Thursday, November 02, 2006

First night of CMJ

I probably missed everything. I dont know. My plane was late and I hit the big little city round about 6 pm and hit up a party sponsored by Spectre and some other folks. Shit was cool, my man JJ from The Foundation was on the ones and twos but I swear I didnt hear anything post-1994 being played and so often i find that to be the case in new york city town. shit makes me sick but also has me bobbing my head as yes i can recognize that shit as being some straight real shit. But who gives a fuck. Fuck keeping it real, turn me on to something new. Then again, I don't know. I did enjoy his set. My musical life is a quandry. Meaning I am not even quite totally sure if I know what quandry means even. (Actually it means nothing, what I meant was QUANDARY which is a state of perplexity or some shit, which is pretty much right on the money).

Went to a DJ mixer and thought to myself that I need a new business or I neeed to sponsor/manage female djs cuz the world has enough fuckin male djs. DJ Eva finna wreck.

But fact is in 2006, as the rap game gets more compllicated played and overdone, women are going to begin to hate this shit and run screaming. They will move on, they have to. Look at indie hip hop, look at the keep it real pre-1994 set, there ain't no women kickin' it in those scenes. It's dudes, nothing but fucking dudes and while yes I am the Al Bundy of hip hop and it shouldn't matter, I can't really deal with being in a room full of dudes, all of whom are dressed better than me and don't drink.

That being said I saw some folks I never get to see, had a few free Stella's (My Belgian girl in New York Town), and I think I convinced Leah Rose to put me on the cover of XXL ;) lol lmao rotfl stfu sss.

There's still some good stuff, kits just not gona be found in the...shit im tired and gonna watch white jack black play a mexican in nacho libre and see what happens... more on how much fuckin sucks laterl..........................


Not sure, why/how I wrote all the above shit last night. I passed out at my man Scavone's house watching Manhattan Public Access and woke up to a much more poorly edited and blunt version of the above aforementioned bullshit. Today I'm sitting here watching the clock, counting the minutes till Sabbath in the Park and hoping that finally the mystery that IS will be revealed around 4 p.m. in Fort Green Park. Which is coincidentally in my old hood. I hope Jemel and Beef Sausage show up. They HAVE to know about it, it;'s been much hyped.

But for now here I sit on the internets, watching Scavone watch the fucking A-Team (yes this is the first time in my life a TV has ever been tuned to "Spike TV" in my presence He just said "ooh they're gettin' away dog.") Fucking hell I need a job. (My wife sometimes has dreams of me getting a good job out here and someday moving the family to the big little city town, I generally have dreams of winning the Lotto and buying a trailer somewhere far away and growing weed with my family. Unfortunatley I don't do much to work towards moving in either direction. O.K. now Scavone has The People's Court on. God, I am so not up on daytime TV. Praise ye Jah.) Maybe I can get a job at the court house. I gotta go there today anyway to check up on how/when/if I'm ever gonna get any money from the Source. Bankruptcy hearing today. Just what I love to do in fucking New York Town. Then it's on to Sabbath in the Park. Join me. Coolers are welcome. no handguns.


Anonymous said...

Sabbath in the Park? Shabbat Shalom! What a perfect way to spend the sabbath, then with close friends and prayer...

9:09 AM  
Anonymous KcFo20 said...

Have fun in NY. Very good and interesting read, as usual.

11:38 AM  
Anonymous dirtydave said...

peace out to everybody who helped put on this event. Matt you have given me back my love of hip hop. i loved how the crowds were pushed to the stage just eating up everything, i thought the days of raw in your face hip hop were gone but you and your peeps are keeping it going. this was my first time in NYC but is will not be my last.

10:59 AM  
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