Saturday, June 30, 2007

Scion Presents Little Brother in Houston!

Man it went the hell down last night. Little Brother backed by the band Orgonne just straight rippin' thangs! Grit Boys were going to open up, but things didn't quite work out, so for all y'all who missed them, here's the NEW VIDEO FOR FRE$H!

Click here to view the screencast

Feel the real! Grit Boys album is the best album to come out of Houston in a long time save for Devin the Dude, who in my opinion is on a whole nother level than just rap. So don't hate, get that Grit Boys album. It doesn't sound like FRE$H, it's even fresher.

Anyway last night was another magnanimous Scion event at Warehouse Live. I'm telling you every one of these shows has been off the chain, but Little Brother really surprised me. I've seen them before, hell I saw them a few weeks ago, but backed by LA's Orgonne, they were like one of the best rap groups I ever saw in my life. Seriously they kilt it.

As eveidenced by the action in the crowd.

Shit was wild.

New friend and old influence, Willie D joined them on stage and said something like "Them boys on the east coast wanna say hip hop is dead, but I'ma tell you right now that shit ain't dead, it's alive right here with these boys! He gave it up HUGE to Little Brother.

Stacey of OGPR.

Friend, Kamera, Perseph1

Perseph1 and friend

Perseph1 and another friend

SMUGGLAZ! and Bobbie Fine!

Johnna Lister of Music World. Come out to the Contemporary Arts Museum Sunday night for Solanges birthday party. Bring a can of food and yer in free. Swizz Beats, Lupe Fiasco and Mseo of De La Soul will be in the house!

Perseph1 and Savvi

Scooby of the Grit Boys and Meshah Hawkins aka Miss Hawk


Khalief of the Niyat

Cozmos formerly of Seeds of Soul

Vango and Friends


Cipher and Mic of the Legendary K-O

Damien of Legendary K-O and Frank


DJ Kunphused has no problem calling conservatives "Homos"

BP of Street Pharmacy and Mason

Kris the White Shadow and The Are

Me and Cozmos go so far back you have no idea. You haven't lived until you've dropped acid with Cozmos, listened to Sonic Youth all night then knocked yourself out with a valium. Kwam too.

Snap, Perseph1 and friend

Who dat is?

Melesa and LA

Willie D, Big Pooh and friends

Big Pooh and Willie D!

Phonte greeting the fans

The Are and DJ Cozmos speak with John Tucker aka Dr. Teeth

Frank 151 in la casita keeping it trill

Then after the show my man Kris and my man Snap filmed a video for my man Khalief and then Little Brother got in it...

And it looked like it was gonna be real dope

But I was floored and had to make it home.

So I just snapped some flicks.

And the moon was fool. I mean, full.



Blogger tony said...

D= dallas gets no love compared to htown

3:13 PM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

Huh? I dont get it. I love Dallas man. I wish I could go there more but i got kids to raise and no time really. I wanna get up there soon tho cuz there's so much music.

And if yer talking about shows. Yeah man I was real glad Scion brought LB to Houston, but I saw a flyer for a show in D-Town last week that had C-Bo, Young Bleed and Money Waters. COME DOWN KENNY PARKER WHAT I WOULDNT GIVE TO SEE THAT!

5:59 PM  
Anonymous enigmatik said...

Vids, etc. from the LB show:

5:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo Push, this is LeAndre of Soul Phunk, your pic of me made Little Brother's myspace page homie, that shit is tight! If you have that extra pic U took send it to my e-mail or give me a call. 'preciate it


6:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

^^the page is, already

7:12 AM  
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