Monday, August 13, 2007

Gunfire at KPFT?

I just received this in my email. Its a message from KPFT's Duane Bradley.

Greetings All,

KPFT's Summer Sizzle finished a few hours early, achieved the goal of $135,000 and then some. The unofficial final total has us at just over $141,000, about 5% over the goal!

Thanks to all the staff, programmers, phone volunteers and everyone who contributed.

On a much more serious note, at about 1 AM Monday, a gunshot was fired from a passing car into the KPFT control room. It penetrated thru both panes of the outer window, entered the room and smashed into the control room door on the far side of the room. Police were summoned and have begun an investigation. Fortunately, Mary Thomas and John Orr of "Zydeco Pas Sale" were not hurt.

Security considerations will be the topic of an open staff meeting at noon tomorrow, Tuesday, August 14. In this climate of seemingly escalating violence, it is important for all KPFT staff and volunteers to remain vigilant and aware of the fact that KPFT has been a lightning rod numerous times during the past 37-plus years.

Please know that we are taking this matter extremely seriously.

Duane Bradley
General Manager, KPFT

I always thought that the window on the front of the building was bullet proof, guess not. Who the hell would want to shoot at the hosts of the Zydeco show? What could possibly be the motivation? Who wants to be Damage Control official security?

I have a feeling things are going to change, at least for a while, and for good reason... What is happening people?


Anonymous Bubonic B. said...

Damn Matt, that's pretty f'd up. Take care up there.

Thanks for the UGK coverage. Superdope!.

7:47 AM  
Anonymous a listener said...

Wow, glad they weren't hurt! I love that Zydeco show (and Damage Control of course). Y'all be careful out there.

12:26 AM  

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