Thursday, October 11, 2007

Last Nights - and two weeks back - Damage Control
Grit Boys Party at the Grid Iron
Cory Mo's Montreal Photos!

FIRST THINGS FIRST, lets all keep the Barre Baby Big Moe in our prayers. I have waited to report on this, cuz I haven't been able to get any solid information from anyone close enough to the source, but this morning I got a lil info from a reliable source.

Photo of Big Moe linked from

There's been a gang of text messages going around the city this week stating that rapper Big Moe has passed away, this is not true. Please stop forwarding these texts. I have been hearing this rumor since Sunday.

That's not to say that he is not in bad shape, from what I hear he is in a coma on life support after suffering three heart attacks last week, and then a seizure.

Those who know, know that Moe was one of the main dudes who shaped this whole Houston sound. An original member of the Screwed Up Click, it's his nasal, slow riding, baritone voice that graced some of DJ Screw's greatest tapes and roped people into the slowed down sound of Houston, TX. He's not simply a rapper, he's a grimy crooner with a penchant for really rocking the house and singing the praise, of well, what seemed to be his favorite vice, codeine cough syrup.

There's a lot of talk on the internet about how we shouldn't focus on that aspect of his career, but um, go head and look at his albums, listen to his songs, its unavoidable. He's the Barre Baby and really blew the whole syrup thing wide open way before the media ever gave a fuck about Houston.

We all are praying for you Moe, you're a soldier mayne and we need you to pull through this.

That being said, from reports I have received, it's not looking good. What kills me, personally and maybe selfishly, is that Big Moe is one of like, three rappers from Houston who has never been on Damage Control, and I don't think I ever really even had him on my blog. Scarface, Lil Flip and Big Moe have never been on Damage Control, I need to change that.

Anyway pray for the big man. He gave us quite a lot over the years.

We did a bit of a tribute to the big man last night on Damage Control, first hour all Big Moe music, mostly mixed by DJ Artillery. DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

And I didn't get to post the show from Sept. 27 for some reason so here it go right here.

This weekend, there's a ton of stuff going on. Westheimer Arts Fest, Axiom Reunion at Fitz for aging punk rockers like myself, my garage sale where I'ma sell a bunch of records and "street wear" ;) - um, what else, a bunch of shit. But I'ma make sure that I can make it over to Pretty Todd's studio, THE GRID IRON for their open house/Grit Boys listening party. There's gonna be beer, and such. nd the Grit Boys album is amazing, you need to hear it. IN STORES NOW (In Germany).

(In Germany)

And below please find Cory Mo's photos from the Montreal trip!

It hath been said (by Ric Rapid) that DJ Chill could make friends in a desert, and I think he has.

Mood: Contemplative.


Also my boy Noah from New Orleans has an event coming up next month called HIP HOP FOR HOPE, in New Orleans. It goes down Nov. 1st, 2nd & 3rd and features Partners 'N' Crime, Raw Dizzy, Nutt Da Kidd, KnowOne, 5th Child, DJ EF Cuttin, Fuego, Jealous
Monk, Nomadic Souls, J-Dubble, Mr. Jai, Jimi Clever, Killa B and Many More!

Hit up Noah on and check out his website for the event here.

ALSO TAKE A LOOK AT HIS BLOG CUZ HES KILLIN' IT. He's also on WTUL in New Orleans so get at Noah and get your music played out there. He's a real dude. Word to Jeff B (throwback shout out!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got that same text message and this is the first place I came. That was a dope Big Moe mix. Here's hoping that it becomes a congratulatory mix. Get better Moe.


2:40 PM  
Blogger Dj KSin said...

man, could u please re-up the Big Moe tribute by Dj Artillery, big thanx

2:39 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks for the love Matt! Let me know if you got the music and hit me back with some. I am sorry to see that your friend didn't make it. Rest in peace

3:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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