Thursday, July 07, 2005

Prayers for London - New Damage Control to Ease the Pain

What's up y'all? Another disturbing morning at SoReal HQ. Just flicked on this internet after a late night at KPFT and saw the madness currenly gripping London. 33 people dead, many more injured and once again a whole world shook. Why these pussy ass little bitches gotta blow up buses and trains - innocent people? There's a whole gang of guilty parties just next door to them boys. Eating good, living good, discussing destruction. Shit... Our prayers are with you London.

ON a MUCH lighter note, I got the computer to work properly last night and today we have a brand new, 2 hour Damage Control for you. Special Guests K-Rino, Big D (Icey Hott's brother), Chris P, Mr. Perfect and more. New music from K-Otix, Cage (don't cry), and waaaay more independent craziness from right down here. DJ Chill killed it in a long ass mix. Way less talk, way more jams. First break is kind of long but we got the interviews out of the way and just let Chill rock some shit.

Click right here to Donwload Last nights Damage Control - July 7th, 2005

You will love that. In fact here's a track list:

Cage/Jello Biafra - Grand Old Party
K-Otix, Starchy Arch - Broke Niggaz
Deloach, Bavu Blakes - Labor of Love
Bavu Blakes, Steve Austin - Too Selfish Remix
Chris P - Gone But Not Forgotten
- Interview with Chris P, 2-11, K-Rino, Big D -
Big D, Icey Hott - In It To Win It
Boo Da Boss Playa - For My Block
Swanga - I'm On It
- DJ Ryno/DJ Chill Mixtape Preview -
Novacane, Lil Flip - H-Town
Mr. Perfect, Raw Turner - Lady
David Banner - Westside
DJ Twombley NWA/MIA Mix - Something to Quieten Down To
KB - U Wired Up
Tigga the Beast - Ain't Shit Changed
Hydro - A New Message
X-Tract - Never
Bavu Blakes - Who Knows
- Mr. Perfect Flow -
Herron Boys - They Really Want It
Certified Wreckaz - Got It Locked
Freeze - Get Crazy
K-Otix + 18 MC's (cuts off)

Diplo hollered at us last night during DJ Chills set. Dude was jamming us on an airplane, Japan Air, over Korea, on a wireless connection in the sky OVER KOREA FOOLS! Dude was jamming DJ Chill on a plane. Who's ballin'? He was feelin' that KB "U Wired Up" joint. We were geeked like man, boys on a plane!

I also highly recommend that you log on to the South Park Coalition website and order that new K-Rino Live in Finland DVD. It's off the frickin' meter. Seriously, I got chills when I saw all them folks in Finland singing along to K-Rino songs and even requesting deep cuts form the SPC catalog. These folks knew all about this shit, in FINLAND. Shit was incredible to watch and is a very worthwhile DVD purchase. I know most of these DVD's are not worth shit. Peep it.

My daughter, DJ Eva watched it with me and commented "I wanna go to Finland too. I wanna go on the stage and put my princess crown and my princess dress on. When are we gonna go? I wanna go there tomorrow."

Slim Thug got the cover of the Houston Chronicle Preview Guide Today. Be sure and pick up Already Platinum next Tuesday.

Speaking of the Houston Chronicle....

They are doing a Best of Houston type jump off in a few weeks and voting is now open online. They have like all these major, chain stores on there and shit like Home Depot and McDonalds and shit, its kind of lame man.

But look they are asking for Best Blogger and Best Radio Personality or team.

Of course I'm gonna ask you to go there:

ASAP and vote for HoustonSoReal for best Blog.

and I'd love it if you voted for Matt Sonzala & DJ Chill, KPFT, Damage Control for Best Radio Personality or Team.

Of course these would be write-ins.

But look, just go there and vote for someone local. Someone doing good things. Vote for whoever you want, soemthing actually local man. There is not much really urban or independent about this poll and we need to at least put a little something into helping someone different win some of these categories. Seriously, this is supposed to represent Houston, not corporate America. Hook it up.

And I thank you in advance...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I voted for you honey but I used my favorite alias.

7:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Been reading for a while now, getting hooked on the "blog" thing and got me listeneing to KPFT again.

email me back at I gotta link that I think you will like. Where's there ae-mail address for u around here?

10:50 PM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

Thanks MOM!

8:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your e-mail address won't go through... can you send it again or another one to my gmail.

9:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Got you covered like a knee-brace (too soon?).

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That K Rino DVD is one of the best hip hop dvd's I've seen.

After seeing a bunch of down south/west coast dvd's with people just showing off their chains and talking shit it's a breath of fresh air to get a DVD thats captivating from start to finish.

7:45 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

That Cage track is actually really good. I've never heard anything I liked from him before, thanks.

It's great that the Houston scene has at least one person (and probably more) keeping a creative conduit open to the east coast underground (to say nothing of indie rock, which I noticed you're into too).

8:59 PM  
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