Monday, June 06, 2005

HoustonSoSurreal...Especially when you leave it
Devin the Dude Rocks NYC and Amsterdam

It went the fuck down. In one of the most whirlwind weeks of my whirlwind life, somehow I got to accompany Devin the Dude on his first shows in New York City and Amsterdam. Seriously, you might not know this about me, but this past week is something I have been focused on for many years. I mean shit, what better city to take Devin the dude to than Amsterdam? Pussy, weed and alcohol flow like rain in that quaint little town, and if that's really all he raps about cuz that's all he does, then it just makes perfect sense to take him there.

But first we had to make a stop in New York City for a lil event sowed up by my girl Roxy.

Reppin' the H and she ain't even been yet, she just knows real, b'lee dat.

So yeah, we took Damage Control live on the road (love to DJ Keno and the gang for holding it down in the studio, sorry for not calling but we was thowed...) to New York City to show 'em how we do. JD opened the night with a set of Houston and down south classics. For those who don't know, I knew JD when he was like 17 and lived in his girlfriends garage. Used to give him records and he's always been my man. Another factoid about JD is he was the first DJ to ever spin on Damage Control, our inaugural show May 23, 2002. He just moved to NYC (for whatever reason) so we had to give the man a call. Then DJ Chill hit the decks, then JD hit the decks again as Chill acting as MC.


Chill basically kept the crowd hyped with shouts of BLONDE BOMBSHELLS IN THE HOUSE (a nod to the girls dancing stage left) and FADER MAGAZINE IN THE BUILDING FADER MAGAZINE IN THE BUILDING FADER MAGAZINE IN THE BUILDING...

Cuz him and CatchDubs is just like that

One of said bombshells

There's lots to be said about this show. They killed it man. Everyone. But I know what you want to see, that's right...

NAS, and Kelis, showed up to greet the dude. Stayed for the whole show, whoa. Seriously, Nas and Kelis made the trek to a small punk rock style bar in the LES called Rothko to say what's up to the Dude. Nassoreal.

Roxysoreal and Cool Spankrocka

Man, so just after Nas and Kelis walked in the building, Spankrock took the stage. Spankrock lives in Philly but is from Baltimore (right?) and this dude takes these ill Baltimore house style beats (though quite hip hop and avant garde) and just goes ragge over them. Fucking wrecks.

Dudes set was off the chain. Very different from that Texas shit, but a decent compliment to Devin's style. For real, it was some ill shit. Like this totally unique and raw east coast dude with this totally unique and raw down south dude. Fucking had me fucked up. That and them drink tickets.

He even had a nice nice dancer who's name I know, but not right now (no sleep for a week literally and here I sit blogging probably forgetting everything but maybe not fuck man, I should break down the sleep patterns of the last week for y'all before this is all said and done).

Then the dude hit the stage. Straight up, Devin has this serious energy that is just infectious. He's one of those people who just draws you in with his realness and his niceties. For real, on stage back in the day I used to question him a bit cuz his laid back style almost came off as nervous and his crowd rocking techniques weren't quite there. But in the past couple of years, this intense smoking machine has mastered the art of breath control and has figured out how to rock a crowd and still be Devin. Like for real, you've never seen a crowd get so hype to someone so mellow before in your life.

He opened up with "To the Extreme" and just went on and on for about 45 good minutes, dropping a melange of underground hits to a New York crowd who sang along to pretty much everything. Spankrock made a comment on the Hollertronix board about how there were no girls in the house and all the black people except Nas and Kelis came with him. Well I mean, he was wrong. The crowd was fairly diverse, with like a decent majority of folks in there being press people, obsessed with Devin like me. But shit, there was some ladies in there and shit, there was a lil some of everybody in there.

Devin straight wrecked.

Roxy and Devin... Peep dude checking Roxy's ass or maybe legs or both HARD.

After the show, as Devin wove through the crowd, he was greeted with pounds and extremely excited thank yous from a good portion of the crowd.

VIP's CatchDubs, AnalogBeauty and Emynd (I Never met so many people I only knew virtually in one night in my entire life, amazing thing the internet)

And neither did Devin, tell me who dat is?

DJ Ayres brought us a CDJ. SOREAL!

Brought to you by the SoReal Family Representaz. For real. So Real. Thanks Roxy. You Rule.

Peep the fly MECCA shirt I'm wearing courtesy of my girls Sataurius and Joelle. Y'all really hooked a couple of bum ass Texans up. My trouser situation has been in tatters for months.

Top 2 Things Said By DJ Chill on His First Trip To New York:

1. Damn, they put they garbage right on the street here.
2. Lookit that lil ass MacDonalds!

Then we headed out to Amsterdam...

