Friday, August 03, 2007

Being on the road is cool and all...

But sometimes you miss things like this...

TRAE WITH A LIVE BAND! Man, hold up. That's one of the greats right there. I'm glad to see that so many rappers down here are working with live bands now. Scarface could have lead this revolution, and I have no idea why he didn't, but man, seeing Trae with a band gives me hope for music in general. This weekend in Dallas, Money Waters and Mr. Lucci are performing together with a live band. Saturday night in fact at The Elephant Bar (formerly the Home Bar). I want to go to that but I'ma go to Lil J da Mex Connect's Birthday Party/Listening Session, and if you're in Houston, so should you.

Anyway, you got Bavu Blakes, Money Waters, Mojoe, Mr. Lucci, Trae and many more dope artists in Texas performing with live bands, we need to nurture this shit. I'm actually assmebling a group of young players right now. Hopefully you will see them soon, cuz it's about to go down.


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