Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Great Day in Houston - DJ Screwfest 2006!

Before we get into my review of and photos from DJ Screwfest I need to remind you that this Thursday July 27th is our HoustonSoReal LIVE Event with BBC 1xtra. DJ Semtex will be in town all week and it is going down. If you have mot RSVP'd yet, you need to do so now. Send your name(s) to and you will be in.

And to all who have emailed so far, I will be sending out confirmations tonight. Print 'em out and bring 'em to the door!

Anyway, see you Thursday. Below please find over 70 photos from yesterdays First Annual DJ Screw Fest. Believe me when I say it was off the chain. If you can't see it in the photos then you ain't looking. Peace to everyone involved and I hope to see it again next year.

Only complaint is that well, if I knew that Devin and Bun B were not even in town, I am quite sure the promoters did as well. I didn't hear too many shouts of Devin the Dude coming up later, but I sure did hear "THIS WILL BE THE FIRST TIME UGK IS ON STAGE TOGETHER IN OVER 4 YEARS!" On the radio all the way there, and being hollered from the stage. I know that "no shows" are normal in the rap world, but that bullshit has got to stop.

Anyway, enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed the event! (Which inceidentally was Elena's first concert. She can tell all her friends her first real concert was SLIM THUGGA MUTHAFUCKA!)

Elena's first concert

Slim Thugga Muthafucka!

DJ Eva sneaking in the VIP, even though she didn't have to

Slim Thug

Ghostwriters ripped shit. Their single "Headed to the Club" is getting major burn on Party 104.9 out here and it shows. Everyone in the extremely hype crowd knew every word.

Super Producer Bruce Takara

It was really something special to see Meshah Henderson-Hawkins and Taj Hawkins out on the scene. R.I.P. Big Hawk the Homey.

MommySoReal and DJEvaSoReal

Eva sees this car so much she thinks it's hers.


Papa Reu

Yes, Chingo and Co. really do sell tamales.

Chris Ward, Cooda Bang

Cotorola, Agony Life

Freeze and Crew

Peter Beste, Kyu Boy of Shadow Mob

DJ Princess Cut and Crew!

Liz, Warren G-Z and Alejandra - The G-Z Unit

Dok Holiday

Beltway 8 fo' Life

Dougie D kept it crunk all day seen here with Showtyme, who also kept it quite crunk ALL DAY!

DJ Chill got a camera. Watch out na!

Kyu Boy

Showtyme, DJ Chill

Stacy and Nancy

Showtyme with Super Model Tecola

Ankaman's booth at the show. Dude has been on the grind for years and is one of th ebest lyricists in the city. I remember when he was called T-Wreckz and was down with the Psycho Ward circa 1991 and shit. "Kick 'Em in the Head" being his big hit back in the day.

Dread and E-Man

Kottonmouth and Mike Mo of Beltway 8

Serg and friend

Roshell from Hot 93.3 in Austin and friends!

That's Rob Phat on the right. He made the film PAIN. He's seen here with a friend on the left and his artist Astrid, a singer who also acts in the film.

My boy Robert rolled with us out to Pasadena, seen here with Big Jig of the Ghostwriters


Ric Edwards is a full time huslah! Seen here with Nancy Byron. I knew Ric when he managed a tight group called Mad Scientist. he later went on to work with Suave House.

These girls came from New Mexico to sing at the event and got caught in the rain wearing all white.

Rashad Al Amin

Rap-A-Lot - The Next Chapter!

Time to get emotional. Here's Hawk's mother, sisters, children, wife, Grandmother and Coughee Sista Green.


Everyone was giving it up for Hawk. These girls just happened to do it best.

Doin' It Big Records

Byrd on stage while Mike D performs


C-Note and D-Red of the Botany Boyz

Chingo Bling

Eddie DeVille, Chingo Bling, Showtyme

Chingo on stage with 5th Ward Weebie

Lil O at his booth

Lil O Live

These girls don't look old and I don't think they are English.

South Side Mike Barre

Lil D


Big Bub, SURT had a tight booth set up. Somehow I missed the Impala though. I always miss things at events with free beer.

List of CD's

And the actual CD's

Nancy Byron and Chris Johnson

Ace Deuce

My boy Akash!

Black Prophet of Austin's Public Offenders/NGOK, Robert


Crowd was off the chain

But I mean of course they were, The ABN was on stage showing fools how it's done.

It was pretty insane when they cut the music on "Swang" and the entire crowd sang Hawk's verse.

Trae and Mesha Henderson-Hawkins after the show.

Trae and Robert

And my good folks from What it Dew Magazine

All in all it was a great day that faced, but overcame some obstacles and I'ma assume everyone had a great time. I was fucking psyched in the end. What a wonderful, wonderful event. I'm ready for next years event. Though I mean, you really don't HAVE to have it around Screw's birthday, I mean, I'm thinking October would be good. There was a time this day where I thought I was gonna fall out from the heat. Man, for real. I don't generally hang in parking lots on 95 degree days. Wow. But it was worth every ounce of sweat. Thanks for the free beers and the great vibes. If you missed out, I'm sorry for you.


Blogger xstac923 said...

Yes! It was a very good time. Definitely looking forward to next years! Good pictures Matt!

11:47 AM  
Blogger SergDun said...

man that shit looks dope, way better than Japantown Summer Obon Festival which didn't even have food vendors.

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn, again, Im jealous. Very good pics, and as always, cool captions, as well as the write up, period. Wish I couldve been there. Im very happy to see that this has happened in my hometown. Can y'all see if we can have a Screwfest in BC? Bring more Texas to me, Matt, please. Free steroids and coc, instead of OE....

1:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanted to post a correction(not sure if you didn't really know or you were jsut trying to put something funny. Either way, the pic labeled "Mohammad 2G" is actually "Rashad Al-Amin", the host on the main stage and the producer of the DVD. If you haven't seen it, you should go pick it up. It tells the life story of DJ Screw. Beware of bootleggers. The real DVD also includes an exclusive Cd featuring The S.U.C.(Screwed Up Click)

6:00 PM  
Blogger afects said...

yo dope pics matt!
looks like it was a killer day.
were can i get one of those rap-a-lot 4 life hats from?????
they look gangster!

6:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

have you wrote anything on grimm?

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hell yeah man im in the marines stationed in north carolina heard about screw fest born and raised in victoria tx and been bangin screw since 96 pics made me wish i was there r.i.p screw hawk pat and everyone else i didnt mention

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mayne that was off the chain. them old e women, mayne they was better in person. lotta nice women there, but..i was too damn hot outside. i really enjoyed the screwfest, and plan on makin' everyone i can. i live 2 hrs away and it was worth the trip. and the dvd was nice. i got a legit copy.

6:20 PM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

yooooooo thanks for the correction. i realized that later on that it was rashad al amin. i have no idea why i called him muhammed 2g. i looked at the photo, and thought muhammed 2 g and then later was looking and was like "Wait, that's not Muhammed 2G." Still I have no idea why I did that, definitely wasn't a joke. Just a mistake aka brain fart.

4:40 PM  
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