Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Photos from Chill and Ric Euro Tour and More

Wittier title and a full run down coming Wednesday. For now here's some photos. I am swamped over here.

I'll be on Damage Control tomorrow night after a 3 week hiatus so tune in for plenty new music and Euro sounds and such. Wednesday night, midnight till 3 a.m., 90.1 FM in Houston. www.kpft.org elsewheres. That's 07.00 - 10.00 in Norway.

And yo, if there's anyway I can get the Lydverket Special on Houston hosted by Mona B on You Tube, I'ma post it cuz it is amazing. They did a fantastic job. Peace to everyone at NRK.

Anyway full report up tomorrow.

Oslo, Norway

Grandpa SoReal Showing the young uns how it go down

DJ Chill sittin' by the dock of the Bay in Oslo, when you se his DVD you'll see that moments after this photo was taken he was almost attacked by a Rottweiller

For some reason Norge likes liberals like FDR and Myself. SoReal Summer Home Coming Soon.

This baffled Chill a little bit

Mona B. is the reason

DJ Chill outside Club Bla

Peace to my man Raide for this tight tight one here

Raide reppin' that Dead End!

The area around Bla and Fabrikken is covered in art

And a chandelier in the alley way

Me and Kineh

This shit was crazy, I was walking down this alley way 10 zillion miles from home and all of a sudden I heard a call of "MATT!" from above. And it was Mira Craig, Norway's hottest r&b star. She wa sint eh studio recording then came out to dinner with us.

Patrick from Juicy and my man from WESC Clothing. Man, I was in a mall in Trondheim and saw this WESC Jacket that had me trippin'. They didn't have it in XXXL tho. I only wear Norwegian fashions. I nmeed one of them traditional sweaters they keep telling me about.

WESC Got a wrapped vehicle

Mona B and the Lydverket Posse to us to dinner.

DJ Chill at said dinner

DOwnloading songs at dinner

Mira Craig at dinner wiht us as evidenced by this photo

In Norway, since you can't smoke inside buildings anymore, they will give you a blanket if you happen to want to sit outside so you can smoke, or in our case, soak up the beauty that is a Norwegian night.

DJ Chill

Rapid Ric

Man, hold up. This photo is blurry as shit, but it says KODENE on it. Yep these boys went and got them some codeine pills, and some prescription cough syrup and mixed that shit together. I didn't get any of this as someone leftthe bottle sitting out and well, it got stolen. Motherfuckers.

Chill and Ric ripping thangs

My boy Daniel from Passit kept it really real as always with us.

There's no shortage of ladies in Norway


Oral B of the Playboy Foundation and friend

Pimp Lotion of the Playboy FOundation, along with my man Raide, was writing about Houston rappers liek Fesu and the SPC in magazines back in the early 90's. It don't get much realer.

DJ Hercules is my hero

Jeanett-Uh and Raide

Mira Craig, originally from Baton Rouge, danced to the down south sounds all night

Here's me and Chris Lee, one of the biggest rappers in Norway, expect to see him, my peoples from Passit Records and Mira Craig at SXSW next year

Trondheim, Norway

Rapid Ric

DJ Chill with a dude we met at a concert earlier in the night by another big group in Norway, Karpe Diem. We walked down to this student center to pass out flyers at this concert where like 2000 people were going nuts for one of their home countries finest. Picture a Lil Keke concert in Houston and you'll know what I'm saying. The shit was packed the hell out and all of a sudden, this dude on the right grabs me and says "Are you Matt SoReal from HoustonSoReal?" And then left the concert and hung out with us all night. So weird man. Recognized in Trondheim, a small town in the north of Norway.


This lady, man, she was insane. I was at the bar and she boldly called me over like "COME HERE!" So I walked over to her and she said "Are you the guy responsible for bringing these DJ's here?" I said "Yes." She said, "Well thank you for that. I really like this. It's not like other hip hop you know? I mean, it's not so annoying like other hip hop and these guys are really good." Then she proceeded to show me her wide repertoire of faces. She's a kindergarten teacher. You'll see the whole range of faces on the HoustonSoReal on the road DVD.