Boy ripped it to a full house at The Melkweg. Props to State Magazine for really representing and bringing us out to their kick off party.

The show was Saturday night, but Friday night Kees de Koning and company brought us out to 3fm (Hollands biggest pop station)/3voor12 to do a lil interview and have a surprise birthday party. That's right, Devin's first appearance in Amsterdam/Europe happened to happen on his birthday. The interview was so fuckin' real they even talked to me (link later).

They even had a cake. Fucking lekker. AND they let us smoke weed right there on the mic.

After the show Kees put us on the list at Paradiso where they had this incredible party and I hung with my man...

LeanSippa from Brussels and my man

Remington Steel (Murder Dog UK) from London as well as my man Steve and Brian Bartholomew from Murder Dog London, who I didn't get good photos of.

Which is a pity cuz Brian is MY MAN! Filmed the whole show so get ready to rumble.

Saturday Devin hooked up with Lange Frans, a HUGE rapper in Holland who has a few big pop hits and even does some hosting for MTV Netherlands, here you see Devin doing said MTV interview.

And here as well.

Then came the show. Now this show was a part of a kick off party for the new webmag called The State. So it was big, poeople were in the house. I had to wonder as I peered out from backstage just before Dev went on if these folks were in the house for Devin or the party, but when the first beats from "To the Extreme" came on and every hand in the house went in the air and people were screaming I knew Devin fans were in the house. The response was really incredible. I been telling Devin and Rap-A-Lot that Devin has fans everywhere (as well as a lot of Rap-A-Lot artists) but no one ever listened to me. Hopefully they will now.

Peep the photos. Fucked up thing is the CDJ was fucked up and would not play his beat CD continuously so I had to stand back behind the tables like a pseudo (read: fake) DJ and push the play buttong between every song. So my photos suffered a bit, but look at that crowd...

When I was on stage I saw this dude in the crowd with a Whut it Dew T-Shirt, found him afterwards, but I didn't find the dude I spotted with the Screwed Up Click shirt.

The dude in the Whut it Dew shirt said for me to tell you - "Yo tell them niggas all we do is jam Screw over here nigggaaaaaaaa."

After the show I stayed at the club and watched this FUCKING AMAZING set by Dutch artists Stick, Jawat and Kubus. The show was hype as fuck and all I gotta say is Kubus has some of the finest beats I've heard in years. Dude killed it and my stoned ass was vibing hard, in the back though so I didn't get photos. The weed does hold me back at times.

Next time, we'll be in Europe for a bit longer. Japan, New Zealand and Australia are next. Houston stand up, the shit is possible. Start thinking about it. I'm ready to go anytime. Holler back yung un.

Links to More Thowed Bitnes Regarding the Devin X-Treme Mini Tour of Amsterdam and Niuew Amsterdam:

Live on 3 Voor 12/3fm Friday Night Listen HERE


Bubonic B Photos from Amsterdam

Hardly Art Take On NYC Situation

Good Good

This One Has Video Clips of NYC Show


Wifebeater on Devin

Fader Magazine In The Building (DJ Chill Says So Respect Dat)


And then Catch Dubs Said THIS and I had to go cry to toilet: "This sort of goes without saying, but I will say the shit out of it anyway: props to Matt Sonzala for working to make this TX/NYC exchange program happen. Where some people will take a needessly provincial attitude towards their local scenes on some cornball "I discovered this first, you're not entitled to enjoy this, blah blah" sense of pseudo-ownership, my man Soneezy actually appreciates that other people are into the same stuff he's into, and is down to collaborate with folks like Roxy and put in work so that creative and lucrative shit can pop off for all involved. Real talk."

I'm about to elaborate on this very statement later this week in an article entitled "White on White Crime: Why You Gotta Be a Bitch About Things Bitch?" What you is reading my mind now Dubzeezle?

If I don't hit 200,000 hits this week I'm killing a kitten. I mean, probably just um bitch about it, but I might kill a kitten so tell a friend about HoustonSoReal.

Devin Live in Amsterdam audio coming soon courtesy of 3voor12.


Anonymous Bubonic B said...

Now that's what I call a round-up! Once again, MAJOR props for bringing Devin to Amsterdam and hope to see y'all again later this year. Keep us posted.

2:18 AM  
Blogger Dave S said...

great pics matt, wish i could have made the hop over to the continent from the uk. i dropped you an email about coming to houston in july, too. get back to me when you're all settled.

6:44 AM  
Blogger Dave S said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

6:44 AM  
Blogger TexasHeater said...



