Thursday, May 25, 2006

Events Coming Up In Yo Mouth

Man I've had the flu for the past couple days. I'm talking about chills and no thrills. Every time I'd leave the blankets I'd start freezing, teeth chattering and everything and man this shit sucks. Today I'm like on the ass end of it where I'm not sure if I'm still sick or just hung over from the cold medicine I was taking. I will tell you this, Alka Seltzer Cold Plus Nighttime formula will give you crazy dreams. I was in some weird graffiti maze in Denmark last night. Seriously. It was great. I don't usually have vivid dreams like that due to the amount of marijuana... well hold up. My daughters friends parents might be reading this.

Anyway, since Baltimore is the new Houston, as deemed so by multiple publications and blogs the world over (meaning it's HOT, damn HOT) you should go see what all the hype is about when DJ Tittsworth hits the decks tonight with Witnes at Proletariat. Dude is really off the chain and if you like that booty bass this is definitely the place.

Then Saturday my potnas Cosmo Baker and DJ Ayres of the Rub will be coming thru to spin fo' you along with JD (first DJ we ever had on Damage Control 4 years ago almost to the day say Happy Anniversary to us, thanks), DJ Mel, CeePlus, Cashless Clay. Shit's gonna be a lot of fun and crazy different for a night out in Houston. The venue, the sounds, all that. Just different and worth your timeage. I'll be in Austin this weekend so I'ma catch 'em Friday out there. Family first.

Get tickets for the Rub here -

Then on June 2nd, if you're real and you're down and you're with it represent it. The first official Benefit for the Family of Big Hawk. I'll post more details as I get them but it looks like the whole of Houston is going to come together to celebrate the life of Houston raps Big Brother and to also raise some money for the family he left behind.

Don't ask to be on the guest list you swarmy fuck-o's.

And if you happen to be in Austin this weekend, my man Paul Saucido of ME Television has an event that you might want to check out. Latin style up in Ruta Maya's. Should be a lot of fun.

Speaking of ME Television, I am programming their hip-hop show SMASH now and am helping them set up interviews and live shoots with rap artists. If you have a show in the Austin area and want to be on Smash either before the event to promote, or after the event with some interview/live footage type shit, hit me up. Also, I need videos. If you are a video promoter, a major label cat or some burgeoning young video director in the hood, please get your videos to me asap. Make sure they are clean. I don't care if they are kind of cheaply shot if they are independent and the music is good. Just make 'em clean. No ass claps and no cursing. Go to the website, and get the mailing info. C/O Matt Sonzala. That's free promo for you fools.

You have no idea how hard it is to squeeze videos out of some of these folks. And then when you do get 'em from the independent folks they are shot in a strip club and the hook is MOTHERFUCK YOU MOTHERFUCK YOU MOTHERFUCK YOOOOOOOOU. But I mean yeah, we still are playing "Tussle."

In fact here it is, the Tussle video. YouTubeTheRealest. Smash your television set to this. You don't need it anymore. Unless you wanna watch this documentary.

Actually here's the original version of the video. Use this as a gage. We play the new version on ME Television, the original um, didn't make the cut. Peep the white guy though....

And oh yeah, my radio station, GRILLS, on URGE is pretty fuckin' gangsta. Go 'head on and download your free two week subscription today.