The mosquito face also comes with a really loud, shrill, squeal that scared the hell out of half the patio.

No shortage of girls in Norway.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This is Isotta, daughter of two of my great friends in Amsterdam, Flavia and Kev. See them below.


Flavia and Kev


Lookout for the Great Randino from right here in Houston , Texas. I swear, his flyers were everywhere we went! That's hustlin'.

Ric at one of my favorite coffee shops, Easy TImes. Good reggae vibes and big Heinekens on tap there.

It's like magic.

We stayed in the Bijlmer

This is the dude I took a photo of last year at Devin's show in a Whut it Dew shirt. I neeeeeed a Bijlmer Style shirt. The Bijlmer Style mixtape I got won't play in my cd player though.

My brother Arend

Silhouette den Enting

London, England

Dudes outside the chicken spot Dizzee took us to

Supposedly these undercover cops arrested this kid for having a gun. He came in the chicken spot while we were ordering and was kind of whyling out, but I didn't pay him no mind. The cops obviously did.

Dizzee Rascal SoReal. One of the greatest MC's of all time in my opinion. You don't agree? You dun know dumb butt.

Dizzee and his partners in Bow, the neighborhood he came up in

My wife and my other brother Dave Stelfox in Bow

Me and Chantelle Fiddy. She is to grime what I am to Houston rap. From what I can see anyway. She's like, the biggest supporter I've heard of thus far. She brought me a Kano 7" which will be played on Damage Control tonight.

Dave the Stealth Fox, our most gracious host

Chantelle Fiddy and Hattie Collins, editor of RWD Magazine,also one of the realest

Rapido finna be back in yo area with Chamillionaire. Akala opening up kicking rhymes like Shakespeare

London from the top level of a double decker bus

On that Tuss

My wife Melissa took these photos of Buckingham Palace and such. She went out and checked shit out with a friend while I used said friends computer in an attempt to do some work.

Big Ben, not the rapper from Dallas, the clock.

She had to do it

Yo Yo wall projection. What a party!

I'm trying to tell you dog. Seb Chew held it down for us as did Semtex and the Yo Yo Massive. When we coming back?

Seb Chew doin' the Dew.

It really means a lot when you are in a basement party in London and you meet a guy with a Big Mello picture tee. RIP BIG MELLO! Remind me one day to write up a couple of my Big Mello stories.

DJ Chill and the Super Super Est of them all

The other half of Super Super and my man Jeremy from i-D Magazine. What up blud?

This is my other brother Brian Bartholomew. You may know his work from Murder Dog. Seriously man, he's an independent film maker, photographer, writer, father like myself and we are crazy close. Chill and Ric stayed with him while I stayed with Dave to conserve space and I hate that i didn't get alot of time with him this time around. We will be back though. Bet that shit.

Saucy lil photographer up in the party. Get my boys in them tabloids, PLEASE!

NoSaprise made it out to the London event!

DJ Semtex ripped them tables in celebration of the release of his latest CD GRIME WAVE! L Dot Man on the mic!

My partner Jeremy from i-D Magazine

Dave and Melissa

Brian B and me wish Murder Dog was a monthly magazine

They sell fags in London, who knew.

Logan Sama and me. Logan is a grime music pioneer DJ who will be touring Texas in November. Get ready ready, I got a surprise for y'all.

It did get a lil tiring don't get me wrong.

Nasty Jack from the Nasty Crew and Logan Sama

NoSaprise and DJ Chill


My colleagues in the game

Back of Semtex's jacket

Then it was on to Scotland for one of my best friend's weddings. Jasper hates Americans, but for some reason he likes me and Scavone as we recognize no country. We just swim in beer, and whilst in the Highlands, whiskey. I never drank so much fuckin' whiskey in my life. Then again I couldn't find a hash dealer in Ardgay so I HAD to have something...

