Monday, April 23, 2007

In Mexico they call me "Perro"
South(border)Side The Realest!
My trip to Monterrey, Mexico with Ill Tactics

Mayne it went down!

My peoples.

In a nutshell man, this past weekend was pretty insane. See I have been talking to my man Kikiflow and his familia in Monterrey about doing a show with Chingo Bling, Play N Skillz and Rob G in Monterrey for a few weeks now. But he had an opening at his club, Manaus, for a rapper in this big review they do a few times a week. When he asked me this, I immediately thought of Ill Tactics.

I'm not going to get into the entire thang here, cuz its business, but man, these dudes do it up huge in Monterrey and I think Ill Tactics is gonna fit in this show rather nicely. More on that later.

Monterrey is an incredibly dynamic city. Take everything you ever heard about Mexico and throw it away, these folks have got money (o.k. not everyone, that is for sure, but in America we don't learn much about Mexicans except that they will do anything to get to America. Shit man, I'm trying to see how I can move MY family to Mexico, shit. They got it going on. Anyway...). The landscape is beautiful, the city is off the chain, the architecture is unique, I'm telling you, this is a great place.

Adrianna, wife of Kikiflow, started our trip off nicely with a serious barbecue.

Then we got some Cuban cigars and hit the studio.

Milkman was born in Houston but lives in Monterrey and does beats and raps.

Milkman with George, manager of Cartel de Santa, we met 3 years ago at SXSW.

After the studio we hit the club, Manaus.

Kikiflow owns the club and does beats, seen here with me. Dos Playaz.

Kikiflow and Ill Tactics

The show is like a Las Vegas review of sorts, only its in Mexico and it's more fun. Also the beers are $3 (30 Pesos) as opposed to $10 at the shows in Vegas. Dude, I'm trying to tell you...

I mean they just get out there and bring the house down. For real.

Like 1500 people a night or some shit, PARTYING HARD!

Kikiflow and Rodrigo. Rodrigo had me in the car (I mean the HUMMER) a couple times getting lost in the city. I got to see a lot thanks to this dude! From what I could see Monterrey looks like a cross between Houston, Rome and San Francisco, for real.

This Magician had me trippin'.

Kai came down three years ago from Ohio to do this show and hasn't left. Dude can SING!

Kai the realest.

The reggaeton portion of the show was the throwedest...

As evidenced by these photos.

Willow is one of the illest B-Boys I ever saw. Dude did a handstand with one hand and proceeded to bounce on one hand literally like 20 times in a row. I was watching him like, "Dude are you ever gonna stop?" Carpal tunnel syndrome is a mutha.


And like, I hope these next photos don't bother anyone. i know sometimes people get mad when I stray away from Houston rap stuff, and well this isn't Houston, nor is it rap.

I'm sorry.

I really am.

I know you want Houston rap.

I know, but tough shit. She kilt it. Insane energy.

Ill Tactics on stage.

With the crew.

Killin' it.

So yeah, Ill Tactics is moving to Mexico for a while...



Willow in the alley.

Time to go.

Ill Tactics in the Hummer.

See you soon Monterrey. Chingo Bling coming soon. Rapid Ric too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was in Monterrey last year around this same time. It goes down.


11:08 AM  
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