Sunday, July 17, 2005

Bavu Blakes and Friends Live at Damage Control, Houston Flood, Big Show at Rhythm Room

Man, incredible week for the whole SoReal family, at least the Texas branch. First, y'all know about the arrival of Lady Ms. Elena Bella Sonzala. Yep she's here and she's a good good one so far. Quite mellow as I think I might have said before, at least in relation to her crazy sister, and um, father. Sleep a lot, which is nice as that helps a couple of tired parents ease into the brave new world of two childrenhood.

Anyway, as you peep the photos below, you might want to download THIS PAST WEEKS DAMAGE CONTROL FEATURING AN EPIC FREESTYLE BY HALF THE STATE. It's really off the chain. Lots of new tracks including KLC featuring Mystikal and BG, "Wired Up," man, it went down. Big Chance of the Big Tyme Boyz even stepped to the tables for a while and wrecked. You will luh dat. One of our best shows ever maybe. You can hear me yell at people. For real.

Anyway here's a gang of photos to peruse, starting with some photos from our two floods this past week. Shit was intense.

This was taken Wednesday afternoon. Really rained like hell, but not enough to really flood. I think the city folk were lazy and did not open the flood gates. This was nothing compared to the next day, where it admittedly rained a little longer, but stillnot enough to cause the madness that it caused. Clear your gutters motherfuckers.

DJ Eva echoes that sentiment, though she did want to get out and play in it.

Bavu Blakes and co. set to wreck the mic mayne...



DeLoach from Arkansas, by way of Monroe, LA wrecked

DeLoach, Kay from the Foundation and Mr. Perfect. More on Kay in a minute

Ms. Trigga

Murder 1 and K-Rino of South Park Coalition

One half of Eyecandie

Bavu Blakes and Kay from the Foundation. You know Kay is signed to Ali Shaheed Muhammeds label right? Why can't that make it into your little article? Is this not interesting to you anymore? Just another side to this H-Town that is very important.

King Tutt and Poppy SPirits in the night outside KPFT

Ice Mike and Bavu, Ice Mike produced New Orleans classics like "Nasty Bitch," basically helped form the ENTIRE NEW ORLEANS SOUND, years ago... Staying in Houston now recording with everyone.

Dave Stelfox and his Houston posse

Scooby of the GRiT Boys

Southern Gurl and Bavu Blakes

Big Chance and DJ Chill on them tables

MAN, then Thursday it really went down. I stayed in the hospital all day and didn't really even notcie that it was raining. When I went to pick up Eva and bring her back to the hospital, I got caught in this storm and had to pull over on Shepherd for more than and hour and a half. For real, it took 3 hours for me to get home. Trip usually takes 15 minutes. Car was all steaming and shit, it was completely fucked. Again, not even THAT much rain, but it flooded.



Still waiting

But I did make it to get Eva and Oma, and made it back to hospital in one piece, tired as fuck, hoping to stay awake to catch a little of Bavu's show that night.

Made, it, Element7D live at the Rhythm Room

K-Otix performed with DeLoach. K-Otix have toured Europe and Japan and have released a couple albums and like 10 12" singles. Them boys have some H-Town history for real and are set to release their latest opus, 48 Seasons, end of summer.

DJ Cozmos was in Seeds of Soul, is a hellafied producer with tracks on new K-Otix album and he DJed for DeLoach tonight. One of my oldest potnas. K-Otix too, I used to live across the street from Mic.

The ARE, producer for K-Otix though he didn't do anything on 48 Seasons and is working on his second solo record

Chalie Boy in the Place!

Ryno in the Place!

The one Rapido

DJ CompOneSoReal

DJ Domo is DJ for Geto Boys and Scarface and DJed for Bavu and D-Madness tonight. SOREAL!

Steve Austin from Dallas

Ish and Phd of Lower Life Form are one of Houston's little best kept secrets, for real. Some real dope stuff coming from them. I'ma have to post their cut "9 to 5" at some point.

My man Mark, avid reader of HoustonSoReal, he recently hooked me up with that wild Biggie vs. Frank Sinatra record

V-Zilla aka VG Skillz is also one of Houston's Best Kept Secrets. I know he's working on a new album and clothesline at the moment. Watch out for him.

Damien of K-Otix

Tony Chapman reppin'

D-Madness and band WRECKIN'!


Monique of Hater Magazine and Southern Gurl FRONT

Southern Gurl and Monique BACK

But I couldn't get 'em to do that side to side shot.

Anyway, I had to get home to DJ Eva, we had been gone from the house for too long at the hospital and I promised her she could sleep in the big bed and all that shit, so I had to get home. Not to mention I needed some serious rest, which I still haven't really got yet, but it's all good. Still I blog.

Also just read the "Houston" article in the new Vibe Magazine. There's a couple discrepencies I'ma have to list in a post to come, after I learn how to spell "discrepencies" properly. Not a bad article, just a couple sweeping staements that took me aback... Anyway, stay SoReal and I'll be back soon. It's off to work I go...

PS I'ma interview Arabic Assassin tomorrow but please let this tide you over.


Anonymous leansippa said...

tight ass pics...looks like it was a tight show at dc and a tight concert too...

oh and CONGRATZ on the new born one more time!!!

3:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need more baby pictures. If you can take all those pics on an evening when you are tired, how about a bunch of DJ Eva and DJ Elena for Grandma!

9:51 AM  
Anonymous Mark said...

Hey Man, Nice to meet you at the show... The concert was tight... I hope this kinda stuff takes off. World needs to hear Bavu and D-Skills!!! ( And everybody else that was there too)

12:11 AM  
Anonymous SoutTherNGurL said...

No side shots! good show huh?

8:03 AM  
Blogger Binkle said...


Just like to thank ya for the pics, looks like I missed a good show.

And out of curiosity:

Has GRiT ever done a track with Bavu?

11:30 PM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

They recorded some mixtape stuff last week I know that...

8:55 AM  
Blogger TexasHeater said...

We were up at the Grid Iron almost all day Thursday before the show. I got some pictures of Bavu and Grit Boooooyyyysss up in the studio!!!!
Matt, Bavu said you thought I had a Grill!!Hahahaha that's some funny shit. lol

7:20 PM  
Blogger TexasHeater said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

8:13 PM  
Blogger scavone said...

them pics is tight fewl... looks like all that photo shit i taught you when we was drunk over by that garbage heap in red hook paid off... what's good with blind rob? what's poppin with the h town hispanics? where in the world in joris? and you need some pics of sabrina and gretta cause they my girls and they fine as hell... holla atcha boy in new yawk... i might be a yankee, but i gets my freak on in the great state of texas...also we linked your blogspot address to the resource site cause you're the most coherent writer i know... check it out at ..... eva and elena are bueatiful dawg... keep up the good work! and tell grandma sheryl to roll me one cause i'm coming to eerie to check on chris confer and all my peoples on 28th street.... got nothing but love fo' ya!

1:25 PM  
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