thought it'd be K.B. tha Kidnappa or the other K.B. who was down with Rap-A-Lot.

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

say if you lookin for KB da Kidnappa, Street Legend of Street Military, check out his new website at:

and keep doin your thing Matt!! Hope to see you in Austin sometime, big shot...


12:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yea thats my boy bavu blakes on that track!!!I am damn proud and lucky to have met Bavu Blakes six years ago here in Austin and am glad to have Bavu as a homeboy and he deserves to acheive big things!!I have an album coming called "talkSkill" out by Jan 16 06. Peace

7:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have to get all kb and lil flea
all street military,all klondike cat,anyone from killa klan.Nuthin rawer,also tha blanksta,k-rino raw too psk13

7:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

e-mail me for the mp3 spc 4 life

4:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:31 AM  
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