Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Man I know I say this a lot, I know I know I know, you're probably sick of it by now. Tired, just don't want to take it anymore, but I mean, really, there's no other way to say it but...


Gangsta Nip doin' the damn thang thang.

Sorry it took me a couple of days to get these up, but I been running and ripping and such.

Friday night was yet another magnanimous SPC Weekend. Check the September archive for the past two years to see photos from the last coupel SPC Weekends, but I'ma tell you straight up, this years event was ten times liver than any of the past events. The crowd was thick, everyone from the SPC seemed to be in the place, and Gangsta NIP ripped it (whilst K-Rino beatboxed).

Mayne hold up I dont told you it went down. Here's the photos.

Hot TV definitely captured the entire night, look out for them every Friday night on channel 51 here in Houston. 11 p.m. I think. Maybe midnight, anyway, set your dvrs, I record it every week.

KB tha Kidnappa, Gangsta Nip and friends

K-Rino brought that man D-NUTS to the stage. He's the guy who started the SPC Website for them and continues to support to this day. Dude drove down from Oklahoma for the event. BIG UPS D-NUTS!

Yes BUSHWICK BILL WAS IN THE HOUSE! Seen here with KB and hands down the FIRST SNAKE EVER TO WEAR A PIECE AND CHAIN AT CLUB TAYLORS! I mean, first real snake.

KNow'm sayin'?

Zin was in the building. Real talk though he was praying in a chair the whole time! Recognizing Ramadan and such. Couldn't miss an event such as this though.

Dope E, Murder 1 and friends

Point Blank, Friend, Father Time

Mayadia of the 144 Elite!



My man G-Money and Bushwick Bill


Point Blank killin' it.

K-Water and Point Blank

G-Sta and Friend

Klondike Kat!

Klondike Kat and Mo-Lew - she ripped it too!

KB, Gangsta Nip and Friends


Klondike Kat and PSK 13!

KB da Kidnappa slayed em as always.

And brought out special guest...


Man it went down.

LeanSippa in from Belgium seen here with Murder 1!

King Uhyness and KB!

Bushwick Bill and Mr. 3-2 (for those who don't know this is MR. 3-2 OF THE CONVICTS AND BLACK MONCS! RECOGNIZE THE REAL!)

And um, well, suffice it to say that these pics prove it...


And K-Rino beatboxed while he rapped for a portion of it. Mind blowing.

My boy Kris documenting and such.

I mean dude, it's Gangsta Nip.

Peter Beste in the building!

Rapper K hosted the entire night

MY MAN SEBASTIAN FROM NORWAY! He shot Devin the Dude for Kingsize magazine and I always see him when I'm on that lil island paradise that is Norge. Good to see him in Hiram Clark!

Thugstarr and friend.

Murder 1 and Father Time


King Uhyness and the sweet waitress who helped folks like myself who were too stoned to enter the fray at the bar, and it was a bit of a fray. A good fray.

Thank God I didn't sit home cuz this was all that was on.

Anyway I had to go to Austin Sunday so I missed the barbecue, but I did sort of hear/see Bob Dylan, so it was a weekend full of legends. What's next?


Anonymous KcakaDjFo20 said...

Great pics. Looks like a DAMN GOOD TIME! Hope to make it down for this, and other shit, again, someday. *insert sad face.....

2:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


all of 'm

good to see Bushwick, Mr 3-2, Point Blank, PSK 13 and all other H-Town hall of famers

Johnny Rap

4:24 AM  
Blogger Texus Street Muzik said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

12:01 PM  
Blogger Texus Street Muzik said...

the best show i've been to in 2007 (so far). Good Vibes & muzik.

o yea, by the way. i think i've seen that spanish show. that was the episode where that "cheerleader" chick has her skirt lifted by that dude in blue, she slaps him, then they all dance to mariachi music as the credits roll.
o wait, thats how all the programs on telemundo end.....my bad!

12:01 PM

12:03 PM  
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