Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kanye VS. 50 Cent = Don't Believe the Hype

That's real talk right there. While the media whores and vultures stroll and hover around the hype, Houston continues to bring the world the best rap music available (Aside from o.k., Turf Talk, San Quinn, Mistah FAB and Pharoah Monche BUT THAT'S IT!). Kanye's record is cool, I ain't trippin' I actually dig it, can't really jam to tough to Curtis, but hands down the winner in this situation is Chamillionaire.

Yeah, it leaked last week, and while I generally don't go after the leaks, I kind of had to go ahead and download this one. I was really curious to see how Cham would follow up his platinum solo debut, and man, I'ma tell you right now, the boy killed this.

It's crazy, dude actually has concepts on pretty much every song, he's rapping about things that matter, he's speaking to the youth directly, he's doing all the things that made me love rap music in the first place. And for that Chamillionaire, I thank you. Not all of us wake up dancing.

All that being said, how come Houston is still consistently bringing the best rap music in the entire game right now, but we're not seeing the press and hype we did a couple years back? Is it cuz I hated on New York? Damn, I hope it's not my fault. Where hath everyone moved onto? They ain't doing shit on the Bay, which is exploding right now, they ain't looking deep into Chicago which is bubbling like a witches cauldron, they are barely looking at Florida which is about to come down and take over and smack everybody in the face on so many levels, so what? Is it only about JUSTICE AND FALL OUT BOY? (That one was for Kanye, cuz he's sort of right)

I don't know. But look, here's proof that in 2007, the best rap music is coming out of Houston (and Texas as a whole, word to Chalie Boy, Money Waters, Gerald G, Black Mike, Bavu Blakes, Kenika, all them).



Real as fuck and out now in Europe for some reason. Get yours "USED" on Amazon.com TODAY! Ugh.

Most underrated lyricist ever. His greatest album yet.

Amazing, and Unfadable...

And coming soon to once again take over your life...




Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's funny how you only cosign people that you're somehow involved with on a business level.

9:54 AM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

I'm not involved with Chamillionaire on any sort of business level whatsoever. Devin is one of the greatest MC's of all time, and yes I do some of his bookings and have helped him since day 2. UGK are one of the greatest groups of all time, I just now booked a show for Bun B in Canada that will generate no money at all for me, just cuz he's my man. I never worked with Trae or Grit Boys on any level other than writing their bios cuz who else even knows any details about them?

So what are you saying mayne? And why are you saying this anonymously? I'm talking real here. I'm talking about a music and a culture I give a fuck about. I'm talking about a music and a culture that is being raped.

So you can keep your bullshit remarks to yourself. You are speaking out of line and don't know shit about me or what I do.

Or do you?

Please identify yourself after i figure out how to eliminate Anonymous posts. You are on some bullshit. I'm just telling the truth.

10:18 AM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

And yes it is true that most of these artists have performed on shows I have been involved with, many of which were either totally free, or SXSW. Thats not me dealing with them on a business level. This is not a game here fucker. Identify yourself.

10:20 AM  
Blogger Paul said...

3 of those albums are the only scans for 2007 outta me.


2:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea you said it. I think Ugk has the album of the year, Devins is very close second, and Chams album is better than both the other guys( can't remember their names)

8:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah and Coughee Brothaz album is dope shit buddy. " I hit the highway, flipping on vogues, ripping up shows..."

8:29 PM  
Blogger YaBoy Po said...

man u needa get devin an atl show then cuz lol, but naw houston is hot so is the bay but folks dont like shit i played that turf talk for the homies and they hated it also im mad mac dre gets no type of acknowledgment in any mainstream hip hop media and the grit boys are growing on me like i said i love they lyrics jus not the production on that mixtape but yea houston rap as a whole is gettin a lot more air time on my itunes than anything else besides mac dre oh and i dont like cham respect his skill but dont like him ya know to each his own

9:38 PM  
Anonymous KC aka DjFo20 said...

Good read. Real shit. I wish Cham could outsell the both of them two other dudes, but not likely to happen... Where in Canada is Mr Bun B heading to? Cool stuff, regardless, but hoping to God you say B.C.

3:33 AM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

Buns gonna be at Pop Montreal on October 5th and hopefully we will have a BC jump off soon after that!

And thats for the comments yall. I'm just expressing myself to my full capabilities.

And mass media is driving me nuts. I ignore so much of it but still I hear about all this shit. Three peopel asked me yesterday where they can check soundscan numbers. First of all, I dont know anything about soundscam, second of all, go do some work, why are you worried about what these two dudes sell?

I wasn't born and bred to merely be a consumer, sorry.

6:04 AM  
Anonymous wr3ckshop said...

i had to leak the cham too matt, shit makes me anxious to go spend my $15 dollars.

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Bubonic said...

Got about all the albums mentioned. (bought UGK, Dev, downloaded Fif, Ye & Cham, Got Coughee Brothers on mail order) Placing my grit Boys order today.

About the new releases:
Kanye's album is very good, very much worth copping, and I'm DEFINITELY buying Ultimate Victory too = it's eh, 'intelligent' for lack of a better word. Hope he sells a lot of records next week but with all this 9/11 hype I'm not really sure.

1:51 AM  
Blogger EMVEE1 said...

'Book Number 7' is still holding it down as my album of the year so far, but the new Cham album is pretty crazy too (Yes I downloaded it haha, couldn't wait until it hit stores)...still need to suss those other albums when I get a minute.

I reckon the new Insane Poetry, Menacide and Army of the Pharoahs albums will be up there with the best too, not from TX but all worth mentioning.

Fiending for that new Willie D solo to drop, any word on that? I read about 16mths ago that he had 2 solos ready to drop but I haven't heard much since.

6:46 AM  
Anonymous NYC TRILLEST said...

Mayne...I have to agree that Houston Artists been put out straight solid albums this year. UGK, best album of the year. Im coming from NYC and thats all I knock in my ride..On some real shit...let a pimp know when some H-town artist comming to NYC or the surrounding states.. And yea I was at the Knitting Factory when Devin performed. Much love to H-town.

8:04 PM  
Blogger Jamar said...

What's up man. This Jay Gamble repping H Town to the Utmost. You're right about the artists holding it steady, you just forgot one, Uppa Dek (shameless plug, www.myspace.com/uppadek) but UGK and Devin are definitely classics, devin been putting it down for years, and the only thing more anticipated than the chamillionaire cd is The trye king of the south, and top 5 all around is Scarface.


3:44 PM  
Anonymous blingbling said...

hey dudes
when are the coughee brothaz comin to germany man?i think i am one of the handfull in germany that knows the brothaz
u are the greatest!!! keep it UP high
by blingbling

7:56 AM  
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