The wedding was held in this castle, we stayed here too. Wow. Photo by Melissa Sonzala

Mel took this one too

Jasper the groom

Magali the bride

Yes almost every man except me and Scavone wore a kilt.

That's my boy Kevin from Vancouver on the left there.

These guys think you want to see their legs

And maybe you do

But I think most of us would rather see this. Sorry Astra, I had to do it.

Magali and Jasper just before dinner in...

the massive dining hall. A Bat flew over us while we were eating!

Melissa had the scallops

WHile I opted for the vegetarian plate. Amazing stuff.

Scavone did not kill any friendships this weekend at all.

Magali's aunt and uncle had the distinct pleasure of dining with us. I drank all the wine on the table I think. I hope that was o.k.

A lil beer to go with the whiskey. Did you know that Scottish whiskey is cheaper at Spec's here in Houston than it is in Scotland?

Me and Jasper

This right here is quite possibly my oldest friend. When I was 15 I was sent to Germany by my school on some art program. It was there, in 1987, that I met Konstantin and we have stayed close ever since. We see each other somehow someway every year or so. My other oldest friend, Mike, I met when I was 16.

Jasper thinks we make our t-shirts too large.

Jasper and Astra having the last dance before we hit the road back to Texas.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

great pics as always!...looks like yall had a real nice time...
big ups and 1 luv...

4:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't believe you got suckered into endorsing RWD magazine! That ish is garbage - 100% payola to get in it. You can do better than that!

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

scavone needs a new shirt

4:05 PM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

I certainly enjoy RWD Magazine when I read it. I ain't trippin. Every magazine is "payola" based to a certain extent and theycertainly ain't worse than a lot of these people out here.

Plus I see a lot of indy artists in RWD, so what can I say? I think your anonymous self is hating....


10:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i cosign that comment - that mag openly says that they'll feature anyone who pays, simple as that. messed up. for 'urban' stuff you need to be dealing with some blues and soul or echoes - they got pedigree and ain't foul!

8:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude Speaks The Truth - RWD Is So Compromised Its Almost Funny. No One In London Takes Notice Of That Ish. You Houston Boys Deserve Better!!!!!

2:39 PM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

When I have written for RWD they have paid me and paid me on time. They are at the very least better than the SOURCE in that regard and are at least a decent read. I don't know man, I did a Paul Wall piece for them and I know for damn sure his people didnt pay, and they asked me to do a Trae piece and I know for damn sure Rap A Lot aint paying for that shit. They dont even have UK distro. SO whatever man, the game is all fucked up. On every level, RWD don't bother me at all, I like it.

8:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ders not 1 guy in da bits dat listens to RWD. pure fuckries.

9:07 AM  
Blogger Phlip said...

Excellent blog - wonderful pics! Good to see y'all reppin' 3rd Coast overseas. :)

4:06 PM  
Blogger Chantelle Fiddy said...

Matt, nice to meet you and good to see the pics (even if i do look seriously cracked out in two of them). Did you get yourself a kilt? Might work wonders with the wife.

As for the RWD dissing, in the words of the Murkle Man... r u dumb? It's never been a secret that as a free publication, RWD do charge for certain sections of the magazine and they publicly state it unlike a lot of over the counter (supposed) rivals who just take a back hander. With a lack of advertising in the UK underground scene and even the urban market, what's the alternative huh? And people who are really doing it don't pay as you already highlighted Matt. Check the last few issue, do you think Wiley, Baby J, Papoose, E40, Skepta, Roll Deep, Demon or Ghetto got a bill? Given they're the only mag supporting these artists and they're still going after 5 years, that deserves some credit. Also dunno where you anonymous types are from or on, but ask anybody under the age of 21 what mag they check and it's RWD. Do you think people who care about street culture buy Blues and Soul or Echoes? They're good at what they do but they're a generation apart. And if it was indeed worthless, why is it the only magazine the MC's/DJ's etc... really check? Half of the people on their forum are undercover industry figures.

8:28 AM  
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