12:02 PM  
Anonymous Tigger said...

Already, Matt... Good lookin' out on the post for those of us who couldn't attend... Looks like ya'll had a throwed time...

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


3:42 PM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

who's evil???

4:13 PM  
Anonymous leansippa said...

it was OFF THE HOOK!!


thanx-a-lot matt!

5:16 PM  
Anonymous Ryan said...

Damn partna'...I've been bangin The Dude since the the Odd Squad dayz. He is by far my favorite rapper in da game but I live on the southside of H-town so I am probably partial...I recently met Devin at a show at Aqua Lounge(now out of business)...he was just as cool in person as on his CD's...he even chiefed with my cracker azz in the V.I.P....any info on how I can peep him on the local tip???

Amestradam and The Dude...what a F@#$in' combo!!!!!! late

2:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sup Matt,
I'm an artist out of San Antonio ( and I just moved to Houston a couple of months ago. Good to see that you support hip-hop and not just conscious "preach-to-the-world" hip-hop, but just good music. I've been waiting for Devin to blow to that next level because he's one of the more original southern emcees out there. Glad to see that he's doing shows internationally and getting some recognition...I know bigger things are coming for him and hopefully other Southern artists.
Keep supporting good music...

BTW, where is Damage Control located?

10:45 PM  
Anonymous Marcus "Solid" Gold said...

Yo, Matt. All the shit you've given to me in the form of many jammed-out late nights, and I just realized I never given anything back. Grandma always said, "You get what you give."

So, I think it's time for me to give. Hit me up and let me know where to drop some scratch in support of Damage Control.

11:23 AM  
Blogger DJ Stef said...

I said the same thing as Chill my first time in NYC. I've been to Houston, I want a hat!

1:00 PM  
Blogger Pushermania said...



And next time I'm at the flea market on Westpark, which will be soon, I will get you a hat no doubt.

6:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good lookin' on the show but shame you had to get those parasites roxy and catchdubs involved. oh well...

2:55 PM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

dont call my people parasites. they are hosts, im the parasite suckling off that new york love with no shame in this here game...

and if yer gonna call someone a name identify yourself homedoggity.

5:58 PM  
Anonymous Binkle said...

I wish I coulda made it to one of those shows, Devin is by far top 5 out of the south ever.

And BTW - Where can I cop one of those Bavu shirts you rockin in the pic???

6:41 PM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

try and if that dont work hit me with your email and i will get you in touch wit the man himself.

7:17 PM  
Anonymous coryd said...

mann. doing it big. you really need to get devin to do a show here soon. if only we had the same legalities as amsterdam.

10:01 PM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

where you at cory lets do it. We're looking at Winnipeg and Toronto at end of July possibly and Europe again in September and Novemeber so holla, Holla, HOLLLAAAAA

7:10 AM  
Anonymous Todd (analogbeauty) said...

what a great fucking time.. houstonsosurreal for sure..

NZ/Aus?! oooohhh snapp that'd be a damn good look.

4:01 PM  
Anonymous coryd said...

i'm in houston! first ward! haha

but for real. devin and ugk have been the only groups i have been able to jam religiously since early high school. it doesn't get old. keep it up. fly the globe if thats what it takes. get thoreaud!

you've probably already done more promotion for devin than rap-a-lot.

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Sharky said...

The dude in the S.U.C. was the Sharky aka Tha Ghost. Sorry I had to drop the third person there. But anyway the show chill, smoking weed in the club and shit. I had to move my trip to the Dam up one day when I heard about the Devin concert. Hopefully, I'll get to catch him again sometime. I didn't know there was another act after Devin or I would have stayed. My bro was falling asleep during the show so we got the hell out there quick.

11:03 AM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

wow sharky holler at me sometime man. i saw you in the crowd mayne! PEACE matt at damagecontrolradio dot org

8:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Helll yea nigga this is MaNiaKkK from Holland reppin Amsterdam 020 recoqnaaaze we got the craziest niggas down here dats how we do

10:36 AM  
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9:29 PM  
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Anonymous sim dep said...

Now that's what I call a round-up! Once again, MAJOR props for bringing Devin to Amsterdam and hope to see y'all again later this year. Keep us posted.sim số đẹp

7:39 AM  
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I would definitely have spoken up! If the guy had a legit excuse, like his plane was leaving in 15 mins, he could have at least begged forgiveness. At times like this is when I'm glad those Clear Lanes are coming back...I plan to rejoin

9:26 AM  
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Bnard G
MANNN!!! Matt I miss this(sometimes)... LOl

10:50 PM  
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