Thursday, July 13, 2006

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the makers of the Ultimate Hustler, Making the Band 2 and The Shop comes HOUSTON HIGH... a documentary featuring the lives of young MCs in the Houston area...

...14-20 years old. Signed & unsigned.

If you are an MC and want to apply, please send us a 10-15 minute video ASAP showing us your real life, your family and friends and why you are passionate about your music career.

If you are originally from New Orleans, please tell us how you were affected by Katrina and what living in Houston has been like for you.

Send your 10-15 minute video ASAP:
Houston High Casting
168 2nd Ave #400
NY, NY 10003

Please include your contact info, a recent photo and any original music on CD.

For additional info:

Thank you and good luck!

8:23 PM  
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