Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dana Meyersons Pop Montreal Photos

Its fucked up, but I think my camera has demons in it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it don't. Word to the digital age. Like for real, sometimes my flash just wont trigger at all no matter what I do. Sometimes the camera will say my card can't be used, then ten minutes later it can. Sometimes I have to format it 12 times. Sometimes I'll have a full charge on my battery and it'll say it needs a charge, then an hour later it magically works. I don't know. I won't pretend to know things about technology or cameras, I'll just say it's got demons infecting its innards.

Like many of us.

Anyway, so my first night of Pop Montreal, even though I lugged the thing everywhere in my backpack, I wasn't able to take any photos. Word to super publicist and individual of the highest ilk Dana Meyerson for taking the following.

Like what if we had missed Cory Mo's first forway into the world of eating with Chopstix? You'd have no idea that he hath mastered this ancient art.

Anyway Kid Sister freakin' ripped it.

She's got a real show, serious moves and all that.

The backstage after the show was freakin' crunk as evidenced by this photo of Cory Mo and DJ Chill. Reading.

Anyway, like most parts of the semi-civilised world, you can't smoke indoors anymore. So we headed outside to um partake in various thangs that may or may not affect our lungs later in life. Only time will tell and well... fuck it. There's a lot worse things one could be doing than smoking on a Montreal street on a Thursday night.

Them PRO NAILS we hath heard so much about.

Kid Sister seen here with photographer of this whole thang thang here Dana Meyerson.

Brian McManus and I held it down hard in Montreal. One of my favorite moments was when we were walking back, I think from the Bun B show, up Saint Laurent - and I mean UPHILL. It was maybe a 4 block walk, but the last block was like straight up into the sky, just like, this steady incline that would be fine had we not drank like 40 beers and each had a bag of french fries, anyway. We were walking all briskly, excited to roll a spliff at the hotel and finish off said fries, and whence we hit the hill it was like all time stopped. Like the hill was a never ending vortex we would never conquer. Anyway I was drunk so maybe I'm being a lil over dramatic, and real talk, I don't really remember that much. I just remember that when we got to my room, all huffed and puffed Brian said "I'm so glad we got fries. It's great when a plan works out this well." And I knew exactly what he meant. We had survived the grease, the alcohol and the incline and we were alive in Canada.

Which is how I like to be.

Me, Brian and Cory Mo...

For some reason, I don't know.

Anyway, heres DJ Chill on the streets of Montreal holding an reasonible facsimilie of said fries as mentioned above.

And here's me with said joint, or a reasonible facsimile as such and such.

Anyway, the shit was fun. Hope to see all yall next year. Or next week. WHy am I not going to CMJ again? Oh yeah I'm broke.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cory Mo eats with chopsticks?! I thought he only liked his women wide, and his chicken fried?


9:43 PM  
Blogger nosaprise said...

Looks like a fun night, when is kid sister cruising through the H?

7:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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