Friday, September 28, 2007

Grimy Styles Live in Houston Last Night

Mayne it inexplicably went DOWN!

My favorite group, Grimy Styles hit the city on the tail end of their east coast tour and straight up turned the Proletariat out! Big ups to everyone else on the bill - DJ's Witnes, Dayta and Simiu and the lovely and talented songstress KAM! Man, for real, these were some of the nicest vibes I've felt in a club in a long time. Members of the SPC, KB da Kidnappa, Zin, Niq of the Grit Boys and a gang of artists and movers and shakers showed up and jammed down to the sound.

Real talk, a lot of people can't believe that four white dudes from Austin have taken dub reggae to such a new level. The boys are unfadable for real. And I have the pictures to prove it.

(DISCLAIMER - My good, good friend Queen Majesty was booked to DJ tonight, we bought flights and everything. She had a three date run in Dallas, Houston and Austin, but alas and alak, she works in the fashion industry and well, Fashion Week is coming up in NYC in a couple weeks, and they got overwhelmed with work and basically said she couldn't take off work. Damn the (wo)man. I'll never wear another Sound Girl shirt again.

But straight up, we will get the Queen down here soon, cuz Houston wants to see her. As do I.

Matt from Grimy Styles reading the new Public News

Mike Barre in the building

My wife Melissa and The Are

Super Photographer and Painter Turhan


Zin got on with KB da Kidnappa and Grimy Styles and killed it. Photo towards end of post.

Tim Summers of Envy Magazine and Sara Winter from The Messina Group! MY PEOPLE!

Peekaboo Theory helped out with the intro to KAM, who opened the show and promoted the fuck out of it. YOu wanna promote a show in Houston, get with Kam, I sure do.

SHE KILLED IT! Check her out on

She's awesome, for real.

My wife Melissa

Christamonster and Kam are a serious team. HoustonSoReal Officials.

Maggie and Monica from Barstool Magazine

Kiara and Stacey in the placey!

Bobby Hinojosa

Christa, Cayn of Peekaboo Theory and Kam

Unique of the Grit Boys and Friend

This girl is on the VIP List for every party I ever throw ever. Might even put her on a flyer. She's everywhere.

And man, when these boys hit the stage, the crowd went insane. Danacing non-stop for an hour and a half.

Motherfucking rappers can't do 15 mins rapping over a CD without bitching about it, these dudes do 3 hour sets and shit. Come on man, learn yo lesson.

Martin is a genius. All four of them are. What a freakin' sound.


They opened the mic toward the end of their set and KB da Kidnappa grabbed hold and didn't let up. Freakin' killed it with the live band vibe. So Real!



Turhan once again in the crowd.

Zin killed it on stage alongside KB

This girl was playing a kazoo outside but wouldn't lemme get a shot of her in "action"

Kuwait of the SPC! Also in the house were Dope E, K-Rino, Murder 1, Justice Allah of the 144 Elite (Bro, I didn't know you are also DNJC! I love your song "Love!"), Lean Sippa, Domo, DJ Awol and more! I should have gotten more photos.

Just suffice it to say it went down. Lets do this again sometime soon. Proletariat 5 year anniversary is this weekend. Come down!


Blogger CosmoPolitician said...

sweet asss party, for serious. matt, great event, you sure know how to throw a party, man. thanks for bringing such an awesome, loving crowd together. you are such a frekaing asset to this city. don't stop.

9:38 AM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

Thanks so much for that comment. It means a lot!

11:33 AM  
Blogger carakristin said...

Guest list for EVERY party you EVER throw huh? It's true, I AM everywhere. Who told you. Hit me up. and request. I gotcha. MUAH!

6:07 PM  
Blogger carakristin said...

Guest list for EVERY party you EVER throw huh? It's true, I AM everywhere. Who told you. Hit me up. and request. I gotcha.

6:10 PM  
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